Leopard print...

Here's my outfit for today!

It was surprisingly hot and sunny and I decided to rock a comfy black and white leopard print maxi dress with a khaki crop top. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of leopard print but felt that this look was acceptable and felt pretty good wearing it! :)

Dress: H&M
Crop Top: Topshop
Belt: H&M
Earrings: F21

I teamed with some metal peacock earrings, wooden bangles and leather bracelet.

*BOOM* Here's a side view! I'm 39 weeks + 4 days, I'm due to give birth this Saturday! Soooo, excited!

I had my hair half up, half down...

My make up consisted of winged eyeliner and neutral everything else.

What's the weather like where you are? And, how do you wear leopard print?


pavani reddy said…
u look gorgeous and best wishes..

You look so lovely Muhsine, I can't believe you're due to give birth soon. Soooo exciting for you!
It's meant to be spring in Australia now but the weather's cold, dark and rainy, grrrr. You guys must've taken the good weather from us!
Tamara said…
Oh wow Muhsine, this is so crazy. I remember like it was yesterday when you said you are pregnant and now baby bubbles is coming soooonnn :))) Im so excited! anyway you look so stylish and beautiful (and bet you will be all gorgeous even when in labour) Good luck, I cant wait for update xoxo
You look "Blooming" lovely! :) I like animal print in my home....http://thepamperedsparrow.blogspot.com/2011/09/animal-magnetism.html
Good luck for Saturday! Or hopefully not too long afterwards anyway :) xx
Sue said…
sadly, only a very small percentage of babies are born on their due date and first time moms tend to go a little over, it feels like it's never ending at this stage lol no worries though, the 2nd is easier !!!

you look beautiful of course, I love that dress !
My goodness you must be so excited! I remember when this was me and every time I felt a little twinge I thought 'oh it's starting?!'

I love leopard print and tend to wear it mostly in accessories. I have lots of leopard print pumps, t shirts and hair bands that I mostly wear with black outfits.

Hope everything goes well! Looking forward to hearing about baby bubble's birth soon insh'Allah! X
Nikki said…
Awww your wee one is due on my birthday! :) I love leopard print on other people, but I can never get the nerve up to wear it myself! It looks gorgeous on you, and very pretty makeup x
Laiqah said…
Aww Muhsine, you're so beautiful mashallah!
And wow time flew, you're giving birth on my Sister's wedding day Insha allah <3
I wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy!
Love from Sunny South Africa
Jennifer. said…
I love the dress!!! And you look stunning as always :) xoxo
You look stunning, I cant belive you get to meet baby bubbles in 2 days! Im so excited for you :D I cant wait to see the update.

LilyLipstick said…
I have the same dress. It looks gorgeous on you and your bump! x
Muhsine said…
ohhh thank you all so much for your sweet and kind comments :) Inshallah everything goes wel, I will be sure to update the blog to inform you all of the little ones arrival when she does decide to make an appearance :) hopefully not long! xXx
Aww you look so amazing! I had my son on his due date which was a Saturday, so fingers crossed baby bubbles shows up for you this weekend :) It's such an exciting time enjoy every second hunni xxx
Muhsine said…
@Natalie - Thank you :) I was actually born on my due date too, and I was the 1st baby so I'm hoping she takes after me :D xx
Nail Stories said…
The dress looks absolutely amazing on you and you are glowing :)
civciv said…
etegin coook güzel Muhsineee :)

kemerin , shirtin ve küpene ayrica bayildim <3

kendine iyi bak
Love the dress! Cok guzelsin :) x

Looking gorgeous - you look so much like Cheryl Cole in the side profile pics! So exciting that your delivery date is close - best wishes for a quick and smooth delivery. I can't wait to see a pic of baby Bubbles :-)
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous outfit! Still so stylish hot mama :)
Jinelle said…
Definitely a stylish mommy :)
Mrs L... said…
Wow, you are so gorgeous and elegant! I remember right before my sister gave birth, nothing fit her at all. She just laid on the sofa during the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy with her shirt barely covering her belly!

I've loved reading your blog postings about pregnancy. My husband and I will be trying for a baby next year and I will be delivering in England so I've been looking to your blog for advice not only about staying fashionable during pregnancy but also what the birth experience will be like in the UK.

xoxo and best wishes!
Alpha Blonde said…
You look so beautiful!! Pregnancy is so good to you! xxxo
Anonymous said…
Were just moving into spring and its a lovely mild 24 degrees c :) Love the combination, i always love seeing you put things together that i'd have never thought of but they just "go". Inspires me to be a bit more adventurous. Looking lovely :)
Jenn said…
Yayy congrats!!!! How exciting you look amazing!!
xo Jenn

Sarah Bella said…
Awww! Muhsine.... you look amazing!!! Wow! Your belly is still so tiny! Just a few more days now! I can't wait to see that sweet little pumpkins face. She is going to be so beautiful... just like her momma!! xo Best of luck with the delivery!!
blushingpixie said…
You are so beautiful! I swear you are the most fashionable mom to be ever <3
Maureen said…
You looking lovely for someone who is giving birth on Saturday. Wish you all the best with the delivery of little one.

Roanna said…
My favourite way to wear leopard print is with a pair of shoes, but your maxi dress is nice. I really enjoy your outfit posts while pregnant as I'm expecting as well and it's nice to see someone who does looks that are different from the usual maternity magazines.
All the best for the little one's arrival.
Kerrymarie said…
Aww gorgeous! Good luck with the birth and everything! Can't wait to see baby! x
Amy said…
Heya hun, You look lovelyy!

best of luck with the birth :D!

Jenn Fagan said…
You look lovely! I cant believe your giving birth so soon, time has flown. Congrats!!!

Sami said…
How on earth are you due in a few days? U look SO glamorous!! xx
Raw said…
OMG i was lost. I have been visiting your blog for sometime now And today i decided to see ur bog from the beginning. I have spend half of my day reading your blog. U r one lucky lady u know. btw am 22 muslim from Maldives. (U must love me now). haha. Btw I m a little bit too jealous for u coz u have soo many make up items. lol. (shall i giv u my home address so that u can send me some).
Muhsine said…
Omg thank you all for your extremely kind comments and warm wishes for the safe delivery of my baby girl, I do hope to update you al on it as soon as I can but I'm STILL waiting. :) x X x *hugs*

@Raw - Omg I just LOVE the Maldives, wish I was there right NOW! :) xx
BresBaubles said…
You look soooo beautiful!

Beny Boom said…
awwwww goodluck with delivery hun.
Ellie said…
You look so lovely! And you're the most fashionable woman in the world who's about to give birth! :) xxxxx

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