Today I'm 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The days seem to be dragging as the suspense to meet the little one builds up. Me and the hubby are both eagerly waiting and nothing else seems important right now apart from the safe delivery of our baby girl.

I'm doing well, and feel so blessed that I have had quite a smooth pregnancy so far. Last week I was given another scan as even though I feel and look HUGE, apparently my belly was measuring small. After the scan it was confirmed that baby was measuring fine and as should be, it's just I'm carrying small probably because my frame was quite petite to begin with. I'm still using the Neal's Yard 'Mother's balm' and I have no stretchmarks to report in case you were interested. Oh and they said it still looks like a girl! *yay* :) Not that it matters as long as the baby is healthy!

We also got our pram/stroller system which was gifted to us from my parents and grandparents. We opted for the Bugaboo Cameleon with a dark grey base and off white top/ tailored fabric set and I am in lurveee with it! :)

I was also initially considering the I candy peach but it's way too heavy and the colour choice isn't great, the Bugaboo Bee was another option but it just looks SO tiny yet it weighs the same as the Cameleon.

Onto the photos!

Here's what it looks like with the carrycot, I have all the bits and pieces and can't wait to push my little baby girl around in it. Also, in case you were wondering we opted for the Maxi Cosi 'Pebble' car seat which also attaches onto the chassis of the pram.

Me and the hubs are really happy with the colour combination choice we made, the dark grey really compliments the off white/cream colour and if in the future I want to change the off white I can just simply buy a tailored fabric pack and transform it completely. Everything is machine washable and easy to use, I did SO much research on prams so if you have any questions just ask! :)

It matches the crochet blanket I made perfectly! :)

I'm still finding things that I need, some latest purchases are this change mat that I got from 'John Lewis' and a sleeping bag I got from 'TK Maxx'.

Oh and my mum and her friend started a new blanket, here's the first piece, furthermore my mother in law also started one which I'm yet to see! :) Baby bubbles is one lucky girl who's going to have lots of pretty handmade blankets! :)

I'm praying I can meet the little one shortly, my hospital bag is near the door and ready for action! Speak Soon! x X x


Andee Layne said…
i just love all your posts! You look so beautiful and your healthy pregnancy is so inspiring! Hope these next couple weeks breeze by for you! xo
Kelly said…
Ooooh not long now!!!
I'm also due to the 1st of Oct with my first baby.
Am getting very nervous and excited. The waiting is a nightmare, I feel like a ticking time bomb lol

Muhsine Emin said…
@Andee Thanks honey, I wish the same for you when you are on your journey to begin a family :) X

@Kelly Awwww good luck to the both of us, roll on 1st of October!! :) xx
i pray for your safe delivery :)

Tor said…
Good Luck lovely!

Your pram is so cute, I made the mistake of getting a big Bebecar pram for my little girl and it was just too big for me to manage, and drove me mad getting it in and out of my car!

BlushCrush said…
You couldn't look any more beautiful Muhsine - you're in my thoughts and prayers for a trouble-free and healthy birth. Good luck with everything my dear! x
Essjay23x said…
I can't imagine how excited you must be. The pram looks lovely, good luck!
Sana said…
That is seriously the cutest stroller! Good luck:)
Gavikusik said…
You look amazing!its so excited to prepare all the things for a little one!I'm due in January with my second baby and cant wait to meet her or him!Wishing u a fast and safe delivery:)
Charlie said…
aww wishing you a speedy and healthy delivery! you are looking amazing
You look fantastic! I can only hope I look that good when the day comes. Love that stroller- it's adorable!
Ellie said…
I'm so excited for you! These next few weeks will be so amazing for you :)

summerbaybie said…
AWwwwk your pram is gawjus, cant wait 2 see your little baby girl! I wish you and your hubby and baby the best xxxxx
chicandbonita said…
What a cute stroller...
Congratulations and can't wait to see a picture of your baby girl:)
Esma ♥ said…
I canim ne kadar tatli ya :) az kaldi doguma :) Allahim anali babali büyütsün, cok seviniyorum senin adina :)

My ♥ Passion
Leanne OCD said…
The blanket is beautiful and matches the pram so well. Look forward to hearing the news of your new arrival. x
Aww I hope everything goes well insh'Allah Muhsine! Looking forward ton hearing about your new arrival :)
civciv said…
sevgili muhsine,

güzel yorumun icin cok tskler <3

...desene heyecan dorukta :D ay ne cici bir bebegin olur seniiiiin <3

darisi basima ;)

Lischen said…
the blanket is sooo cute! :)
sabina said…
aww i no exactly how you feel!
the last couple of weeks are the worst and seem everlasting lol.

im getting the same pushchair but in pink.bright and loud lol

hope inshallah u have your baby safe and healthy (and soon) x
Cheryl♥ said…
You look so beautiful! Pregnancy becomes you :D Good luck and I hope these next weeks go by fast :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Awww thanks so much girls :) *hugs*

@Sabina Inshallah hun, I can understand why u want pink after having boys :) Wishing u well! x X x
Yuliya said…
Awwwww hunni im soo exited for u!
Love the pushcheir!!! xxxx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Yuliya Heyyyyyyyyyyy! I wanted to come and surprise u at work, I miss u!!!!! X
Ebru said…
Ha gayret sekerim, az kaldi! Bakarsin tarihten once gelir?!? :) Insallah en kisa zamanda minik bebeginize kavusursunuz Muhsinecim, Allah anali babali buyutmeyi nasip etsin :) Bu arada hersey sahane gorunuyor, hele blanket awww <3
Houda said…
omg im so excited for u too!!! i cant blv ur nearly thr it seems like yday that u were telling us ur having a bby! inshallah all goes well! xxxx
b3boO! said…
hi! i'm 10 weeks pregnant now and i already can't control myself, i'm student but all i can think of is BABY :p.... i must say your posts about pregnancy are really helpful for me now thx! Do you think if i only use the bodyshop body butters on my belly would be enough coz we don't have Neal yard's here? thx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Ebru Saol canim, umarim erken gelir, cok sabirsizlaniyoruz ailecek :) X

@Houda Thanks hun, time flies yet it goes slowly at the same time :)X

@b3boO! Congrats!! The bodyshop body butters are great but I would still recommend using something extra moisturising on the belly area, maybe coconut, avocado or even olive oil. X
Anonymous said…
A very be-lated congratulations!
I hope you have a healthy delivery and you look amazing.

JoJo said…
Everything is so gorgeous, I'm so excited for you, I know you are going to be an amazing mummy. Xxx

Aww so happy for you, you will make a beautiful daughter, the lord is your strength...I love your blog a lot too, very cool!
Hope that everything goes well, you look beautiful x
Patricia said…
gorgeous pics! i wish you a safe and easy labour, best of luck and i hope she's here soon :)

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