Top 10 Mac Eye Shadows...

I can always trust my Mac palettes and reach for them the most out of my collection. I love the practicality of them all being in a slimline palette and the overall quality of shade and texture.

Here are my favourites....

I chose them based on which 10 I would repurchase immediately if god forbid *panic* my palettes disappeared.

Here they all are swatched:

Top Row: Ricepaper, Naked Lunch, Woodwinked, Romp, Cork
Bottom Row: Vellum, Sumptuous Olive, Humid, Steamy, Club.

  • Ricepaper - This is my ultimate favourite inner corner highlight, it adds a beautiful pale golden sheen that compliments my complexion perfectly.
  • Naked Lunch - A gorgeous pink toned champagne colour that works great all over the lid on lazy days and to highlight and illuminate tired eyes,
  • Woodwinked - An easy everyday all over lid colour that you can blend into the crease for a quick polished look, the bronze/gold sheen adds intensity without much effort for a glowy look.
  • Romp - A beautiful warm bronze shade that you can never go wrong with, it just looks amazing whenever I wear it combined with ANY colour.
  • Cork - This is my everyday crease colour, I can layer it for intensity or just blend a tiny bit for a softer day time look.
  • Vellum - I absolutely love this on the inner corners of my eyes, it's a white with a slight blue/lilac sheen which really brings out the green/hazel in my eyes.
  • Sumptuous Olive - This is just a beautiful way to wear colour without overdoing it, it's the perfect olive green with hints of gold.
  • Humid - My favourite green, me and the hubs picked this out together so it makes me feel good when I wear it, it just adds a beautiful green sheen that compliments my complexion and enhances them, I love combining it with darker colours in the crease for a night time smokey look.
  • Steamy - I like to wear this mainly on my lower lash line with a more neutral colour on top, but I like it on the lid combined with something like 'Carbon' to smoke it out for an evening look.
  • Club - This is the colour I opt for if I'm in a rush and want a quick smokey look, it has a duo chrome finish with hints of teal and brown, it's definitely one to check out.
What are some of your favourite Mac eye shadows?

Oh btw I dyed my hair darker, my comp has been messing up and I'm behind on everything and no I haven't given birth yet! X


Lauren Baker said…
Woodwinked would have to be my fave from the bunch, but I've always wanted to try Naked Lunch as well. x
Unknown said…
I love club so much as well as naked lunch,cork and rice paper. Really wanna get few of the other ones that you recommended too. Those swatches are amazing <3 Hope youre doing well xoxo
I like your taste in mac eyeshadows, I have 8 out of your top 10 eyeshadows.
And how convenient that you have done your fave mac eyeshadows whilst Im holding a mac eyeshadow giveaway on my blog -perfect !

Parisa said…
Great post, now I have a few I want to add my wishlist, especially steamy! :)

My favourite MAC eyeshadows;

- Humid
- Goldmine - the brightest, vived yellow gold eyeshadow
- Woodwinked
- Sumptuous Olive
- Greensmoke
- Mulch
- Romp

Summer Loren said…
such pretty shadows, I've added a couple to my list of shadows to buy for my own palette! x
Jenn said…
Woodwinked & naked lunch, and mystical, club are my favorite right now. I'm boring and happy with my neutrals. lol
xo Jenn
Lilit said…
All the colours you chose are gorgeous, and very wearable. If I had to choose a few faves it would have to be Swiss Chocolate, Sable and Phloof. xo
Phoebe said…
I want to try Romp, Naked Lunch and Rice Paper, they look lovely! I'm hoping to get a Mac Palette soon so I can depot some of my existing colours :) My favourites are Woodwinked and Coppeing! xxx
That's the first time that I've seen a swatch of Woodwinked and liked it, usually it looks just ok. It's now on my list. My top favs would include patina, satin taupe, brulee and omega.
Unknown said…
oooh i love all the colours x
I agree, Woodwinked has such a universal shade! Good for brides, a bronze look, a neutral look - multitask! A great choice of eyeshadows. (:
Anonymous said…
Fun post! I absolutely love Cork. Sumptuous Olive and Club are also up there on my list.
funny, i was just telling myself yesterday that i absolutely NEED sumptuous olive and club. i'll take this post as a sign that i definitely need to get it soon :p.
Yu said…
I think everything except Vellum and Romp has been on my wishlist/I've had at some point! Lovely selections :)
h-factor v 2.0 said…
steamy is so pretty(on other people, not me, lol). stars 'n rockets and trax are two of my favorites...i like purple haze as a liner sometimes, too.
Very good picks! Love your blog<3 Hope everything is going well with the pregnancy:)
Cydonian said…
Vellum is really interesting!
Glamourela said…
Ooooh i ♥ MAC!!!

Greetings from Germany ♥
Hannah said…
Great picks!! My fave MAC shades would have to be Twinx and Patina
Serpil&Cigdem said…
i love your blog! my favourite shadow is club

xoxo cigdem
Patricia said…
great tase, you forgot writing about humid though! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for all your lovely comments girls :) x X x

@Patricia - Well spotted, I corrected that. xx
Unknown said…
I loveeeee Woodwinked, Ricepaper and Club! I also love Satin Taupe, All That Glitters, Shroom and Coppering :) Such gorgeous colours!

Gem x
Style Souk said…
This is THE MOST GORGEOUS collection of MAC shades - you've really covered all the bases.

Hope you and (soon to be here!) baby are both doing well, lovely.

Sarah x
carly said…
club looks so gorgeous!
BurningBlonde said…
i really love the first four Ricepaper, Naked Lunch, Woodwinked, Romp.
Schnelle said…
great picks! I love cork, ricepaper, and naked lunch too.
Most of my top 10 is in this list :).

my faves are blanc type, hey, all that glitters eyeshadows by mac. those are the only ones id repurchase if i lost all my make up, apart from the hey eyeshadow which was limited (all the great ones are). my all time favourite eyeshadow is a loose pigment eyeshadow by gosh called meringue its so gorgeous i bought 2 back ups, i always get asked what it is i have on my eyes.xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@sparkle beauty blog - I must check out that gosh shade if u have TWO backups hehe :) xx
Nazia said…
Another MAC eyeshadow that I think you'd really like - Greensmoke. It's beautiful! You need it in your life lol.
alison*elle said…
I love your picks! My favourite MAC shadows are Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, and Aquadisiac.

xo, alison*elle
Shy said…

Great crafts blog, you'll be inspired
laundmakeup said…
OMG!! these are extremely lovely!!! I'm in love with CLUB which was my FIRST MAC eyeshadow! also with Patina, Bronze, Gorgeous Gold, Humid, Deep Truth, Vex, Greensmoke... :DDD
Fantastic Swatches!! I keep the photo for my next shopping!
Great post. Would you mind if I shared this on my business blog? you can find it at

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