Lime Green OOTN + FOTN...

It was my hubby's birthday yesterday, here's the fruit "cake" I made him minus the actual cake because he's so damn healthy! :)

In the evening we went to one of our favourite Turkish restaurants, "Gallipoli" in Upper St, Angel. The atmosphere, food and service was top notch as usual.

I wore a lime green dress, well it was a dress when I purchased it a few months ago, thanks to my 28 week pregnant belly it transformed into a top! :)

  • Dress: H&M
  • Leggins: Topshop
  • Belt: Reiss
  • Shoes: Miss Selfridge
  • Scarf: H&M
  • Bag: Vintage

My jewellery is from the old bazaar in Bursa, Turkey.

I used my GHD's to curl the ends of my hair very loosely...


  • FACE: Mac Face & Body Foundation.
  • CHEEKS: Soleil Tan De Chanel, Mac 'Rose Quartz' MSF
  • EYES: Mac 'Smoked Ruby' mineralised e/s, Mac 'Ricepaper' e/s, Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner 'Espresso Ink', Mac 'Zoom Fast Lash' mascara and Mac clear brow gel.
  • LIPS: L'oreal 'Cappuccino' lipliner, Nars 'Turkish Delight' lipgloss.

Can I just say how much I am loving the 'Rose Quartz' msf from the 'Semi Precious' collection? Just did. It gives such a pretty glow to my cheekbones, here's a pic in natural light...

and with flash!

Have you worn lime green this summer?


Unknown said…
Happy late birthday to your man!!! Awwww you look absolutely stunning! I love that dress! I bought a lime green dress from asos a little while ago and its probably one of my favourite dresses ever for nights out, it really goes with my red hair :)

Gem x
Anonymous said…
You look absolutely gorgeous and glowing! Love the lime green, trying to be more adventurous and wear those sorts of colours. Particularly since its currently winter here, trying to liven and lighten things up a bit! Love the inspiration, thanks :)
Ruth said…
Oh wow, your jewellery looks absolutely stunning! I thought for a moment that ring in the middle spanned three fingers, and I was wondering how you'd managed to move your hand all evening xD

Also, I gave you a blog award, here: Just to tell you that you're awesome
Laiqah said…
You look beautiful!
Pregnancy definitely agrees with you... You look so mashallah! ♥

I am going to MAC after work tomorrow to buy Rose MSF... I thought I could live without it, but after seeing how gorgeous it looks on you, I MUST have it! :)

Toni said…
That dress is perfect on you! Love how you wore it. Your make-up is lovely too
ArtDonatella said…
You look absolutely glowing! Pregnancy has not changed your figure at all, not that it would matter anyways, cause you're glowing fabulous! xoxo
Steph said…
I'm loving the bold colours this summer! I ated the floral when it was the plain colours! xxx
Anonymous said…
You look so amazing in that dress! Also I love the vintage bag. xx
Computergirl said…
No, not worn lime green, but I did make homemade limeade last week. And this reminded me I need to do a blog post on the recipe! Looking like pregnancy suits you- healthy glow :)xx
you look really lovely, the dress colour really compliments your skin tone :)

BreezeyBee Blog
Matea said…
You looks so cute in that dress! How is the pregnancy going? I hope everything is great!

362436 said…
You look fab as always!!! Tell hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us!!!
! the Fleurs said…
You look so pretty! I love your hair and your make-up Posts ;)

Lime Green look so fresh, i like this colour!
evie said…
you are so fresh and good looking, it looks like luxury cake:) yummie:)have a nice day:)
Anna Saccone said…
Wow you look sooo stunning Muhsine! Love your hair & makeup so much! xxx
Safiyya said…
MashAllah Muhsine! I like the whole you put together, from the accesoires to the clothes, the make-up..

I have a limegreenish dress I forgot about!

X, S.
Sheefa F said…
Love this look! and that fruit cake is so pretty :)

Happy birthday to Mr. Bubblegarm :)
Mine is next Saturday.
The fruit cake looks yummy and you look beautiful!!!
Phoebe said…
The fruitcake look delicious! And you look really stunning xxx
Unknown said…
Oh gosh that dress is fabulous! And the ring is super fab my favorite piece.

Cute cake too.
Muhsine Emin said…
Awww thanks for all of your wonderful comments girls, you have made my day :) x X x
Anonymous said…
happy late birthday..You look gorgeous!! i love your outfit.
xo nari
fantastic said…
very pretty! happy belated birthday to him...that cake actually looks delicious :)

isn't it funny how everything that was once a dress is currently a top? i've been wearing so many dresses as tops lately--and i can't help but think "were these really short before?!"
is there anyway to avoid the glitter particles in this product, i have it but everytime i look in the mirror i see green specks of glitter which i have to flick off.x

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