Sunday, 29 January 2012


If, like me you have files on your computer of saved images of pretty things like decor, storage, hair and makeup looks then Pinterest is for you.

You can create boards for your chosen subjects, my boards so far are:
Baby, Decor, Clever Ideas, Food, Baby Girl Room Ideas, Style, Storage, Crafts, Pretty Places, Boutique and Beauty. (Check out my boards HERE.)

Pinning is very quick and easy, and I can't stop pinning. I don't have a tumblr as for me, it was just too fussy. Pinterest is much more simple. Pinterest is really a dream world that you can drift off in. I have plenty of craft projects lined up for myself and a whole lot of inspiration. It's also really cool that you can follow people and steal their pins, yes Ane and Riham I am talking to you. :) (Love your pins!)

Go on, discover Pinterest.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Email from the imposter....

Dear Muhsine,

I do not have the means to purchase beauty products and thought of a way to do so, some will call me an impostor, an opportunist, others, a very clever person.

You have been a blogger since 2008 and never asked these companies for products, which I think is YOUR fault, not mine. They were just waiting for you to ask and offer you anything you wanted but you didn't (so I think we both know deep down who the real idiot is).

Regarding these PR agents, your email address appears on your blog very clearly, and they've looked at your blog before sending me the products, it was their responsability to check that. They didn't do their job properly and would like to hyde their own incompetence and focus on my wrong doings instead, which is fine. But They should really asked themselves "I have been sold a lie" or "Have I BOUGHT a lie".

I must mention to you that I was offered baby products but refused (although I have friends with babies), out of respect for your newborn. So I do have a heart, a soul and certain principles & values. The fact that I'm trying to survive in this corrupted (without hurting anyone) doesn't make have less morals than you. We were all born in different circomstances, you more than me, you have great parents, family, friends, upbringing, education etc. I don't. For example, your baby is born in a very loving family, with both parents, wonderful grandparents and family, educated parents, British nationality, material comfort etc; Another baby somewhere in brazil might be born on the street struggling, suffering, going throught so much, without love. I don't think that the poor child should care much about the jugements of the slightly richer child, regarding his actions to survive. Therefore I do not care much about your opinion of me.

I do not live there so people at the address I gave are victims just like you and will be surprised & shocked just like you.

I have read your post and I would like to present you with my sincere apologies because it was wrong.

Best wishes,

This email was received shortly after I alerted my readers from the pretend email address. I wanted to reply to her on here instead and thought the rest of you should see too!!

OH MY GOD, yes what you did was wrong, and you are certainly not a clever person, you are an idiot. You have the nerve to call me an idiot? My manner does not allow me to respond to you in the way that I truly should. I did not approach those PR companies as I blog because I love blogging and it's an outlet for me, I have never blogged for free products and never will. let's get one thing straight, I do not come from a rich background and I shouldn't have to explain myself, I'm just an average person trying to make the best of things. I think you are extremely ungrateful, a thief and a liar. This country provides for people who are very unfortunate, so be grateful for what you have, it's obviously greed and stupidity that has taken over your mind. Don't preach about people in Brazil and expect me to feel sorry for you or honour the fact you refused baby products. I'm sure you are frightened and consider yourself clever for making up a lie about the address details, but nobody is buying that and it just shows you are incapable of telling the truth. The world wouldn't be as corrupt if it wasn't for people like YOU!

Friday, 27 January 2012


I just wanted to make my readers aware that there is someone out there that is pretending to be me to get free products for review. I mean how low can a person be? Then, they have been telling PR companies that their house was burgled while they were away and therefore they cannot review the products. Seriously, like burglars want shampoo and foundation? I tweeted the situation yesterday after one of the PR girls noticed something suspicious when the address provided didn't match the one they had on record. Since yesterday 2 more PR companies have come forward to verify emails. is NOT me!

I only ever use in conjunction with my blog.

If you are a PR company and have received an email from an impersonator please send me an email to so I can forward your details to the police. It's so sad that someone would actually do this, but come on, did they seriously think they wouldn't get found out? How clever that they provide address details etc. all I can say is IDIOT and you are not going to get away with stealing my identity.

And a piece of advice to bloggers, make it clear on your blog what email you use and all others should be ignored as I dread to think who else this has happened to, let's stop fraud now!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Update on my hair...

While I have a quick minute, and since I was testing my camera I thought I would let you know that I got my highlights redone, this time I had them all over instead of just the t section as the layers at the back just looked too dark and I wanted them to blend in.

For those wondering, I used the Canon 600d with a 5omm on the Auto Focus setting with no flash and captured this image from the mirror. I LOVE my new camera! :)

Monday, 16 January 2012

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse...

Yes I fake tan. But, I like it to look natural. I like a 'natural fake tan' and this product gives you exactly that, it will get people asking whether you have been on holiday.

I'm always experimenting with all different types and textures of self tan and have grown to love the St Tropez mousse form. However, I only got to use it a couple of times, as my husband kept stealing it from me as he loved it SO much, he said it's by far the best he has used. It ran out today and it left both of us in a bit of a panic! :)

How I apply: After cooling down from a shower and after exfoliating and shaving. I use a mitt and wait about 5 minutes before I get dressed usually a couple hours before I go to bed.

  • Easy to apply as it's not messy, the mousse doesn't go flying anywhere like a liquid would.
  • Tinted, you can see exactly where you have applied so you don't get any streaks. The guide colour is pretty good too, you can go about your day still looking normal and naturally tanned.
  • Beautiful bronze colour that develops nicely by morning, that's not orange or pink toned.
  • Doesn't smell offensive, infact it smells 'clean'. However, there is a slight fake tan scent which develops after about 8 hours but it's still pretty good for such a strong colour.


  • If you sweat while you sleep it transfers on to your bed sheets if you apply just before you go to bed. However, once you have washed the guide colour off, it doesn't.
  • Not cheap. (Price: £30.64 240ml)

Overall the good points outweigh the bad and it's a fantastic self tanner that I would recommend and will definitely repurchase. My husband informs me that he got about 16 uses out of it which I think is brilliant!

I have also used 'St Moriz' a while back which is the budget option for this, I loved it initially but I much prefer this one, the St Moriz was good for a few uses, but the bottle got SO messy I ended up chucking it in the bin as application really is key.

For more info on the St Tropez bronzing mousse click HERE.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

'Everyday' Make Up Storage...

Another storage post!

I was bored of my previous style of storage after going strong for 6 months, now my priorities have changed and when I apply my make up I have to be quick, super quick so I need everything at easy access and don't have time to rummage through baskets looking for a particular product.

I have been sticking to roughly the same products apart from the odd occasion when I decide to be adventurous, so I have decided to just keep my 'everyday' makeup on show.

I have used a rectangular basket to store my shizzle.

I now have space on my shelf for candles, yeyy! (Little things make me happy!) Although I prefer the shelf empty, so I put the candles away once I have stopped burning them. Not that you wanted to know, but I just HAD to tell you! :)

The foundations in the basket are Mac 'Face & Body', 'Studio Sculpt', Bobbi Brown 'Moisture Rich' and 'Extra Repair' which are my current favourites at the moment. A couple of bronzers one blush (Mac 'Well Dressed') and Mac 'Rose Quartz' msf for a highlight. I have included a few brushes and some pencils, concealers etc for good measure.

A few lipsticks my favourites at the moment being 'Hue' and 'Innocence Beware'.

And of course, all of my eyeshadow palettes, I have to have all of my palettes out 'just in case'!

The rest of my makeup is now stored in the acrylic Muji drawers inside my side table so everything is still close by and I can easily get to it if need be. I'm actually preferring this way at the moment as it means I actually get to use up what I have, A few things are almost running out, and normally I would alternate with a different products so I would have half finished pots of everything, now this wont be the case!

Do you have an everyday basket/box for your essential items?

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review: Bioderma Crealine H2O

Could it be the best make up remover?

Yes, I think so!

I have had the Bioderma makeup remover on my wish list for AGES ever since Lisa Eldridge mentioned it in her skin care video When my parents told me they were going to Paris for a couple of days, I asked them to bring me back a couple of bottles as it's really hard to get hold of in the UK so that I could put it to the test.

Product Features:
  • Soothing and emollient, thanks to cucumber extract.
  • No Perfume
  • Enables dirt to be emulsified and surface hydrolipidic film to be reconstituted.
  • Non detergent, non foaming, neutral pH.
  • Soap free.
  • Make-up remover and cleansing solution.
In my opinion yes, this IS the best makeup remover, and I have tried plenty! It removes every single trace of makeup without irritating it or leaving any residue. It feels like water on my skin yet it's very effective in removing dirt. My eyes are incredibly sensitive, so I have to be extremely careful about what I use and this perfect as it's very gentle. The Bioderma surprised me in actually how quick it removed eye make up, usually I am there for ages swiping away and using plenty of cotton rounds, with this I only needed 2 and did it in half the time. When I look in the mirror the next morning I have zero eye makeup lurking beneath my eyes, and usually I would detect a little bit. It works out great value for money too as 2 bottles of 500ml are approx £15. So, £7.50 for a bottle is fantastic and a little goes a long way and on that note I give this product a 10/10 and would definitely recommend.


FYI: 2x 500ml bottles cost 18Euros from a pharmacy in Paris, I found it online HERE for UK & US customers, I think they ship to Europe too. I have never ordered from their site so cannot vouch for customer service or shipping info.

Have you tried the Bioderma Crealine H2O?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new start. I hope 2012 brings everyone happiness and love, and that it is a healthy and good year for all of us around the world.

Yesterday I had some errands to run so left the house in the afternoon with this makeup and didn't have time to touch up and add some glitter *Sigh* but, I thought I would share the look with you anyway as it's still a lot nicer than my everyday look even though it was rushed.

EYES:Mac Constructivist paintpot as a base, (All Mac eye shadows) - 'Vex' on the lid, 'Coppering' in the crease and lower lashline, and 'Carbon' to add a little bit of depth on the outer V, and 'Ricepaper' to highlight. L'oreal super liner 'Black Crystals' on upper lash line, L'oreal Voluminous mascara and Max Factor liquid effect pencil on waterline.

On the brows I used the wax from Sleeks brow kit in Light and a little bit of clear Mac brow gel.

FACE: Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation + creamy concealer. Keromask translucent white powder on t-zone.

CHEEKS: Benefit Hoola to contour, and Nars Super Orgasm illuminator on my cheek bones.

LIPS: Nothing, I hadn't got around to it for the photos, but later on I applied 'Creme Cup' lipstick by Mac.

*Oh how irritating is that piece of hair floating on my face*

I'm yet to use my new camera, I'm still waiting on a few bits and doing some reading! Speak soon! xXx