Pick me ups...

New nail polish always makes me super happy. My latest 2 additions are Essie 'Super Bossa Nova' and 'Sew Psyched'and I *heart* them both!

I decided I needed an electric blue eyeliner in my life, which I found along with some other random things which I call 'Pick me ups'....

  1. MUA: Eyeliner Bright Orange - I don't know what possessed me to buy this apart from the fact that it was £1 as I don't know if I could rock it on the eyes, but it looked cheerful and I thought it would make an interesting lip colour.
  2. MUA: Black Liquid Eyeliner - This was worth a try just because!! It has a really nice thin tip applicator & creates a nice precise line, (I wore it in yesterdays post) However, you get what you pay for, it doesn't last very long and crumbles away.
  3. Miss Sporty Neon Blue Eyeliner - This was THE reason why I walked into Superdrug as I wanted an electric blue eyeliner and didn't want to get a high end one as I probably wouldn't wear it too often. I swatched every single brand at Superdrug and this was by far the most pigmented and vivid electric blue of them all. I'm so excited to try a look with this!
  4. Barry M 'Candyfloss' Lip Lacquer Crayon - This is a new shade and it caught my eye so had to be mine, it's a nice cool toned pink that has hints of very fine lilac & pink glitter. See my review HERE for the cherry red shade.
  5. Barry M Gold Eyeliner - This just looked very pretty swatched, nothing else to say.
  6. Barry M Lip Paint 53 Coral - Again not much to say, it's a nice muted coral shade that looks teeny tiny bit frosty.
  7. MUA Shade 9 Eyeshadow - I hate powdery eyeshadows which are often associated with "cheap" brands so usually wont even take a glance at them. However, I spotted this shade and it looked like a dupe for Urban Decay's 'Mayhem' which is my favourite purple e/s (See a look I did HERE) and for £1 I had to buy it as my 'Mayhem' got smashed and now rests in peace.
See swatches...

Here's the bright orange on my lips!

I do like bright lips but still don't feel comfortable wearing it but LOVE it on others! :)

Another 'Pick me up' is a good light hearted read, I spotted Sophie Kinsella's 'Mini Shopaholic' and thought 'perfect'!

Uhmmm and yes I made more headbands! But these are more dainty and more suitable for a newborn, whereas the other ones I made are a bit chunkier and more suitable from a few months onwards. I'm bored people what can I say?!

Ahhhhhhh I seriously can't wait to put my baby girl in these, the one with the flowers that go all the way around the head is my favourite, it will be great for pictures!!

Have you purchased a few 'Pick me ups' lately?


Unknown said…
Hi Muhsine!

Very nice products!
I've recently picked up MAC's Impassioned lipstick... I've had my eyes on it all summer so I finally got it and love it!
I love how creative you are... your little princess is lucky to have a Mummy like you!
I wish you all the best for the big day! My baby boy is 16 months old now, he completely changed my life... I've never felt so much love before... <3
I'm tearing up as I write this... I wish you a lot of happiness with your beautiful family!

Lots of love from Switzerland!

Anne (Kiwi's mummy! ;-)
Muhsine Emin said…
Hey Anne, thank you so much for your kind words :) It means alot, I justcan't wait!!
(I have impassioned too and love it but hardly wear it which is bad!)

Holly said…
Love all the headbands, beautiful!! The orange looks amazing on you, def don't be afraid to rock it out of the house, esp in this weather, perfect! xxx
SarahK said…
Wow, I really need to learn how to crochet, just so when I finally have children I can make them gorgeous little things like you have! And you definitely inspire me to wear brighter colours! xx
I love the bright orange on Your lips, a clever idea!
And thanks for linking the red Lip Crayon review cause I wanted to buy it recently but decided to research first!

Lots of Love,
Unknown said…
The orange colour looks wonderful on you!And the headbands are so cute! :) been a silent reader all this while but had to comment today!
Tanya said…
The bright lips look great on you. You will get used to wearing it.

Unknown said…
what a coincidence! i just did a NOTD with sew psyched!!

wish you have a safe delivery!!

Katy said…
I've always just walked by the Barry M Lip Crayons but I might swatch a few next time :) seriously, your baby is going to be the cutest ever with all the little accessories she has from her mummy! Can't wait to see what she looks like! Good luck for Sunday (or whenever it all happens :P) :D xxx
One day to go! Good luck with everything :)

I love essie nail polishes! They def pick me up ! haha.
Yankeenaijababe said…
such a pretty lip color, love the crochet pieces and think your little girl will adore them too, lovely pic too.
Unknown said…
Hi babe! Even if they seem too bright, you look stunning with vibrant colours on your lips! And the winged eye look looks amazing on you!

OMG, Baby Bubbles is on her way!! Yay!

Lots of good luch and all my best!
M said…
I love the orange lips on you, you look absolutely beautiful! The Essie polishes look lovely :)

Mollie xo
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you all so much for your kind words :) xxx
Heather Elyse said…
That purple color is so pretty!
Stephanie said…
Love that electric blue liner! The new Shopaholic book is good but the story line isn't quite what I expected. I love that you're crocheting little things for the baby! Do you use a pattern to make the flowers, and if so, would you mind sharing? I can't seem to find an easy one to memorize so I don't have to always refer to the pattern.
Sian said…
I think the orange lip really suits you!
You say you wont wear the blue eyeliner much, but I bought one last summer and I am addicted to it now, it can look subtle enough for day with lashings of mascara xx
lauraa said…
hi, wow really nice products!
i love the bright orange lipstick..i'm really into coral and nude shades this month, and i definatly reccomend barry m and mac for lipsticks.
also, anyone seen the new lady gaga lipstick for mac? its incredible!
keep up the good work:)

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