Email from the imposter....

Dear Muhsine,

I do not have the means to purchase beauty products and thought of a way to do so, some will call me an impostor, an opportunist, others, a very clever person.

You have been a blogger since 2008 and never asked these companies for products, which I think is YOUR fault, not mine. They were just waiting for you to ask and offer you anything you wanted but you didn't (so I think we both know deep down who the real idiot is).

Regarding these PR agents, your email address appears on your blog very clearly, and they've looked at your blog before sending me the products, it was their responsability to check that. They didn't do their job properly and would like to hyde their own incompetence and focus on my wrong doings instead, which is fine. But They should really asked themselves "I have been sold a lie" or "Have I BOUGHT a lie".

I must mention to you that I was offered baby products but refused (although I have friends with babies), out of respect for your newborn. So I do have a heart, a soul and certain principles & values. The fact that I'm trying to survive in this corrupted (without hurting anyone) doesn't make have less morals than you. We were all born in different circomstances, you more than me, you have great parents, family, friends, upbringing, education etc. I don't. For example, your baby is born in a very loving family, with both parents, wonderful grandparents and family, educated parents, British nationality, material comfort etc; Another baby somewhere in brazil might be born on the street struggling, suffering, going throught so much, without love. I don't think that the poor child should care much about the jugements of the slightly richer child, regarding his actions to survive. Therefore I do not care much about your opinion of me.

I do not live there so people at the address I gave are victims just like you and will be surprised & shocked just like you.

I have read your post and I would like to present you with my sincere apologies because it was wrong.

Best wishes,

This email was received shortly after I alerted my readers from the pretend email address. I wanted to reply to her on here instead and thought the rest of you should see too!!

OH MY GOD, yes what you did was wrong, and you are certainly not a clever person, you are an idiot. You have the nerve to call me an idiot? My manner does not allow me to respond to you in the way that I truly should. I did not approach those PR companies as I blog because I love blogging and it's an outlet for me, I have never blogged for free products and never will. let's get one thing straight, I do not come from a rich background and I shouldn't have to explain myself, I'm just an average person trying to make the best of things. I think you are extremely ungrateful, a thief and a liar. This country provides for people who are very unfortunate, so be grateful for what you have, it's obviously greed and stupidity that has taken over your mind. Don't preach about people in Brazil and expect me to feel sorry for you or honour the fact you refused baby products. I'm sure you are frightened and consider yourself clever for making up a lie about the address details, but nobody is buying that and it just shows you are incapable of telling the truth. The world wouldn't be as corrupt if it wasn't for people like YOU!


Anonymous said…
I cannot believe she had the nerve to try and play the guilt card on you, shows the lengths she goes to try and make herself feel better.

She has no scruples! And to blame that on not having a good upbringing, education, or whatever else is just wrong!

She should feel ashamed of herself! Hopefully the police do something about her and hopefully no other bloggers go through this all because of her greedy little hands.
femputer said…
i cannot even believe what i'm reading. i'm just baffled. that someone would have the nerve to try and justify what she did. which to be clear, is LYING about who she was, and accepting products under the pretense that she'd review them, which is tantamount to STEALING.

i have no words for this trash.
Modern Grace said…
She writes like she is on hard times or welfare, and cannot afford beauty products! You don't need those to survive. I've seen a lot of people change a few things in a username or email and do this same thing. They are con artists and possibly ruin someone's reputation with PR companies and the internet. It's fraud to impersonate someone.
Arezu said…
Straight up, this girl is an IDIOT. Is that how much getting free products matters to you?

Do people not realize that there are MANY girls (and boys) who blog because they enjoy it? Not to use it as an outlet to get free products. Seriously, is that what the whole "blogging community" come to? This girl is such an imbecile. And her reason is flawed and invalid.

If you want to move up in life, work for it sweetie, don't con your way.

This whole scenario made me laugh and shake my head at the same time, I'm so sorry you had to go through this.
nn21 said…
Wow that email is HILARIOUS. The level that some people can stoop to....disgusting.
Gemma said…
You're 100% right in everything you've said in your reply to the fraudster. I'm so shocked by the audacity of this whole scam, but the ways she tries to justify what she's done in that email to you is purely astounding! It's a very desperate attempt now that she's been caught out and is scared of what action the Police may take. Also how very rude of her to blame the PRs! It's a real shame because they will all trust us a little less after this.

I hope this is all sorted for you soon - I can machine what a hassle and a nightmare it is to deal with.

Thank you so much for sharing though, the rest of us bloggers can be more vigilant now we know this can go on.

Gem xx
Gemma said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gemma said…
Ooops - machine = imagine. Damn you autocorrect!
PrncszTffny said…
Was that person serious about that email? OH MY GOD! As if it makes it okay, to try and come up with some guilt and being poor story for why that person did what they did.. oh my gosh, this world has some really sick people in it..Identify theft is against the law, it doesn't matter what type of reason you had in your sick mind, that person should feel very ashamed! :s
michelle said…
"The fact that I'm trying to survive in this corrupted (without hurting anyone) doesn't make have less morals than you"

But posing as an imposter to gain free (stolen) products make you have less morals than her. You really need to read up on your ethics girl, because that's considered immoral.

A lot of people don't have a great background while growing up but they don't use that as a crutch/excuse to do what you did. You suck it up, don't look at the past and actually work hard for your money and buy it with your own hard earned dollars. That's the beauty of growing up in a free democratic society that we're in: we can gain stuff if we work hard enough.
Annick said…
No offense or anything, clearly what this person did was extremely wrong and rotten, and sending you that email was an awful thing to do. But I honestly do not come to your blog to hear about the feud you're having with a fraud. It could have been left at the warning you gave us, which was very appreciated. I totally realize this is your blog and you can do what you want, but this is just my plain and simple opinion :)
Thank you for sharing this with your readers Muhsine. This person is obviously sick in the head, since when does having hard life mean you have to steal somebody else's identity to have free beauty products? That just completely baffles me.

I hope you take all this to the police and this criminal is caught out. Whether it's using someone else's credit card or their personal email it is still IDENTITY FRAUD and it is illegal.

Best of luck and I hope everything works out xxxx
socialitedreams said…
the idiocy of this post made my weekend, lmao. was she serious with that email? about trying to shift blame.

@annie, the TITLE of the post is email from the imposter so just skip it if it doesn't interest you. really quite easy to do on the internet
Oh, I *do* enjoy the fact that she considers getting free cosmetics as "trying to survive."

CLEARLY, someone needs to sort out their priorities...
S.Smith said…
wow. what a loser.
Katie said…
Dear Scammer,

There was a time when my family was in your position. My dad was fired from his job and couldn't find a new one because the economy was in the dumps (it was 2008, after all.) We were nearly turn out of our own home. It was only the kindness of our landlord that we stayed in our home. It was DIVINE intervention that my dad got the job when he did. Being homeless, penniless and having every person in you family on expensive medication that is necessary for life isn't the best situation.

I was there. Oh, I was there. I never thought to commit a felony. There is NOTHING worth committing a felony for. You could have sought the free assistance that is offered wherever you are. I know both the UK and the US have multiple programs for those that were put through traumas like a burglary. All you needed was to pick up a phone or look through a phone book (hey, you seem to have a computer. Google it!)

Felonies are never right. Felonies are not "clever." Felonies are for idiots. Reaching out for help is what intelligent people do.

Tiffany said…

I think that your choice NOT to go out to contact companies to get freebies is in face a SMARTER choice because in the world of blogging and youtube, so many bloggers are getting negative views from their followers for "sponsored" reviews.

Your choice not to follow in that trend make your blog posts purely out of love for your passion and to connect with people who read and love your blog.

Thank you Muhsine for being so genuine with your blogging, I'm glad this person came out and hopefully they will no longer keep being an imposter.
I too could go on about this person but everything has been done so instead of degrading the person more, let them crumble in their wrong doing and I praise and thank you instead Muhsine! I have so much respect for you and look forward to reading more of your posts!
Unknown said…
I'm not even going to state the obvious and what everyone else has said up there. I will add, however, that it is clear that there's something wrong with this individual. Mentally and socially, I mean. Just the way she wrote this email and its entire tone. Her blaming everyone around her for what she's done makes her apology at the end absolutely pointless. Also, her comparing the *~heartache~* of not being able to afford beauty products to people actually struggling to feed their families is insane to me.
Sharon said…
Whoa this girl got some nerves to send u this pathetic email. If she wants beauty products then she should get up her ass,go2work earn e money and buy wht she is drooling for. She has no manners whatsoever to steal ur IDENTITY and call u an idiot

I mean e world has a lot of pple suffering yes we know that but who is she to try and tel us about one baby in Brazil and blame u for it.what's that got2do w u Muhsine,u can't solve world problems with free beauty products can you. Nearly all bloggers use their own money to buy products,we don't rely on PR companies to give us free products do we.
PR products are just samples,need not rely on that

This foolish person thinks she got away with identity theft. Well nomatter how long it will take the police are coming after u matey,could be days, weeks, months a year but they will catch u.
Katariina said…
I'm so sorry you had to go through this! This is the last thing a mum with a small baby needs!!
I bet the imposter has done this to others too. Hope the police catch her soon!

Fraud is not a small crime, the police will take this seriously!
Unknown said…
Speechless. Truly speechless. The bare faced cheek of some people.
Jen said…
since when do people need beauty products for survival? Just saying...
Lydia said…
Wow I am absolutely gobsmacked! I am a beauty addict through and through, but we all know beauty products are NOT a necessity in life. If this person is struggling financially I should think beauty products would be the last of her worries and the last thing she'd need to buy.
Like you said - this country gives more than enough to the less fortunate. It's sickening!
The Goddess said…

So Dear Scammer,

you come from a malnourished background from the tropics of Brazil and your first priority is beauty products WHICH you apparently send to random people's houses AND claim to have morals of an average decent person?

Is it just me or does something not really click well here?? :S

Geez. Not only you attempt to make retarded justifications but you try to make YOURSELF look like the victim here.

Get a life woman, your OWN life, not someone else's.

Marina said…
Omg that is awful. Some people just don't have morals. How can she live with herself knowing she's a thief? What a horrible human being.
Anonymous said…
I am so angry on your behalf; what a conniving bitch! x
LaaLaa said…
How disgusting. It never seizes to shock me the lengths people will go to in regards to doing things but to steal your identity to do so is atrocious.

I'm so speechless, who knows how many others this could be happening to, wow. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you. x
Unknown said…
Whoa! She even had the nerve to call you an idiot and thinking it was a clever idea. Something seriously wrong with that person.



mademoiselle.L said…
Was she serious when she was justifying this THEFT by the fact that she cannot afford these products ? Well, thank you for the advice dear imposter, since I cannot afford a Rolex watch, I am going to rob a Swiss jewellery ! For me, it is the same thing, a thief is a thief no matter the reasons why you acted like that. I am simply disgusted by this person
Victoria said…
How very rude.
This is nothing short to theft, deceiving companies this way.
Zoe said…
This imposter is so stupid! I dont even want to waste time writing a long response, it's just silly! She's so pathetic its unreal.

Hope its not bothering you too much, try not to let it all get to you lovely!
Anna Saccone said…
Oh my God...I can't believe she actually wrote you that! She's clearly scary :( Sorry you had to go through this, horrible! <3
Anonymous said…
I don't usually comment but I am a big fan of your blog, you are a good person and a honest person so people will take advantage of you but Allah knows you are a good person and always takes cares of those that try and do good.
Put this incident behind you and get back to your amazing blog.
I hope Ezra is doing well.
Unknown said…
I can't afford a Hermes birkin but I sure as hell wouldn't pose as somebody else to get one..

This is so wrong on so many levels, that email to you is so rude.

Sami said…
I had an imposter pretending to work for the same company as me. She managed to secure holidays and trips and beauty products until a PR contacted me and noticed something dodgy going on... There are so many chancers looking a freebie it's disgusting... Why don't they try doing a days work in their life!!
Completely gobsmacked, what a horrible person. There are things i would like but you don't see me pretending to be someone else to try and get them. PURE GREED you don't need beauty products to survive. People like that are whats wrong with the world. Identity theft is ILLEGAL not clever or opportunistic.
Azimli Baykus said…
buna hem suclu hem güçlü derler, ne kadar pervasız mıs, sankı hıcbırsey yapmamıs gıbı nasıl da rahat.
Allaha havale et. Bosver
David said…
WOW. someone clearly wants to make it known that you (for some reason) are the guilty party here for simple having a blog. How dare you place someone in such a cold and cruel world where beauty supplies are so hard to obtain?
BlushCrush said…
What a DISGUSTING, self-righteous scum bag. She is actually disturbed, straight up! Ergh! x
Unknown said…
I JUST DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE. This person can't be serious about this text!
Nazia said…
Wow. Just WOW! This scammer quite clearly has no scruples - despite what she'd like you to believe.

Her behaviour is quite simply disgusting and her audacity is through the roof!

Muhsine, I'm so glad you found out and have been able to put a stop to it.

Hope you and Ezra are doing well.

dunno whether I should be shocked or laugh about that, she has some serious issues
Patrícia said…
It is hard to believe this person tried to play the guilt card on you! I AM from Brazil, and I can say I feel sorry for people that can make our country look like that. As far as I know there is no babies being born on streets, and if there were, it is our job to help, no to use this argument to justify mistakes like the one she made.
I hope you know that are brazilian girls like myself that really like your blog and do wish you all the best!!! =)
I cannot believe this person has the utter nerve to write to you as if you should feel bad for making it know what he/she has done. Writing as if he/she is in poverty as they cannot afford beauty products. I know and have been in situations where food was hard to buy never mind beauty products. I have been in a situation where i have had to look to friends and family for food. And there are many more unfortunate people in the world. How dare he/she compare this to some one in brazil! Its a disgrace and he/she should be deeply ashamed at what they have done and be made to give back/pay for the products that they have received. This is stealing and fraud and i hope the companies are in touch with the police.

Hope all is well hun. xxx
Unknown said…
you tell her!! how freaking rude i refused baby product so what!!!!

why is she bring Brazil into it? and hide is spelt with an i not a y and i refuse to believe she comes from an uneducated background when she can write some english.

She is a pathetic sad excuse for human sperm.

ignore her what a stupid idiot. She is the idiot not you. And good on you for not contacting every PR company begging for products, you blog for yourself and it's a hobby not for free stuff like this thief.

Chin up Bubblegarm ignore that idiot!
Jill said…
That is absolutely disgusting. There is no way to justify what this person has done. Pretending to be someone else is a crime. I hope you take it further and get some sort of closure on this horrible issue x
LottysLuxuries said…
Wow, this is really quite sinister! Especially as she refers to your baby. I know how horrible it feels to be the victim of crime and identity theft and the fact that they are communicating with you by email gives me the creeps!

Her excuses are ridiculous. I don't always have the money to buy everything I want but would never do anything like this to get it!

I hope it all gets resolved soon - your blog is my absolute favourite! x
Annyss said…
Dear Muhsine,

Your action was indeed hit the spot. I love your authenticity and your blog. This person is a total liar. Her story doesn't make sense and the Brazil thingy? So, out of random. what an idiot. thanks for posting about the fraud. I wouldn't even know if such person does exist in this world. That's a good reminder for us beauty blogger.
GinaG said…
stunning, outrageous, funny but sad and unbelievable... all rolled into one. the nerve of some people.

your blog is fantastic.
Unknown said…
That's outrageous! Don't let that weirdo get to you, lovely!xx
Unknown said…
I have no words. I can't comprehend what made this person attempt to commit fraud in the first place, but to try and justify it while laying the blame on you? WTF?
M said…
What a horrid person! She should be completely ashamed of herself! I hope you've managed to sort everything out Muhsine, all the best (:

Mollie xo
Schnelle said…
Wow I can't believe she actually had the nerve to contact you AND ask for a pity party while she was at it! I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I wish you the best of luck in recovering from this. Karma will come back around and get her for this one, I hope.
Unknown said…
I am truly stunned at this person, saying what they did wasnt wrong, unbelievable!! I really hope they get caught!!
Cheryl♥ said…
I've been following your posts about this and I am extremely sorry you have to deal with such a terrible situation. This person will get what is coming to them. I actually cannot believe what they wrote you...especially about the baby products and how that makes them a good person for refusing. Seriously!? Unbelievable. I am actually speechless.
XoXo Shana Lee said…
Very evil behavior on her part. I would not entertain her behavior at all. It is good however, to have brought to light that this is going on so companies and other bloggers know.

Many Blessings to you and yours!

Kat said…
This person's actions are completely dispicable. There are many of us who are in situatons that are just as bad if not worse than hers.

You can't afford beauty products? Umm, I'm on the verge of going homeless and even I can scrounge up enough change on the street floor to buy myself a lipstick or a bottle of shampoo. Beauty isn't expensive, there's always honest ways around that. Besides, beauty is inside your heart. Your outward appearance means nothing if you're scamming people and stealing this way.

And as a Brazilian American who was just in Brazil visiting family, you know nothing of what it's like. I'm insulted that you even bring that up.

People who help themselves and fight an honest fight are the ones who proudly persevere. My parents, Braziians who imigrates here, taught me that. They both came here with nothing and have made themselves a comfortable life. Now it's my turn to put it all in the hands of the divine and work to pull myself out.

Karma is a b@%!&, there's no need to add that to the crap the economy has thrown on us.
Asmaa said…
Woah! There are some messed up people out there! As long as you know in yourself that you are a good person and you have good intentions then try not to worry... wrong-doers will get what they deserve inshallah xx
Farzana said…
Wow. What is with all the drama? I hope everything settle back to normal for you Muhsine. :)
Unknown said…
That person is unbelievably rude and greedy! Cannot believe they tried to justify STEALING products from PR companies - I don't know much about the legalities of this but fraud springs to mind!
Hope you're ok, must be horrible knowing someone has been doing this in your name!
Jaime said…
So if we want something we can just lie and basically steal to get it, and it's ok? And pretend to be someone else. What an idiot! I really have no other words. It's disgusting.
Jesse said…
What??? Dont let her get away with this..please still go to the police or she will do this again to someone else.
MediterraneanX said…
I think the worst thing about this is it shows how much of a consumer society we live in - beauty products are a LUXURY not a NEED. Fair enough if she did not have food or a roof over her head I could see her doing desperate stuff in order to get food or shelter, but at the end of the day she is lying in order to get materialistic beauty products which is shameful. Good on you Muhsine for answering with such grace. Hopefully this person will realise that if she wants luxuries she should work hard and pay for them herself.
Kat M said…
Oh my god! Talk about complete and utter delusion!!

It doesn't matter if you're poor/rich, come from a good/bad family, fraud and identity theft is still a crime!

I really can't believe that email...good on you for publishing it, and showing up how absolutely ridiculous they are!
Memoir Mode said…
Thanks for sharing this, it has made me more aware as a blogger what can happen and to protect my identity.

She is trying to make you feel sorry for her, that she is underprivileged. Not sure when beauty products became a necessity in life. Also if you want something, you work for it. Most people work really hard for nice things and they do not always have a wealthy upbringing. I am really angry for you.

Not only that she could have/may have damaged your integrity with PR companies, especially if she was not found out.

Hope she gets found xx
Tina said…
Quite funny - saying she can't afford products yet going to so much effort to send them to a random house ? Absolute rubbish.

The police will be able to check the IP address online and match it to the delivery address. Plain and simple. The Internet isn't really anonymous.

So if they live there it will show to the police. She's just trying to make you feel sorry for you so don't prosecute.

I really do hope that you go to police with this information,and that you choose to press charges. I love your blog and I hope this doesnt affect your passion for blogging :)
Patricia said…
i can't even begin to express what this email makes me feel. one word = REVOLTING!!!

i'm so pissed off and it doesn't even affect me. wow. just wow. i'm sorry this happened to you hun :(
Patricia said…
please go to the police, even if the person doesn't live there, the family living there must know them!!!
Anonymous said…
I am absolutely gobsmacked as to what I have just read. Words simply fail me! Who the heck does she think she is? :O I seriously urge you to report this to the police, as it's fraud in more ways than one!

Total and utter lowlife!!
I cant believe this! I love blogging as its sharing your knowledge and what you like and dont with others not for anything else!
Pandora`s Box said…
What a sad sad person.
Unknown said…
Absolutely disgusting. I feel sorry for her future children.

But good things come to good people, and bad things come to bad people, so I think she will get what she desverves! I definetly hope the police find her, because atleast under Norwegian laws this constitutes as identity theft which is a pretty big deal.
I cannot believe she had the nerve to say that ! What a disgrace shouldn't there be a way to catch her?
Antonia said…
I just wanted to say that I am from Brazil and yes, there are many babies beeing born in the streets, unlike Patricia said, wich is not true, I dont know what country you are living if you think that. BUT, as for the impostor, that was absurd, don´t use another country´s poverty to justify that, it is an offense! I you care about others living in poverty then get yourself involved in policy making, charity or social movements, the only thing you proved is that you care about yourself and that you´re not very bright. That excuse was offensive to me and Brazil.
Hira said…
Wow this is extremely shocking and despicable.
Sarah said…
This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time!

Its like shooting yourself and then saying "Well, its not my fault because the owner of the gun didn't do 'their' job to make sure it was unloaded."

*shaking my head* I'm so sorry you had to deal with this person, Muhsine. Much love to you AND to the sad person who did this to you. I hope they realize what they have done before they do it again and it goes horribly wrong.
Manu said…
Hey, I DO live in Brazil, and as many others, I have a very comfortable life. I mean, really.
Please, WTF do you mean by "another baby somewhere in brazil might be born on the street struggling, suffering, going throught so much, without love"???
What a ridiculous speech!!!
I could not believe what I was reading too...
Lydia said…
I cannot believe what I read.
This is proposterous, trying to persuade you she did a clever thing and that you and the PR's are just a bunch of dumbasses.
And then she has the nerve to say that she cannot afford things? Man, she uses a computer with the internet, she clearly has some money to make ends meet, so who the heck is she trying to fool?
Going out and preaching about poor people in Brazil? What the heck is wrong with this person?
Greedy vulture!

Report this person!!!
Giuliana said…

I really can't believe there are people capable of such audacity and demonstration of no character. Unbelievable!

I'm brazilian and I felt extremely offended to see the name of my country involved in an example of complete disrespect for people (you, your work and companies that have been damaged) and the laws. After all, anywhere in the world, this is called ideological falsehood and fraud.

Amazing how people can be such a nerve... argh!

By the way, I love Bubblegarm, you and your makeups and I hope you don't get discouraged because this episode.


Bella said…
The imposter is a Sociopath. Unfortunately these types of people exist amongst us. They are liars and will stop at nothing to get what they want, regardless of whom they hurt in the process. They also do not take responsibility for their actions, in fact they blame everybody else (including their victims) and have ways of justifying their wrongdoing. Be weary of individuals that exhibit these traits.
I think you handled the matter gracefully and with dignity. I wish you much success with the blog (one of favorites for the past two years).

Fan from Canada
What's wrong with people? I think this person has to reevaluate themselves and really think about what they did/are doing??? Newsflash: the economy sucks anywhere you live. Some people don't have the "means" for food. yes, food. Makeup and beauty products are NOT a necessity. I'm also not raking in the dough and would love to shop all day long, but reality sets in and I'm happy with what I have: a roof over my head and food in my tummy.
Joelle Owusu said…
YOU GO GIRL!!! I can't the woman would have the cheek to do that to you!! I am so shocked that she didn't even care about you.

Becky said…
What a loser that person is! You should have the person investigated by the police as claiming to be you and also defamation of character. Really hope that they are caught and made to pay for the products they deceitfully took.
Becky said…
What a loser that person is! You should have the person investigated by the police as claiming to be you and also defamation of character. Really hope that they are caught and made to pay for the products they deceitfully took. I'm a long time lurker of your blog and this is sickening!
Becky said…
What a loser that person is! You should have the person investigated by the police as claiming to be you and also defamation of character. Really hope that they are caught and made to pay for the products they deceitfully took. I'm a long time lurker of your blog and this is sickening!
iheartCOLOR said…
Who needs beauty prodcuts to survive?? Unless she's turning around and selling the stuff which would be even worse! This girl is a true IDIOT!
Naeema said…
Aghhh Muhsine I've just caught up on the blog after a few weeks and read this, how awful. Some people are so sad and clearly have nothing better to do with their life. Hope this arse hasn't upset you too much, keep blogging and doing what your great at! xx
Liparazzi said…
That's pathetic that they tried to judge your personal situation, upbringing, financial circumstances etc to justify what they did. It has nothing to do with that or babies in Brazil. It was just greed and arrogance that drove this person to do what they did, nothing else.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that she stole your identity, had the nerves to contact you trying to justify herself using innocent babies and even dared to call you, a honest and reliable person, names! This person is sick very sick.
I hope the police do their job and this person pays all the damage she has done.

Bubblegarm, you are one of the best bloggers out there. And I am happy to be a reader of your blog as many of us are. Keep on going and all the best!
Christina said…
Sociopath. A devious sociopath. She is saying that everyone but her is at fault because they fell for her scheme. Outrageous behavior. She's saying there are people less fortunate, who starve on the streets. How does getting makeup by deception alleviate hunger? Being poor means your priorities should be about food, clothing & shelter, not makeup! She belongs in an insane asylum.
Anonymous said…
"Hyde". I think that says it all. So sorry for your troubles Muhsine.

You have a fantastic blog, by the way, keep up the great work!!
CA9 said…
so, the imposter is a victim, sure... LOL?! Really?

Do you have any soul, sister?!

Oh, god have mercy on you, you really need it.

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