I have gone bananas...

Yes, I have indeed. It seems crochet, applique and everything else craft related has taken over my brain. It's been 2 weeks since I last updated and there's so much to fill you in on. I'm 34 weeks pregnant today and I think the panic is kicking in. Overall I'm well, apart from headaches, heartburn, exhaustion and being HUGE!

What have I been doing? I have been crocheting MORE hairbands. I have made about 12, I'm stopping now, I promise! :)

So, since I'm not making anymore hairbands... I have jazzed up a few onesies with crochet embellishment on the centre front and arms. They look SO cute!

I have also almost completed the cot bedding, Here's a sneak peak at some of it, I made the stuffed hearts out of some of the fabric I'm using for the applique...

Enough of the baby stuff, and for some ME updates, I just repurchased a fresh bottle of Mac Face & Body foundation, my ultimate favourite! I also got the new Sleek 'Nude' collection through the post this morning which looks AMAZING, I will update you with swatches and a FOTD very soon. There's so much more to say but I guess I will just elaborate in forthcoming posts!

I checked out the newly opened Forever21 in London, I walked away with some accessories and a top! There was some lovely stuff and some horrible stuff, but it's still a store that is much welcomed by me in London.

What have you been up to? x X x


Mehtap said…
WOW..so much information :) Hersey yolunda...gercekten cok sevindim ♥ ..AZ KALDI CANIM...DAYAN :D
Muhsine Emin said…
Saol, evet az kaldi ve bekliyemiyorum artik, patliyabilirim her an! Ama $u yapilcaklari bi bitirsem! :)
Mehtap said…
Evet..hazirliklar bitmez :) Cok güzel seyler yapmissin...VE ARTIK BEBEGIN ADINIDA COK MERAK EDIYORUM :)
Unknown said…
wow I cant beleive you made those hairbands yourself. you are very talented x
Megan said…
cute hairbands! love those earrings too. what color are you in mac F&B?
Unknown said…
Hi sweetness!
First of all, I have missed you and your blog posts, love the hairbands, but of course, i love everything crafty an hand made. Abobe all, those bedding ítems look marvellous, so cute!

I am expecting my nude collection to arribe soon in the Mail so maybe next week we can share thoughts.
I wish the last weeks of your pregnancy to be calm and painless, remember you and Bubbles have all these dear aunties taking care virtually of you two.
D said…
Love the hairbands, and the jazzing up of the baby clothes, so cute :)

Dee x
Computergirl said…
Great skills! The clothes look so pretty! I have popped into forever21 up a little, its so hit and miss, but the accessories are so tempting! xx
Unknown said…
Wow I'm loving these knitts, I think I might have to try my hand at doing them myself :)
LANEY said…
Love the headbands! Sooooo adorable! <3

Forever 21 here in the States is EVERYWHERE! It's like a drug out here, everyone loves it! I like it too, but I'm with you on there's some lovely stuff or there's some ugly stuff! haha

I am eager to try the F&B Foundation by MAC... I'd really want it more for my body.. do you have a review on it already? If not, what do you think of its use on the body?


LANEY said…
Ok, totally just checked out your review... haha LOVE the search button on blogs.. LOL

THANKS FOR THE INFO! Going to go check it out!!


Phoebe said…
I the crochet and the baby grow looks cute :) I want to go to forever 21 but haven't had a chance yet, looks good though! x
Yes those hairbands look very lovely indeed, there's nothing like a creative wifey, your husband is very lucky. Your life is about to change in a few weeks so I can understand ur excitment! LOVE LOVE LOVE Sleek palettes... just wished they were less than £6 each so I could own them all!
Great post AS USUAL, XXX
Anonymous said…
The headbands are so adorable and cute, I'm sure that your cute little baby will love them to bit and bits! : ) xx Good Luck!

Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :) x X x

@Catanya Thanks hun *hugs*

@Megan I use C3 at the moment, but sometimes I use C4 too.

@LC Yes I already have a review on it, it's amazing.. :)
Jenn said…
very nice I want that palette looks great :)
Unknown said…
Lovely & so talented :**

sweetart said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
sweetart said…
The palette looks perfect and the headbands and onesie are adorable! If I find out I am carrying a girl, I plan to make her some too if I can figure it out=P Did you find the pattern online?

I hope you enjoy the last leg of your pregnancy!
Aylin said…
Hi sweety, love the hairbands! I am so glad for you!
rka said…
Love the headbands.
Have been a quiet follower of your blog decided now's a good time to say hello and congratulations on your baby :)
Also, where'd you buy your MAC F&B it seems to be sold out wherever I look?
Anonymous said…
I love the stuffed hearts. Where did you get that material from? xx
Unknown said…
those hairbands are awesome and i love the f21 earrings especially the feathers!

shel xx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :) x X x

@sweettart I just made up the pattern from my head. :)

@rka I got it from the pro store in London.

@funkymakeupgirl The white one with cream embroidery is from the 'Cloth House' and the white with grey print is by 'Cath Kidston' from John Lewis.
Just came across your blog and just had to read everything :) You are so lucky with a nice hubby and a baby :) Deffinately following xxx
You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. I am your newest follower. Please follow me back...

♥Love from Turkey(Türkiye)♥

Fash Boulevard said…
you are so beyond talented, which is why i'm utterly obsessed with your blog. adore this. thanks for another incredible post. Would love if you'd check out my brand new outfit post and newest accessory find. xoxo


Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest fashion gossip from an LA stylist.

Shushanna said…
I looove those headbands. too cute! I used to know how to crochet when I was younger...don't know if I can still do it. take care and God bless!

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