December Treat Boxes...

This month I received a couple of treat boxes as I like to call them... One was from 'GlossyBox' who had a red glossy box for the festive month and the other from 'JolieBox' who had a matte black which looks much more chic in my opinion.

Moving on, let's take a look inside!

First let's talk about 'GlossyBox'.

Here's what was inside mine:
  • Blink+Go Hi-Definition mascara
  • Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss
  • Deborah Lipmann Nail Varnish (Razzle Dazzle) & stripper sachet
  • MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Moisturising Face Base
  • Rituals Foaming Shower Gel

Here's what I think:

When I saw the Deborah Lipmann nail polish which is the perfect shade for this time of the year I was overly excited, the lipgloss & showergel are pleasent to use and I am yet to try the mascara. The MeMeMe face base left me a little confused as it isn't high end to be honest I'm not even excited to try it. I can see from the website that some people got eyeshadows, again it would be nice if we either all got the same thing or had a choice.

Now let's talk about 'JolieBox' who has joined forces with Boudoir Prive.

Here's what was inside mine:
  • OPI Gold Shatter
  • Mitchell & Peach Shower Gel
  • Cid - igloss 'Baby Doll'
  • Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold Dust
  • YON-KA Vital Defence Cream
  • Kusmi Detox Tea
  • JolieBox Concealer Brush

Here's what I think:

The star of this box is no doubt the OPI gold shatter, the lip gloss is a nice shade and the brush looks good too, the shower gel will get used up as I just love trying new shower gels for some reason. The Jane Iredale Gold Dust is nice but causes a bit of a mess when trying to use it, the Kusmi tea smells great and I like the tin! The sachet of cream will be interesting to try as I have never heard of the brand Yon-Ka.


Both boxes hold an array of treats for a £10 monthly subscription, however, this months winner for me has to be the JolieBox as I don't really have anything negative to say about it. There are more subscription boxes creeping into the UK market and due to higher levels of competition they are all out there to impress so, we the consumer can highly benefit at the moment as we are getting a good deal for our ££'s! FYI: GlossyBox have even launched a GlossyBox for men!!!
One thing that I am glad both companies picked up on this month is the perfume samples, the ones I got in the past were not very nice to say the least and I am glad they have been excluded this month. I am actually rather excited about JolieBox as they have teamed up with some great French brands and I can't wait to see what will be included next.
These monthly subscriptions can be a hit one month and a miss the next. If you are prepared to take the risk then these treat boxes might be the thing for you.

Learn more about GlossyBox HERE and JolieBox HERE.

Disclaimer: Both boxes were provided for consideration for review, I was not paid for this post and I'm not affiliated with them, this is my honest opinion as always!!

Are you subscribed to a monthly beauty box?


Computergirl said…
I had Glossy box but unsubbed a couple of months back- It was the first one in the uk. There are a few other s Id like to try but sometimes you get things which are irrelevant. Still always nice to get gifts! xx
Unknown said…
It looks like you got a great selection this month. Like you said, it can be hit or miss depending on what you like but the pay off can be worth it. Great way to possibly find products that you wouldn't have thought of buying xx
Essjay23x said…
I've never signed up for these boxes but I can see the temptation in little surprises each month but from what I've heard, the standards do seem to vary each month. I keep hearing very good things about the blink and go mascara that was in the Glossy one.:)
Stephanie said…
Both boxes look really great! :)
Beauty Balm said…
I loved the joliebox this month. x
Sharon said…
Love both boxes, am tempted to subscribe to glossybox lol
kelly marie said…
This is the first glossy box I've seen that someone got a different shower gel!
Becky said…
I got the first few glossyboxes then cancelled, very tempted by joliebox though.
Unknown said…
The Seventh Heaven primer is the best primer I've ever used and that includes Rouge Bunny Rouge and YSL! Give it a go, it's gorgeous!

I much prefer your glossybox this month to mine, even though I thought mine was pretty good!
Ellie M said…
Looks like you got some nice stuff this month :) I don't like how 50 50 it is though xx
Michelle said…
I am in the US - I used to subscribe to the BirchBox but we got teeny tiny freebie samples so I cancelled. We never got full sized samples and we got random things like laundry detergent and drink coasters!! Weird. I got really jealous of the nice boxes you get in the UK.

Now MichellePhan, AndreasChoice et al on YouTube are doing a monthly box which comes in a cute little clutch bag each month. Januaray will be the first month... we'll see what we get then!

You did make me nearly spit tea though... I think you meant time of the year with the nail polish - not time of the month ROFL. Love your blog, I've been following it for nearly a year now!
Michelle said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Muhsine Emin said…
@mrsC haha lol yes typo error, I was thinking to say festive month then changed my mind and confused myself, glad I made you laugh :D also, what randomness for drink coasters in birch box!
glamour rouge said…
That polish look amazing! Perfect for Christmas! xx
Slm Muhsine! Blogunu yeni kesfettim sayfan cok güzel! Bu arada cok tatli bir kizin var masallah! Allah bagislasin. Benimkinede ugrarsan sevinirim :)
Unknown said…
ahh i swear to god the minuet i get a weekend job i will be subscribing to one of these boxes. like a little present every month. who wouldnt like that?! x
Marisa Jade said…
I need a glossy box!
I've just done my first blog haul, check it out&let me know what you think? much love, <3
Andy Vicious said…
I've been following what's in these boxes every few months, and these two months had such great things! Wish I had been signed up already, have to wait for Valentines, it's my gift :)

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