GlossyBox is a UK subscription programme that sends you 5 miniature (sometimes full size) products each month for you to test at home for £10.00 + £2.95 shipping. If you live in the states you may have already heard of Birchbox, GlossyBox is the UK's alternative.

Here's July's box...

Here's what's inside...

  1. Blink false eyelashes - Tease
  2. Ciate Nail Polish - Mojito (13.5ml - Full size)
  3. Perfume Samples - Archives 69 & 'Like This' Tilda Swinton
  4. Illamasqua Pure Pigment - Twinkle (1.3g - Full size)
  5. Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating body oil (100ml - Full size)
Check out prices and what else could have been included in July's box HERE.

Click the image below to enlarge for clearer swatches.

My thoughts on July's GlossyBox: It's amazing that there are full size products with this month, the Weleda body oil is the standout product for me. I would have loved a more neutral nail polish as the green just isn't that wearable. The eyelashes look great, I hated both perfume samples and the pigment from Illamasqua is "OK" nothing breathtaking.

My thoughts on GlossyBox overall: I think it's a fantastic concept and great value for money, especially if you are a product junkie like I am, I get to try new products each month without breaking the bank. I like not knowing what's in the box each month as it's a nice surprise, but it would also be great if we could select shades to suit us rather than end up with something we don't like. But I suppose it's a lucky dip, you win some you lose some. It also bothers me that my July GlossyBox can be different from your July GlossyBox. I know that a few people got different items, it would be fantastic if we could preview the box from a month before so we can choose what we would prefer.

For more info visit:

Disclaimer: This box was sent for consideration for review, I was not paid for this post and I am not affiliated with them. HONEST opinion as ALWAYS!


Amy said…
That pigment looks gorgeous x
I am so jealous that you received an Illamasqua product! I get Birchbox every month but haven't gotten any Illamasqua products (yet). I also love the polish, but then again I'm a polish-aholic and love all polish colors. Great post! I wish I could get Glossybox but I'm in the United States.
Unknown said…
Mine arrived and i was so pleased. My nail varnish came in a nude peachy colour so was incredibly happy. I got the fake tan, eyelashes, body oil and i got a lipgloss which i have tried but didnt really like... bit too think and doesnt apply easy. Cant wait for next months !! Much Love H xx
Ulrike said…
I subscribed to a different box which is available in Germay and I think about it the same way as you. On one side I do like the idea, its lovely to be suprised and the value for money is good but last months box had only one product I could really use and this month was a bit better but I got a lipliner and lipgloss in a horrible colour as fullsized products. It would really be so much better if I could at least name some preferences and not end but with colours I would never use. Obviously these boxes are made to make us buy full sizes of the products, but I won't test and fall in love with a product in a colour that just doesn't suit me.

Great post. xxx
Becky said…
I've subscribed since the beginning and overall I'm pleased. I'm glad I didn't get that nail polish colour though, it's a bit scary!
greate concept, the whole not knowing what im getting would get to me too, especially if it was something like concealer that was being sent :/

BreezeyBee Blog
Anonymous said…
I really like the concept of this and I wish they had something like this in New Zealand : )
Jen said…
I got the Mojito nail polish too, wished I had a neutral colour too!! :-)
x x
I was much more pleased with this month's box. Last month was a bit miss for me. My july box had a different variation from yours. I received an illamasqua lipgloss instead of a pigment, instead of perfume samples I had a sample of xen tan self tanner and I also received nouveau lashes instead of blink lashes. I did get a pale peach-pink ciate polish though which I'm relieved about lol as green nails aren't really my thing! Like you, the body oil is my main pick of the bunch, it's just amazing!

I have been a weleda fan for so long and recommend their baby range, it has an unusual smell but its so very kind to newborn skin.
Raji said…
Im glad ive come across this post because theres so much negative reviews about the company. Its good to see you being honest and I think with every box your going to get bits you dont like. Im going to sign up and see what suprises i get every month :)

Lucy said…
I jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for Glossybox yesterday - I tend to stick with what I know or research something to death before purchase so this might be a good way to get me branching out into new things! :-)
i pay £10 a month for glossybox and my first one was july, i was pleased but i got the green polish and wish id had a neural colour as thats all i wear on my nails and face but i got a lovely illamasqua powder in pale gold which makes a pretty highlighter so that made up for the green polish. ive also signed up to boudoir privie which i think is similar. i think getting these two boxes a month may curb my spending on make up and for a fraction of the cost i normally spend.
Yuliya said…
They are really populair i have ordered 1 but got to wait till end of september! And what i like the most tha you can cancel it any time! =) xx
Toni said…
This is an amazing idea. I think I'm definitly going to try this. Also it would be good for a birthday present if you're struggling for ideas one month!
Anonymous said…
you got the lashes :o I wanted them :) I was actually surprised with the size of the bottle for the oil it was a pretty decent size! :)
Unknown said…
Hi my dear!
How are you and Baby Bubbles today?
I would love to have a similar thing to Glossy Box here in Spain but unfortunately we have one which do not offer very attractive products yet.
I hope they introduce more brands or maybe should I move to UK?
Have a great night,
Jen said…
I loved my box, but I know a few have at least one product they won't use. There is a fab facebook group Don't Strop just Swap made by a fellow beauty blogger, if you want to swap something get posting on there :-)
I actually think its really cool that everyone got something a little different this month, because 9 out of 10 will blog about it so at least the rest of us aren't reading about the exact same products every time, but I do get where you're coming from

My only gripe, and this is why I can't sign up for it, is that I don't know if the products will be cruelty free or not! kind of annoying but never mind

Another great post as usual!


Kayleigh said…
I never knew such a thing existed! I've had a look at the website and definitely want to subscribe, £10 is not much at all to try quality high-end products (especially if they're full size) and will give me plenty to review on my blog! Love yours btw, keep at it! xxx

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