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First, the date above is wrong, blogger is being weird. it should say Wednesday 28/12/2011

Tomorrow is Bubblegarm's birthday, I can't believe it's been 3 years since I first started blogging. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you, I'm still as excited and happy to blog since the first day I started. The past year things have been a bit slow due to pregnancy and having a baby, but I assure you things will be better for Bubblegarm, thank you for sticking with me & for your support. :)

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To celebrate my blog birthday I have treated myself to a new camera. So expect some amazing shots for the new year.

On a bad note, it was a very bad experience and a case of bad customer service from Jessops.
Here’s what happened...
We went to Jessops (Islington) yesterday and decided on the camera I wanted (Canon 600D + 18-55mm lens) the store price is higher so we reserved online to pick up in store. I obviously needed accessories with it but I had done my research beforehand so I knew price ranges and what to get from where. I informed the sales assistant I didn’t want a tripod from Jessops as I had found one online for £15 from Amazon, he advised me that the tripod was rubbish and spent AGES talking me into buying a Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod as it was on offer for half price for £50, so I agreed to buy it along with a 50mm lens.
Now come to the till and everything was getting put through the team manager informed us that the Manfrotto tripod was NOT on sale for half price and that his colleague had made a mistake and that it had the wrong code on it and that I had to pay full price. I refused and was obviously angry after spending 2 hours in the shop to be convinced to buy something and then be told they can’t do nothing about it. I told them they should honour it as it was their mistake not mine, it’s only £50 instead of losing a customer. After a lot of talking/arguing later the store manager called the area manager and informed us that the area manager refused to honour it. So, we came home empty handed.
This morning we decided to go to another Jessops branch in Wood Green, this time to buy the camera only. We tried to do the same thing by ordering online and collecting in store, we was told the online price had gone up. We said that can’t be, but anyway we still had our reservation at the Islington branch for a cheaper price (they send a text to confirm) which was held until the 30th. The store manager ‘Colvin’ told us he would call them to check, so he did with a attitude problem and then after his telephone conversation informed us that our reservation was wrong and he had cancelled it. By this point we were at boiling point, we had spent over an hour and were still getting nowhere. Colvin insisted we buy the camera at the new higher price, customers were seeing our frustration and curious as to what’s going on, my husband informed them that the customer service was ridiculous and then another member of staff Dina told him to “shut up” and not talk to the customers which was incredibly rude, what kind of a way is that to talk to the customer, haven’t they ever heard of the saying “the customer is always right”? Anyway, we then we almost walked out and asked for a leaflet which explained about a £50 cashback offer exclusive to Canon cameras, we was told they couldn’t give us one without a purchase. Wrong.
Straight after we was on the phone to head office, after the explanation of the situation everything was sorted thanks to Rob the area manager, we got the camera for the price we reserved it for and the tripod for half the price like we was informed and a heap of leaflets. He was apologetic and informed us that infact yesterday he told the store manager in Islington to honour the tripod for the price we was told as it was their mistake. I can’t believe that the store manager in Islington lied to us, she probably felt bad and didn’t want to go back on her word that “head office won’t do anything”. Oh how wrong they were, at the end of it we paid for everything in Wood Green but had to pick up the items from Islington as it was out of stock. You had to see their faces when they saw the receipt. PRICELESS! However, I am extremely upset with the level of customer service, it’s not everyday you get lied to and told to shut up from sales staff, I do hope Jessops train their staff properly from now on and I don’t have to waste my time writing about my experiences.

Moving on....

I have finally taken the plunge to start a baby blog called BUBBAGARM, I have accumulated so many things and a whole bunch of knowledge that I need to pass it on. I'm always trying to create and make space so expect baby storage tips, reviews on products and toys, hauls, Baby OOTD and how to be a yummy mummy!
Check out my first review on the blog for Freddie the Firefly.

Hope you are keeping well, my next post will be a new years eve look! x X x


Computergirl said…
What awful service. I was looking to upgrade using Jessops online, but didnt take the plunge- so glad I didn't now! Hope the new camera is worth it xx
Computergirl said…
Oh and P.s. Happy 3rd birthday! I think I have been following you for a year and a half, possibly more. Your blog is a joy to read and view :)xx
Unknown said…
Oh wow, what dickheads! I hope the Islington mgr is reprimanded by head office. Glad you've got your new cam now after all that hoo-haa!!

Happy Blog Birthday - your blog is one of the very best xx
Congrats :)
Have loved following you over the years.
Essjay23x said…
Happy blog birthday! You get a camera, we get a second blog to follow from you. Yay, all good :))
Nazia said…
Ugh, I DETEST bad customer service and I hate to see that it seems to be on the rise.

When you come across good customer service, it means so much and doesn't cost the person a thing so I don't know why it's so hard to come by.

So glad you got everything you wanted at the price you were told.

I just wish the camera had been charged up at that moment so you could have taken a picture of their faces!

Miss Tapia said…
Happy Birthday to your great blog!
Such a good idea to make a baby blog. Esra is so cute mashallah! Hope ypu and the family are good inshaAllah :) xxx
Unknown said…
Oh God, that sounds like such an ordeal! Glad it all worked out in the end though :)

Well done on the 3 year Blog Birthday!!

- Allie x

Allie UK Blog
Sharon said…
Thank goodness u finally got e camera,Happy Blog birthday ur site is awesome always look forward to your posts!
Happy Birthday to your Blog. Glad you managed to get the camera for the price you wanted, such a shame you had to put up with such bad customer service though. x
Powdered Almond said…
Haha got to love Jessops - we ordered a camera recently with next day delivery and got an email saying it had been dispatched. So I waited in all day for it - it didn't come, and when we rang we were told it was Sony's fault for not providing stock. Uh no, it's not Sony's fault, it's yours for saying you sent it! So we were then assured it was being packed as we spoke, and told it would be sent that day - three days later we called again "Oh it's on its way." So we emailed and were told Jessop's couldn't send it due to, I quote "the crisis in Thailand." What? Lol. Terrible service. :-) x
Shantal said…
Happy 3rd birthday to Bubblegarm and congratulations on you, Muhsine! Your blog is wonderful place - thank you for the great work you've done, we appreciate it!
I've been following you for a couple of months, checking for new posts almost everyday :D Hope you will have more time soon to make us happy :)
You and your hubby have this precious little thing, best wishes for her - health, luck and great childhood! It's some kind of superstition but it is not good idea so may people to watch your baby's pictures on the internet, there are people with negative energy, so be careful with your lovely girl, she is so sweet!

Kisses, Elena
Shantal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Houda said…
mabrook! lol on the 3 yrs so happy for ur blog is my fave! Im so sorry to hear about the jessops ppl I feel like going there my self and telling them off! at least u got what u wanted finally xxxx
Congrats on three years! I love your blog but haven't ever commented before. That story about the camera is priceless! I'm so glad you were persistent and got what you deserved in the end! Excited for your new bubbagarm blog!
Anca said…
Thats awful, but at least you got it all in the end which is still awesome!

ps. congrats on three years and the baby blog!!!

Katie said…
Happy 3rd Birthday!

Bubbagram is so cute! Is the writing on the bottom of the blog say? I know it's an Arabic language, but I don't know what it says!

(See, I need to learn more than a Germanic and a Romance language as I'm good with languages; Germanic being English and Romance being French. I should learn a Cyrillic or an Arabic, but those alphabets scare me! SCARY.)
Anna Saccone said…
Wow, that is incredibly rude...especially the part where they told your husband to shut up?! What the hell?! That's awful! I know how frustrating this kind of thing can be, I hate being taken advantage of and when shop staff or companies are rude and lie to your face. It's terrible!

On a lighter note, congratulations! I remember when I first started reading your blog 3 years ago...it was black then I think! :) I still enjoy it now as much as I did then! <3
Korina said…
Happy 3rd Blogging Birthday honey!!!!
keep going like this!!!

Awww Happy 3rd birthday to your fab blog Muhsine! Yours was one of the 1st blogs I'd started reading :) My gosh what disgusting service, must have been a horrible experience for you! Hope the staff at the branch got a serious reprimanding for that! Looking forward to seeing lotsa pics from your new camera!

Love Aysh xox
Anonymous said…
Omgsh that is absolutely awful! Can't believe some lady told your husband to shut up! It's so ridiculous!!

LouiseMCW said…
I really want to follow your new baby blog (became a mummy myself this year too!) - but I can't see a Bloglovin button on it????
Stumble Bum said…
Happy blog birthday gorgeous :) xx
Carolina said…
Happy Blog Birthday! :)
a2zbaby said…
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Hira said…
That is horrendous!!!!!
Anonymous said…
What a bad experience! I really feel for you. We have a law in my country saying (among other things) that when a store labels an item wrongly, they are obligated to sell it to you for the label price if it is lower than real price. Still, being told to shut up by store staff... I would have told them something really nasty at this point.
Anyway, glad you have your camera and am looking forward to reading your new posts.
S.C. said…
What a nightmare service! Glad you got it all sorted thou..
Happy New Year to you all and All the Best for 2012!!! :)

mademoiselle.L said…
Happy bday, I've just discovered your blog and I really like it !
I can't believe what you said about Jessops, if it happened to me I think i would be quite violent (this is my mediterranean side : i'm from the south of france with an algerian background !)
Congrats for your baby blog, looking forward to better discovering it :)
Naeema said…
Just want to say I love love love your blog! Always telling everyone at work about it! It's so hard to get good customer service nowadays. Keep up the good work with the blog xxx
Naeema said…
Just want to say I love love love your blog! Always telling everyone at work about it! It's so hard to get good customer service nowadays. Keep up the good work with the blog xxx
Naeema said…
Just want to say I love love love your blog! Always telling everyone at work about it! It's so hard to get good customer service nowadays. Keep up the good work with the blog xxx
Monika said…
Wow that's absolutely disgusting customer service and from a manager too?!
You'd think they'd treat their customers better than that when their coming to purchase expensive items! Defo going to be avoiding that place.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to your blog :) xx
Those people are so miserable with their lives that they felt the need to go on a power trip just to fill in that massive void they have inside! They probably saw what a beautiful family you, your husband and Esra make and must've felt jealous! Don't take it personally! You handled it really well! xoxo
Yuliya said…
Congrats honey! I got the same camera and i`m loving it!Miss u, kiss Esra from me xxx
a2zbaby said…
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Support local businesses and go to a independent camera shop, they're always 100 times better service, they tend to throw in free camera bags and memory cards if your spending a lot and everyone who does photography knows Jessops are ridiculously over priced. Plus you can get second hand lenses in independent shops for half the price, as long as they're in condition and not scratched there's no need to buy a new one.
Claire said…
Do you still use this camera? Is it the one you take your blog pics on? Yours always look really professional. I'm in the market for a new camera, mine isn't very good at close ups x

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