Products I'm loving right now...

I have been enjoying a few products that are proving to work wonders on my sleep deprived exhausted skin, here's what I have been loving and would definitely recommend for new mamas or for cheering yourself up after a night out!

1) THE SANCTUARY YOUTH REVOLUTION - I have particularly been enjoying the skin renewal glycolic peel mask which I use 1-2 times a week. It gives me just the boost I need when my skin is feeling and looking incredibly dull. I can't really go for a facial so I'm trying to take care of my skin at home. It's a 30 day programme that also has a serum and I have used it on and off for about 3 weeks and am enjoying the results. I will do a full review if further miraculous results occur.

I just LOVE masks that you can peel off your face!

2) YSL TOUCHE ECLAT - Perfect for illuminating under the eyes to brighten them and make them look more awake! I honestly can't be without this, I usually apply on top of my concealer for more of a bright eyed look.

3) MAC STROBE CREAM - I haven't been wearing hardly any makeup as I don't have time, the strobe cream adds a pretty glow to my face and makes it look more healthy and not as traumatised. :)

4) CLARISONIC - I mainly use this at night but am really relying on it at the moment as it boosts my dull complexion and is keeping it clear!

5) BEAUTE GIRLINA LIP CREME - On the odd occasion that I have worn makeup I have always opted for 'Girlina' a pretty pink shade, it's moisturising and adds the perfect amount of colour to my face and just brightens it up, I'm almost out of it - boohoo!

6) BURT'S BEES 'MAMA BEE' BELLY BUTTER - I have been applying this all over my body concentrating more so on my belly, my belly has shrunk almost back to my pre-pregnancy size and I couldn't be happier. Breastfeeding really has helped, I haven't done anything extra to speed things up. The linea nigra is fading and I haven't had any stretchmarks on it, some people say you get them when you shrink back down but that hasn't been the case for me, maybe this cream has helped?! However I used Neals Yard 'Mothers balm' during my pregnancy and that is a miracle oil I tell you! I love this cream a whole bunch more as it's natural and 'Esra' doesn't seem to mind it even when smothered on my breasts whilst breastfeeding.

7) BURT'S BEES 'MAMA BEE' LEG & FOOT CREAM - OH MY GOD, this is THE best foot cream EVER! It tingles when you put it on and it just relaxes you, it's unbelievable the difference it makes. The day after I had given birth my feet were swollen and looked like a giant, as soon as I rubbed this on it.. it felt like heaven! Hubby has also tried it and completely agrees with me!! :)

A huge thank you to Tali for gifting me the 'Mama Bee' products along with pressies she got for Esra, I have also been using quite a few Burt's Bees baby products and am in love with them also!

8) LAURA ASHLEY 'PINK PETALS' EU DE PARFUM -This is such a light fresh floral scent that has been perfect for everyday, it smells like fresh delicate flowers and I can't stop sniffing myself! :) Fragrance notes include water fruits, rose, frangipani, muguet, musk, sandalwood and olibanum. This is exactly what I would expect from a Laura Asley scent, the bottle is beautiful as is the delicate designs on the box it comes in.

What products are YOU loving right now? Also, I need a good awakening eye cream that basically de puffs and gets rid of dark circles, does such a thing even exist? I know all eye creams "claim" to but which one REALLY does?! I have a few favourite eye creams but need something MORE, my eyes look terrible!

Disclaimer: The Laura Ashley perfume & Youth Revolution kit was sent for consideration for review, I wasn't paid for this post and I'm not affiliated with them. Honest opinion as always.


Anonymous said…
Does the clarisonic really work? Do you recommend it? Im really interested in getting it, but at £120 I want to be 100% sure!

Also I am in the same dilemma with eye creams - I have tried Colbert M.D Nourish Eye cream, The Body Shop Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel and Dr Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream - all great! Nothing amazing though - need to find something amazing!!

George |
Jennifer said…
The Beaute Girlina Lip Creme looks really good. Does it wear off gracefully or does it leave you with those all to unsightly clumps at the side of your mouth? xx
Εvi said…
I'd love to try this Laura Ashley perfume! The "Mama bee" products are not only for new mothers, right? Ahaha they look adorable!

I'm currently loving: Painterly paintpot, the new blueish shimmer cubes from the Body Shop, Apivita face masks and hot chocolate on rainy days! xx
Muhsine Emin said…
@Frecklie - It does but you don't HAVE to have it, a normal face brush does the same thing (almost) try that first and see if you benefit from it. xx

@Jennifer lol it wears off gracefully yes! No clumps! I actually really like the look of it when it starts to wear off, but it lasts a long time before it does. xx

@cbsg5861 Errr dunno :D Oh hot chocolate sounds so good right now! xx
Zoe said…
Great post!
I really want to try the mac strobe cream, been eyeing it for a while now!
I love the baby bee range too! I used to bathe my son in the buttermilk bath soak but unfortunately they discontinued it (I think the fragrance in it irritated some sensitive babies!)

I wish I had bought the Belly Butter when I was pregnant because body shop body butter didn't quite cut it on my stretch marks! Oh well :)

Have you tried the mama mio range? They have some wonderful products and most are paraben free x
Lived With Love said…
Great products! I would suggests the origins ginzing eyecream, i havent tried it but everyone raves about it and apparently it does its job xx
Essjay23x said…
The Santuary mask sounds good. I have found the orange Santuary products a little too harsh for my skin in the past but I recently used the skin brightening mask products and they were brilliant. I swear that they seemed to transform my skin overnight.
Houda said…
OOOH the lip creme looks nice I have been lusting over the collection 2000 moisture puff lip cremme but a part of me fels like I shoud wait for my MAC ever hip to finish :( xx glad ur managing to pamper ur self a little esra needs a glammy mummy!
PinkGlitter said…
I want to try clarisonic and that lipstick is pretty. Lately, I'm in love with the Anastasia brow kit. The stencils are hard to use but I love the results!
Dounja said…
I wish you the best lovely muhsine.
May Allah bless you and your little family inshallah.
Mashallah about esra and her father & mother.

You'll keep it up. I believe it ;)
Wish, that the luck will be always there for you.

Sal <3
Beauti Girlina lip creme is so creamy and the color is gorgeous but i cant buy it. unfortunately it is not available in my country.
Nazia said…
The Beaute looks amazing on you - makes your lips look damn near perfect! I want!
Broodon said…
Nice blog! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Maşallah Esra'ya, allah korusun. Çok güzel çıkmış bi de:) Annesi kadar güzel olsun ilerde!!
Style Souk said…
I've been tempted to buy the Clarisonic, but it's very (very, very!) expensive.

Do you think it would be too harsh for dry skin?

Love to little Esra... :0)

Sarah x
Unknown said…
Hey, hope you, Esra and your hubby are well.

I love to use Soap and Glory 'You Won't Believe Your Eyes' Eyes Brightening Moisture Serum. I have re-purchased it three times so far. I find that it does really brighten, de-puff and soothe my eye area. Especially when I'm awake all night working on my assignments!

Although due the change in weather I have recently changed my eye cream to Boots Oil of Evening Primrose Oil Eye Cream which is amazing for dryness around the eye area.

Hope that helps :)
Peace and love,
Sara said…
I need to try out skincare items, as I have never owned any :/ Boo! This mask looks like good option and the lip creme is gorgeoussss!
fantastic said…
I will say are WAY ahead of the game on getting back into the swing of things ;) xx
Sian said…
That lip creme looks lovely!
Liz Earle Eyebright is lovely and refreshing - worth a try? x x
sophie rosalind said…
I think I have mentioned StyleNest to you before on one of your previous posts, (and I hope you don't think I'm pushing it just because you are a new mama!) but we would all love you to take a look at it :) we feature mummy bloggers so I want to stay in touch with them as much as possible. We also have an article on tired eye remedies, if you'd like to take a look :)
nice review, i want to tray all of them :) i use garnier eye cream, btw. it works for me <3
farah said…
Great post muhsine!Im currently on my 31st week, due in early december, following religiously your blog hehe! As for the Burt's bee belly butter, have u been applying recetly or combining wt your regular mama balm by neals yard?

Im using MamaMio tummy rub, till now I have no report on stretch mark touchwood but, I ain't sure y some are saying that some will get after their delivery once the stomach had shrunk :S
RizMasta said…
i have had the same problem... and i started using collagen eye masks which are absolutely wonderful (i get them from the wholesaler, try ebay if you don't know where to get them from)

I also use a very good eye cream, so far the only one that works

beauticians use this brand, i swear by it! Please try it, if ou don't know where to get it from i can give you a web address. Please try it, it's worth every penny.
farah said…
Hi muhsine!Is Bugaboo easy to be folded and kept into the car trunk? Initially we thought of getting Stokke, but they said its not that practical for metro to undo etc, and it fills up the whole car trunk.
Broodon said…
As I have already mentioned, very nice products. But I'd like to recommend you Organic Surge skincare line, here is a very interesting competition
The Mama Bee foot cream sounds divine - my feet need a treat!
Tina A. said…
I truly loved this post - it seems like you got everything covered and with some fabulous products while you're at it!
You truly make me wish I could try everything asap!!!

Beauty talk aside, hope that you're doing well and that you've adjusted quickly to that little one entering your lives...! ;)

Anonymous said…
i love sanctuary products they smell sooooooo nice.
Anonymous said…
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Fash Boulevard said…
loving the MAC strobe cream. thanks for sharing, love. be sure to stop by and see my picks for Fash Fave and Fash fail. You won't believe which blonde beauty fell to the bottom. xo
Adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist.
Mihaela said…
Great post. I really like your blog.^^

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Celia said…
Burts Bees are the BEST - if you've not tried it, give the lemon oil a go instead of baby oil, I love it for my little boy, divine! The buttermilk moisturiser is gorgeous too... actually, everything I've ever tried from them has been!x
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you so much for your comments and recommendations :) I haven't been doing anything extra to lose the weight off my tummy, breastfeeding is doing that all by itself, I only wish I was well enough to do some situps! :)

@Glitterish Allsorts - I mainly used Neals Yard 'Mothers balm' whilst pregnant, you def need an oil when pregnant a crean just isnt enough in my opinion.

@Style Souk - Not really, but I would recommend a normal face brush before investing in the clarisonic, the body shop do a mini one, try that and see if you like the results. x

@Farah no I have only been using the belly balm after giving birth, I only used the neals yard mothers balm on my belly during pregnancy which prevented stretchmarks for me personally. x
Anonymous said…
I will give it a try if they have it on body shop Turkey ; ♥JAPON STYLE
Jenn A. said…
MAC Strobe cream is great, especially this time a year when skin can start looking dry and dull with the weather change. It's nice to add a little bit of luminosity!
Unknown said…
Definatly going to try the face mask!
Congrats on your beautiful baby girl.
Unknown said…
Definatly going to try the face mask!
Congrats on your beautiful baby girl.
stefani said…
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A + D said…
Hey. My sister and I love your blog. BTW you're gorgeous and so is your baby!
Unknown said…
wow that lipgloss looks great! :)
smiling_bunny said…
Has anybody else tried the latest celebrity trend of using Holy Land products? I found some articles about them online and they have a shop in Bristol (where I'm from) :)
or check out
to find out about their shop :)
Unknown said…
hi, is the glycolic peel safe for pregnant women? i've read mixed reviews about doing glycolic peels when you're expecting so i've been steering clear from it, but now i'm experiencing pregnancy acne so i'm considering about it now.. thank you for this post, defo gonna try some of the products! :)

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