Pregnancy Tips / Advice..

I don't know whether once your pregnant you realise everyone is else is pregnant or it's just me! Try going to Ikea, it's baby bump galore! I wanted to share with you some of my tips as thank god I have had quite a smooth pregnancy and hope that others can benefit from my experience and views. Obviously each and every person and pregnancy is different so you need to cater for yourself. Here are my top tips if you are expecting....

  • Don’t eat for two and eat only when you are hungry. However, during the 1st trimester you may feel quite nauseous so you may need to force yourself to eat nutritious meals. You actually only need an extra 200 calories towards the very end of your pregnancy, so don’t go stuffing your face and put on too much weight too soon. If you do fancy naughty foods try not to have too much, although it’s almost impossible to restrain yourself during the last month! There are some foods you need to avoid so get googling!
  • Drink plenty of water and take folic acid and prenatal vitamins if you need to.
  • Do some kind of exercise, whether it be walking, swimming, yoga etc. My favourite has been walking as it’s the most convenient.
  • Apply some kind of oil to your bump and breast area every single day to help prevent stretch marks. My favourite has been the Neal’s Yard Mothers balm.
  • Your bra size is going to change, so constantly get measured, and also note that you will be different sizes in different shops. Make sure you are not wearing underwired bras during your pregnancy as this can obstruct increased blood flow and compress the developing milk ducts. I got a couple nonwired but padded bras from M&S which have been great, but I found Mama’s & Papa’s maternity bras to be the best and most comfortable. Furthermore you NEED to invest in a sleeping bra, because your breasts are getting larger and if they go south they stay south so keep them where they are even when you are sleeping. You could also try pyjama cami tops with built in support which works just as well.
  • Invest in a body pillow, you are going to need it so the sooner you buy one the more use you will get out of it, I used the ‘Dream Genii’ but any one will do.
  • Take care of your skin, it’s going to get sensitive and you may need to change your skincare routine. I loved using Avene.
  • Pregnancy fashion doesn't have to be boring, embrace your bump and rock plenty of accessories! Don’t go crazy splashing out on maternity clothes, do the elastic band trick for as long as you can for your existing jeans. However do invest in some maternity jeans or jean shorts for comfort. I have found H&M to be the most affordable and recommend checking out their range (they also do longer tops which work great with a bump). You will also need some maternity leggings to team with dresses that are going to become shorter as your bump grows or try to buy very low waisted bottoms that sit under the bump which will work too, I had a pair of jeggings and they have been invaluable during my pregnancy. Treat yourself to maxi dresses, kaftan tops, and anything flowy, stretchy or empire line as you can wear these with waist belts after your pregnancy, oh and buy your normal size! Don’t buy things 3 sizes too big.
  • Organise! I don’t have to say this because the ‘nesting’ instinct will naturally kick in. But, seriously a clutter free house means a clutter free mind and the more you get done before the baby comes the easier life will be. Have your hospital bag ready by 36 weeks at the latest!
  • Decide on names before someone else declares they have decided for you. You will change your mind a million times (I did) but, it makes life easier once you have decided as you can start to prepare things. If you find out the sex of the baby then you can personalise the nursery or ‘corner of our bedroom’ in my case.
  • Read plenty of books and do as much research on the Internet as you can, google and You Tube are your best friends. Compare and really think about essential items such as a pram, car seat, cot etc.
  • Don’t freak out about the ‘exit’ of baby in your last trimester, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Write a birth plan and get as much sleep as you can, which is damn hard I tell you!
  • Oh and pamper yourself, just becuase you are having a baby it doesn't mean you neglect yourself! It just means you may have to speed things up a little. Mac Face & Body foundation is perfect for a luminous natural glow, and combined with some Chanel bronzer makes anyone look 10X better.

Here's me today at 38 weeks and 4 days just waiting to go into labour - 9 days until my actual due date! I found out yesterday at my hospital appointment that her head is as engaged as it's going to be before she actually 'arrives', it's marked as 1/5 which means 4/5 of her head is actually engaged, woo! This means I go for a pee every 15mins but oh well! :)

Wow I had so much to say, I even surprised myself! All the best and good luck to all the yummy mummy to be's! x X x


Shadowy Lady said…
thank u for all these tips sweetie. It will come in handy when I decide to get preggo :)

Wishing u a happy and easy delivery. Can't wait to see ur little one
Such a lovely post, and all so true!
I'm glad to hear you've had a good pregnancy... mine wasn't so great; lots of being sick, dizzy spells, fainting :(
Good luck with labour though! I spent the last 3 months of my pregnancy scared about the birth/the pain etc, but truth is as soon as it starts to happen, you don't even think about it, you just get on with it and it's totally worth it!

Patricia said…
woooow your belly is so pointy now :D i'm not pregnant and don't even plan to get pregnant anytime soon but i've really enjoyed your posts, best of luck on your labour xxx
Good to know... Thanks for sharing these tips. Kisses.
Houda said…
omg ur belly is so huge! I like how not all ur bodu had ballooned like mad lol u look so normal hehe, ni cnt wait to find out that ur baby is here I was thinking about u and if your baby had cum yet xxx inshallah a safe and healthy birth ohh one tip from my mum MAKE SURE u get ur hubby or someone else in the room to make sure the cord is not around the babies neck this happend to my baby sister and alhamdulilah my grandma saw it and u mau think that the medical staff are going to be 10/10 but u still need to be on top my mum did not realise because she was all tired and and drousy.

Next tip: ONLY PUSH WHEN THEY TELL YOU TO! this will prevent you causing mega damage "down there" e.g ripping! and u really dont want that!

Try not to leave your baby in the room alone when you go toilet my mum was unfortunately next to a crazy lady hu had mega bi polar she took the baby to the loo!

Im not suggesting that but make sure u go alot when ur hubby cums xxx

hope that was helpful my luv good luck inshallah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MWAH ON UR TUMMY LOL
fashionsuede said…
I'm soooo happy for you!
I've been following your blog for absolute years now and it is so great to see you going through such a huge step in your life. I honestly wish you all the best <3
Monika said…
Your bump is huge! Fab post, hope everything go's well.
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tor It's hard not to be scared but it's better to try and think positive, I'm scared too but am praying it all goes well! :) x

@Patricia I'm glad, you can look back one day and really take it in :) x

@Houda Thanks for the tips honey :) Inshallah it all goes well, make dua for me, I have a feeling I will be going in to labour on the weekend! I can't wait.. mwah back at you! :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks so much girls :) *hugs & kisses*
Unknown said…
Some great tips. I'm sure this will come in handy one day for me ;)

I hope you have a smooth and safe delivery. x
Dani said…
I totally understand what you mean when you say that it seems like everyone is pregnant now! I am 20 years old and there are 24 girls from my graduating class that have already had babies or are pregnant now! Crazy.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :)
Katie said…
I hope you have a smooth labor and delivery!

My momma's midwives (she had 2? She had a few) gave her a warm bath halfway through her labor with me to help relax her. I don't know if you have that planned, but that was something my momma enjoyed. It's standard care for women in labor in Germany, but you can write it into your birth plan, I think.

I hope you post pictures of your little one soon!

b3boO! said…
Hola!...thnx for the post dat's what i needed,some advise. I must say so far my pregnancy is a bit different, i'm in my first trimester and i only want to have fruits :p, because of all de morning sickness i just dun feel like havin sumthing sugary/oily lol. I hope it stays like this for the rest of my pregnancy:). I also dun want to think about de exit of baby it only scares me lol, your post has made me even stronger about it.

For you: dun worry Inshallah everything will be fine!
Unknown said…
thanks for the sharing!
HeavenNRJ said…
Exactly my feelings! I'm 34 weeks pregnant, and it seems that everyone is pregnant around me. lol Especially in IKEA and in baby clothes sections in any shop.:) We already bought essentials, such as pram and cot, but there is still so much to buy (and so many questions, do we really need this? E.g. grobag, or body+duvet, nursing pillow, etc), and so little strength I have. I'm getting lazier each day, and it's getting more difficult to walk for more than 1 hour. The interesting thing though is that after around 30th week the time slowed down for me. The days seem to be much longer. Weird!

The only major thing left is the NAME! Unfortunately, it's the only issue we're sort of "fighting about" with my hubby. Have no idea how we'll manage and who will win.:/

Good luck!!!:)
Stacey said…
Ahhh, your bump is so perfect and you look like you haven't put on any weight, all baby. I can't wait for the arrival, I've been following your blog for ages now. Good Luck and thanks for the tips, I will look back on this when i am finally a Mummy xx
Nikki said…
Aww you so tiny still! I had a monster of a belly before I had Amber, but she ended up being 8lb 8oz! A bit big for my 5ft3 frame haha! Let us know when you go into labour! I have a few pregnancy posts on my blog this one is my belly transition... eesh...
Amy said…
I'm not pregnant and not planning on being anytime soon, but this is such an interesting post and I have found out loads which I never knew (like the under wiring with the bra :)) good luck with your labour, I've loved reading your journey on your blog :) xxx
Andee Layne said…
thanks so much for this post! I have loved all your pregnancy posts even before i found out i was pregnant. You have been an inspiration to me ;) Thanks for all the tips and sending lots of love to your beautiful family! Cant wait to see your little girl! xoxox
kemkem said…
Thank you for your tips! I am 33 weeks and love all your pregnancy post! I bought the h&m little bear outfit the day you posted about it!
Good luck with the next 9 days, keep us posted!
Melissa said…
Wonderful post. Wishing you a swift and safe labour and delivery of your little girl. Looking forward to hearing the happy news!
Anonymous said…
Best wishes for when you do give birth Muhsine :) x
Fiona said…
such a nice post. wish you all the best for the birth xxx
MediterraneanX said…
Ikea is the best! My local one is in Tottenham and I went through the other week and the kiddies bit is my fave...can't wait until I can buy for my own kids there one day! You must be so excited!
Muhsine Emin said…
Awww thank you all for your sweet comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the post :) I hope to update again soon, today I have been scrapbooking for baby!! x X x
Glam Girl said…
Good Luck with your labour, it is ALL worth it! I had a boy in May and he is the best thing ever, each day with him is an adventure and being a Mother is truly amazing! <3
Anonymous said…
i will be very envious if you have yours before me i'm already almost a week over due and i'm 2/5ths engaged! i also have not experienced this elusive 'nesting instinct' either. it sometimes feels disheartening especially because at this point i just cannot move so i can't really keep busy!

i don't see pregnant women everywhere anymore, i only see women with new babies. woe is me!

i didn't have a problem with underwire bras - i prefer them as they actually give support i think they only cut off blood flow if they're not the correct size. i only had to stop wearing them because her bum kept pushing against one side lol

hope everything goes well for you :)
dramaplatters said…
Do not forget to write your daughter's birth time somewhere you might need it...
Hope she will come out healthy and will have a long and healthy life..
Jen said…
Your bump is beautiful!

There's one thing I want to elaborate on - the strechmarks.

I got so many and my little girl was tiny and I wasn't mega skinny. I was told by my consultant that if you'll get them you will no matter what you apply x
Anca said…
you look absolutely stunning! you're going to be a great mommy can't wait to see the little one!!

blushingpixie said…
What great advice, thank you so much for sharing with us these tips.
LaaLaa said…
Fantastic tips. I'll definitely be coming to your blog whenever the year is it happens for me :] you just look so damn cute pregnant. xoxo
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Unknown said…
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