Monday, 26 December 2011

3 Tomorrow...

First, the date above is wrong, blogger is being weird. it should say Wednesday 28/12/2011

Tomorrow is Bubblegarm's birthday, I can't believe it's been 3 years since I first started blogging. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you, I'm still as excited and happy to blog since the first day I started. The past year things have been a bit slow due to pregnancy and having a baby, but I assure you things will be better for Bubblegarm, thank you for sticking with me & for your support. :)

Image of cupcakes - google

To celebrate my blog birthday I have treated myself to a new camera. So expect some amazing shots for the new year.

On a bad note, it was a very bad experience and a case of bad customer service from Jessops.
Here’s what happened...
We went to Jessops (Islington) yesterday and decided on the camera I wanted (Canon 600D + 18-55mm lens) the store price is higher so we reserved online to pick up in store. I obviously needed accessories with it but I had done my research beforehand so I knew price ranges and what to get from where. I informed the sales assistant I didn’t want a tripod from Jessops as I had found one online for £15 from Amazon, he advised me that the tripod was rubbish and spent AGES talking me into buying a Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod as it was on offer for half price for £50, so I agreed to buy it along with a 50mm lens.
Now come to the till and everything was getting put through the team manager informed us that the Manfrotto tripod was NOT on sale for half price and that his colleague had made a mistake and that it had the wrong code on it and that I had to pay full price. I refused and was obviously angry after spending 2 hours in the shop to be convinced to buy something and then be told they can’t do nothing about it. I told them they should honour it as it was their mistake not mine, it’s only £50 instead of losing a customer. After a lot of talking/arguing later the store manager called the area manager and informed us that the area manager refused to honour it. So, we came home empty handed.
This morning we decided to go to another Jessops branch in Wood Green, this time to buy the camera only. We tried to do the same thing by ordering online and collecting in store, we was told the online price had gone up. We said that can’t be, but anyway we still had our reservation at the Islington branch for a cheaper price (they send a text to confirm) which was held until the 30th. The store manager ‘Colvin’ told us he would call them to check, so he did with a attitude problem and then after his telephone conversation informed us that our reservation was wrong and he had cancelled it. By this point we were at boiling point, we had spent over an hour and were still getting nowhere. Colvin insisted we buy the camera at the new higher price, customers were seeing our frustration and curious as to what’s going on, my husband informed them that the customer service was ridiculous and then another member of staff Dina told him to “shut up” and not talk to the customers which was incredibly rude, what kind of a way is that to talk to the customer, haven’t they ever heard of the saying “the customer is always right”? Anyway, we then we almost walked out and asked for a leaflet which explained about a £50 cashback offer exclusive to Canon cameras, we was told they couldn’t give us one without a purchase. Wrong.
Straight after we was on the phone to head office, after the explanation of the situation everything was sorted thanks to Rob the area manager, we got the camera for the price we reserved it for and the tripod for half the price like we was informed and a heap of leaflets. He was apologetic and informed us that infact yesterday he told the store manager in Islington to honour the tripod for the price we was told as it was their mistake. I can’t believe that the store manager in Islington lied to us, she probably felt bad and didn’t want to go back on her word that “head office won’t do anything”. Oh how wrong they were, at the end of it we paid for everything in Wood Green but had to pick up the items from Islington as it was out of stock. You had to see their faces when they saw the receipt. PRICELESS! However, I am extremely upset with the level of customer service, it’s not everyday you get lied to and told to shut up from sales staff, I do hope Jessops train their staff properly from now on and I don’t have to waste my time writing about my experiences.

Moving on....

I have finally taken the plunge to start a baby blog called BUBBAGARM, I have accumulated so many things and a whole bunch of knowledge that I need to pass it on. I'm always trying to create and make space so expect baby storage tips, reviews on products and toys, hauls, Baby OOTD and how to be a yummy mummy!
Check out my first review on the blog for Freddie the Firefly.

Hope you are keeping well, my next post will be a new years eve look! x X x

'Me' Time...

I decided to treat myself to one of my all time favourite foundations and concealers, those being Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation and Bobbi Brown creamy concealer which are perfect to use in the cold weather if you have dry skin. I got them both in the shade "natural". I haven't used these in a while, but those who have followed me from the beginning of my blog will remember me going on and on and on about it.

I got myself a wool brown coat and navy suede clutch from Asos as a birthday present to myself. Yep it's my birthday today, (well, yesterday it's past 12am) I'm officially 27!

My husband also surprised me with this wool jacket for my birthday from All Saints which I am in love with. I have been lucky this year with jackets and coats as my dad also said he's getting me a leather jacket (along with a bag) in the middle of January which I can't wait for!! Don't forget dad! :)

I had some lovely gifts and cards, but the best card was this one from Esra, thank you to my hubby for being so thoughtful, and to my mum for still treating me like her little girl by spoiling me with songs, cakes and a whole lot more!

I hope those who celebrate Christmas had a lovely day!!!

I may try to snap myself some bargains tomorrow if I can drag myself out, are you going 'sale' shopping? Actually thinking about it, I might just do it online instead!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December Treat Boxes...

This month I received a couple of treat boxes as I like to call them... One was from 'GlossyBox' who had a red glossy box for the festive month and the other from 'JolieBox' who had a matte black which looks much more chic in my opinion.

Moving on, let's take a look inside!

First let's talk about 'GlossyBox'.

Here's what was inside mine:
  • Blink+Go Hi-Definition mascara
  • Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss
  • Deborah Lipmann Nail Varnish (Razzle Dazzle) & stripper sachet
  • MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Moisturising Face Base
  • Rituals Foaming Shower Gel

Here's what I think:

When I saw the Deborah Lipmann nail polish which is the perfect shade for this time of the year I was overly excited, the lipgloss & showergel are pleasent to use and I am yet to try the mascara. The MeMeMe face base left me a little confused as it isn't high end to be honest I'm not even excited to try it. I can see from the website that some people got eyeshadows, again it would be nice if we either all got the same thing or had a choice.

Now let's talk about 'JolieBox' who has joined forces with Boudoir Prive.

Here's what was inside mine:
  • OPI Gold Shatter
  • Mitchell & Peach Shower Gel
  • Cid - igloss 'Baby Doll'
  • Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold Dust
  • YON-KA Vital Defence Cream
  • Kusmi Detox Tea
  • JolieBox Concealer Brush

Here's what I think:

The star of this box is no doubt the OPI gold shatter, the lip gloss is a nice shade and the brush looks good too, the shower gel will get used up as I just love trying new shower gels for some reason. The Jane Iredale Gold Dust is nice but causes a bit of a mess when trying to use it, the Kusmi tea smells great and I like the tin! The sachet of cream will be interesting to try as I have never heard of the brand Yon-Ka.


Both boxes hold an array of treats for a £10 monthly subscription, however, this months winner for me has to be the JolieBox as I don't really have anything negative to say about it. There are more subscription boxes creeping into the UK market and due to higher levels of competition they are all out there to impress so, we the consumer can highly benefit at the moment as we are getting a good deal for our ££'s! FYI: GlossyBox have even launched a GlossyBox for men!!!
One thing that I am glad both companies picked up on this month is the perfume samples, the ones I got in the past were not very nice to say the least and I am glad they have been excluded this month. I am actually rather excited about JolieBox as they have teamed up with some great French brands and I can't wait to see what will be included next.
These monthly subscriptions can be a hit one month and a miss the next. If you are prepared to take the risk then these treat boxes might be the thing for you.

Learn more about GlossyBox HERE and JolieBox HERE.

Disclaimer: Both boxes were provided for consideration for review, I was not paid for this post and I'm not affiliated with them, this is my honest opinion as always!!

Are you subscribed to a monthly beauty box?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Mac 130 brush and a travel tip!

The 130 brush from Mac is one of my most used brushes!!! It's a short duo fibre brush and almost like a mini version of the 187. In my opinion it's best suited for applying cream products including blush, bronzer, concealer and foundation.

Here's what it looks like compared to the 187 so you can see how small the head is.

I mainly use the 130 to apply my cream bronzer!!

My 130 brush is best friends with my Soliel Tan De Chanel, they get on so well together!
The 130 is the perfect size for your cheekbones and temples. It always pick up the right amount of product and hardly ever sheds.


My problem with the Chanel bronzer is that it is NOT travel friendly, it's HUGE and would take up so much space. To fix this problem I decanted (scraped) some of the product into a small travel pot that I got as part of a set from Boots which fits the 130 beautifully.

Perfect in my makeup bag on the go!

Do you own the 130 brush? If so, what do you use it for? And, do you have any travel tips when handling make up?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Salon Review - Gielly Green

I have been groomed!!

This afternoon we switched roles with the hubby as I set off to get my hair done and review the Gielly Green boutique salon just off Marylebone High Street in London. Now... I have been using their haircare and absolutely love it as mentioned in my November favourites so had high hopes for the hair experience I was about to get. Needles to say I wasn't disappointed!

The boutique salon is absolutely beautiful, it oozes luxury and is very sleek yet welcoming with its muted tones of earthy colours used throughout the decor, it's a one stop shop for all things feminine. They do hair treatments, brows by Shavata, facials, body treatments, tanning, hair removal, manicures and pedicures (they use Essie polish) and they also have their own product line as mentioned before.

On to my experience...

Here's what my hair looked like before! A bit of *cough cough* a mess. I hadn't had a proper colour or cut in months, the home box dyes and DIY trimming obviously doesn't count!

I had a nice conversation with the colourist 'Tanya' and 'Fred Gielly' the art director and one of the owners of the salon about the colour I wanted. We decided on subtle sun kissed highlights along the T-Section with an overall cooler brown base. Tanya also corrected the results of my DIY home dying as the colour wasn't consistent and a bit too warm toned.

The results of the T-section highlights are beautiful and natural, in the past I have always had a half or full head of highlights which has been too overwhelming.

I had a trim and yes Fred actually did what I asked him too, some hairdressers get carried away and chop off more than you bargained for. The results are luscious long layers and I just love it!

The T section highlights cost £65 with Tanya a junior colourist and the wash/cut & blowdry with Fred (artistic director) costs £115. This for me is on the pricy side, but it's worth it if it makes you feel fabulous, and yes ladies I feel fabulous with my new hair!

A much needed treat for a new mummy as I have been feeling far from fabulous the past few weeks, I'm lucky if my hair gets a brushing, but hopefully my new hair will inspire me to make the extra effort in my daily routine! :)

In case you hadn't realised, I didn't pay for this experience as I was lucky enough to review it for the blog, this has NOT affected my opinion, if I hated it and came out crying you still would have known about it!

Apparently December is the busiest month for getting your hair done, Are you getting your hair done for the festive season?