32 Weeks (8 Months) Pregnant!

Today I am 32 weeks and 1 day pregnant. This means I have a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks to give birth if she is not overdue. It's actually really exciting and I can't quite believe that I am going to be a mummy very soon. :)

Each week my bump is getting bigger and it's becoming harder to move about, I'm still fine but I underestimate my size and frequently bump into things! All is good apart from the occasional heartburn and shortness of breath, I just can't wait to meet the little one!

Hubby: "Why are you huffing and puffing?"

Me: "I'm not, I'm out of breath"

Hubby: "But you didn't do anything"

Me: "I did, I rolled over"

We finally have the cot and it looks beautiful, it makes me smile every time I look at it. My mum came back from Turkey on Friday, and the blanket you see draped over the cot is one that she had made especially for baby bubbles, it's beautiful and I LOVE it!

She also got some lovely bedding but we are going to personalise it and make it even more beautiful, so I will show you at a later date. She also got some other bits and bobs but look how crafty the teddy is in the pic below, you can use it as a changer or sleeping spot - you can tell my mum is so excited to be having her 1st grandchild, my dad is also ecstatic I think he's even trying to give up smoking to set a good example! *Yey*

My wonderful hubby surprised me yesterday with the quilt that I wanted which I thought wouldn't fit, it's a bit big but I have tucked it under, he also got a mobile that plays "hush little baby" Awwww! :) This means I will have 2 sets of bedding which is perfect, the other is a white set so it will be nice to switch it up sometimes. It's all coming together and I can't wait until I hold my precious little one in my arms. :)

Oh did I tell you maternity leave makes you bored. very bored? Well it does, there's only so much you can do before you start getting crafty. I YouTube'd how to make a crochet baby hat and I actually made a hat and matching mittens, I'm actually quite smitten with myself as I didn't think I would be able to manage it. GO ME!

I didn't stop with that I also made a blanket which I will show you soon and I have gone a bit crazy making hair bands. I woke up at 07.30 this morning and I found myself crocheting, you had so see my hubby's sleepy eyes when he caught a glimpse of me.... :) I have made 4 so far to match some of her outfits and I am amazing myself with new techniques that I can do which I never knew I could and am having so much fun doing it.

Anyway, I can go on and on and on....

Until next time, kisses from me and baby bubbles! x X x


Unknown said…
You look gorgeous!!! And i love the bits youve bought...Sooo cute!

Would love you to follow my new blog :)


Take care
Nats. xx
Veronika said…
you look incredible! love all of the things you guys got for your baby girl! -Veronika
Rebecca said…
You look amazing! And your crochet looks great, I wish I could do that.

Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy, must be exciting!

Rebecca xxx
h-factor v 2.0 said…
WOW--could you be any more glowing...? i have no idea how it feels to be pregnant--but it looks great on you! that blanket from turkey is so gorgeous!
You look beautiful Muhsine! Aww you & you're family must be so excited :) Lol at the crocheting in the early hours of the morning! They look so great though, would love to know how to do that! :) Take care hun & best wishes!

Love Aysh xoxo
Brittany said…
WOW! 8 mos. and you look stunning!! You've definitely got the 'pregnancy glow' going on. Only a few more weeks :)


you look amazing..
The hair bands are so so cute :)
Liesl said…
You are looking just beautiful! How exciting!!!

Liesl :)
Computergirl said…
Love the crocheted outfit accessories, youre so talented! I love finger knitting and crocheting through a cotton reel. Fun, easy and you can sit still :) xx
Liz Marie said…
You are stunning!! & I love all your baby details.. everything you have for the little one is beautiful!!

xx Liz Marie
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you so much girls, you are all making me smile. :) x X x
aimsss said…
that is the CUTEST little baby nursery i have ever seen :) what a lucky little girl to have this as her first ever bedroom! i LOVE the denim thing your wearing too xoxo
Holly said…
Your bump is looking so bumpalicious, I'm jelous, I miss my bump!!

Your amazing at crochet, the bits you made are gorgeous and I'm sure she will look so adorable in them!! :) I can't wait to meet her to see her in them xx
Dhini said…
you look incredible!
Those hairbands are soo cute, you must be really excited, it's so close now.

All the best and good luck, H :)
Unknown said…
Lovely pieces! You look stunning, what a face full of happiness!
Awww so excited for you Muhsine! I really hope everything goes well during labour and that you both remain healthy and happy :)

The blanket is gorgeous! Home made items just make everything feel so much nicer.

You've been sensible about mat leave. I didn't take mine until I was about 34 weeks pregnant and I could barely move lol let alone get on and off tubes at peak time.
Asmaa said…
You look gorgeous mashallah! Everything looks so cute, baby-bubbles is so lucky to have so many lovely things already :)

Oh speaking of heartburn... my mum always says that a pregnant woman who has heartburn is a sign that her baby will have a nice head of hair! She tested out the theory with my sister-in-law and it was true, my niece had lovely long, silky hair :) i was so surprised!
Catherine said…
Wow, pregnancy is definatly suiting you, you look gorgeous! Your little one is being spoiled all ready, I love the blanket you Mum made, and well done on all that crochet, I bet your fingers are sore! Good luck with everything!
Amy said…
You look so amazing! Love all the things you have bought for her, that cot is just gorgeous xxx
Unknown said…
you look so glamous :) i love all the baby stuff but that crochet stuff is adorable well done you!

shel xx
Little Lion Man said…
I think baby bumps are gorgeous! my friend has just found out shes having a little boy! i cant wait to meet him! Not long now till you have a little one! :)
Patricia said…
everything in this post is beautiful, including you!!! i wish i was a crafty person, you clearly got it from your mum :) x
Yuliya said…
Helen was in our store 2 days ago with her bump! Very big as well! :))) I have moved shop so i`m more local now in Liverpool street :D Will send u like with my mum`s patch work so u can choose what u like for bby girl xxx
You look so fabulous pregant women are definitely glowing :)

Megan said…
aww you look great! xx
Miss Vendella said…
i love your pregnancy updates! You look gorgeous pregnant and you are glowing!! :)) All the stuff you got for the baby are amazingly cute!!I can't wit to see the little cupcake! :))
Hope everything will go well, can't wait for other updates! :))


Evee said…
you and your bump look amazing!
it's been so lovely to see it grow in the past few months :) not long to go now!
Schnelle said…
You look amazing! You have so many cute little things already. Those headbands are adorable!
Anonymous said…
Not long to go now! Good luck through the last few weeks of your pregnancy! I absolutely love the cot and the set up, it's beautiful x
Dylana Suarez said…


P & P said…
Hi Muhsine, I wanted to ask you - how would you rate the Neal's Yard balm? Has it helped prevent stretch marks?
P & P said…
Hi Muhsine, I wanted to ask you if the Neal's Yard balm is worth it? Has it prevented stretch marks? Thanks x
Fash Boulevard said…
omg. so exciting. you look amazing and i love love love your outfit. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my Mad Hatter themed engagement party. Thanks love. xoxo

Shy said…

you should check out Next for their girls bedding, lots of nice simple accessories like cushions, shelves etc, especially from the Kylie minogue range.

Also their baby stuff is cute

Vi and Ollie said…

To all the soon to be and current mothers.
Korina said…
How sweet! I want a blanket like this even for my bed! I am asking my grandmother to make me one! hehehe!
lasophia said…
Aww you are too cute! Congrats! Thats so cute how your whole family is preparing and getting involved. Must be a very precious time in your life.

Anonymous said…
You look gorgeous! :)

Style Souk said…

This is all so beautiful and lovely, Muhsine.

It's clear how much love and excitement there is within your family for the newest little member to arrive.

We also can't wait to meet her, too! :0)

Good luck and kisses,
Sarah x

P.S: I am blown away by how talented you and your mum are... I can't even sew a button! ;0)
you look absolutely beautiful. You actually have a glow about you which i never really 'got' before, when people would say about about pregnant women. But you're just gorgeous

I actually really enjoy reading your pregnancy updates too, it's such a personal thing to do, but you do it really well (coming from someone who never wants children!)

Anonymous said…
Oh mi goodness! Those crochet headbands are ADORABLE!! Well done!
Everything has come together - super excited for you! Not long to go!
George | frecklie.blogspot.com
navy and orange said…
you are the cutest preggers lady. love your blog!

xoxo navy & orange
You look amazing!
X said…
it is suspiciously quiet here...i hope you are feeling ok .. good luck
You look beautiful. I think you will make a fantastic mother! Your little one is already very lucky to have you!
How adorable is all of her things? all pink and cute?!
You're so clever making all those croquet things! I think we must see some pictures of little baby wearing them all!
Very nice, thanks for sharing. rental mobil
Muhsine Emin said…
You are all so amazing to leave me such wonderful comments, thank you.

x X x

I remember reading that somebody asked if the Neals Yard Mothers balm was working (my eyes have gone funny and I can't find the comment) The answer is yes it's working, I have no stretchmarks on my belly, just yet and hopefully it stays that way.
Roopa said…
i just love looking at the baby beddings, baby clothes, they are just so pretty and beautiful. I bet you just cant wait to have ur baby, but then u'll miss being preggo...trust me! lot of luck and love.
you look simply gorgeous, wonderful! All the best!
SAHAR said…
ohh good so many pretty cute things...adorable

i m new follower
Hi Muhsine, just wondering where did you get your baby's cot from? I love all the little touches you used to personal the cot. Makes it really special xoxo

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