St Tropez Bronzing Mousse...

Yes I fake tan. But, I like it to look natural. I like a 'natural fake tan' and this product gives you exactly that, it will get people asking whether you have been on holiday.

I'm always experimenting with all different types and textures of self tan and have grown to love the St Tropez mousse form. However, I only got to use it a couple of times, as my husband kept stealing it from me as he loved it SO much, he said it's by far the best he has used. It ran out today and it left both of us in a bit of a panic! :)

How I apply: After cooling down from a shower and after exfoliating and shaving. I use a mitt and wait about 5 minutes before I get dressed usually a couple hours before I go to bed.

  • Easy to apply as it's not messy, the mousse doesn't go flying anywhere like a liquid would.
  • Tinted, you can see exactly where you have applied so you don't get any streaks. The guide colour is pretty good too, you can go about your day still looking normal and naturally tanned.
  • Beautiful bronze colour that develops nicely by morning, that's not orange or pink toned.
  • Doesn't smell offensive, infact it smells 'clean'. However, there is a slight fake tan scent which develops after about 8 hours but it's still pretty good for such a strong colour.


  • If you sweat while you sleep it transfers on to your bed sheets if you apply just before you go to bed. However, once you have washed the guide colour off, it doesn't.
  • Not cheap. (Price: £30.64 240ml)

Overall the good points outweigh the bad and it's a fantastic self tanner that I would recommend and will definitely repurchase. My husband informs me that he got about 16 uses out of it which I think is brilliant!

I have also used 'St Moriz' a while back which is the budget option for this, I loved it initially but I much prefer this one, the St Moriz was good for a few uses, but the bottle got SO messy I ended up chucking it in the bin as application really is key.

For more info on the St Tropez bronzing mousse click HERE.


Fake tanning is much healthier way to get a golden glow.

This looks interesting. I'm just too lazy to apply a tan.
Liz Marie said…
Do you use it on your face? I always wonder if there is a self tanner I can apply to my face with out it breaking out.. I really want to try this product! Thanks for sharing :)

xx Liz Marie
Muhsine Emin said…
@Liz Marie - yes I do, I apply it with the mitt also, its been brilliant. :)
Anonymous said…
I use the St Tropez Gradual tan a seperate one for face and body. I am quite pale so this turns me a great colour without looking orange.
Claire said…
Great timing. I'm feeling very pasty at the minute and thinking of investing in some good fake tan. Have you tried Xen-Tan. I fancy trying it but again it's pricey.

Thanks, Claire
Lydia said…
I get my large bottles of St Tropez mousse from a stockist on ebay for around £21 - it'll be worth you looking on there next time before going in store!
I have to be honest though I find the regular St Tropez mousee a little un-natural looking. I kind of prefer the gradual mousse from them but the original is longer lasting so it's hard to choose a favourite haha. xxx
Laura said…
I've never tried this one before but I really want to! The price is just too expensive for me at the moment though. I do love finding a good fake tan though x
Nazia said…
I love that you and your hubby were both in a tizz because it had finished! Too cute!

Before you know it, Esra will be looking through your beauty stuff too!

Oh I love St Tropez fake tan.. it doesn't have that usual 'false' smell either haha!

-Good Wear Day-

beautylogicblog said…
you should try the Kate sommerville tanning wipes. Amazing!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Beauty & le Chic - Yes I love xen tan, I have reviews on that too!

@Lydia - I haven't tried the gradual one, on me this one is natural but obviously everyones base colour is different

@Nazia - Noooo not Esra :)
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Nazia said…
Lol! Obviously she won't need to, being the pretty little thing she is!

Essjay23x said…
I do like St Tropez a lot. Soltan is pretty good too but I think, my all time fave is the Make Believe products. I think, they are the only products that gives pale me a tan that doesn't look fake!
charliet43 said…
you soo should try St Moritz i get mine from Savers for £2.99 but Tesco do it too for about £3.50 its a total copy cat of St Tropez, i'm a total convert!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Personally, I'm not a great fan of st Tropez, though some of my colleagues are. At So Tanned, we specialise in a great range of tanning products; I think it's a case of trying different ones,to see which suits you best. My personal favourite is Liquid Sun by Vani-T, but I also love the moisturising feel of Sun Lab's Self Tan Foam.
Anonymous said…
I'm not a huge fan of st Tropez, though some of my colleagues are (I find it a bit muddy). At www.So we stock some great new brands: my personal favourity is Vani-T's Liquid Sun, but I also love the moisturising effect of Sun Lab's Self Tan Foam, which is great value.
Unknown said…
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afi said…
luv you blog I'm following yours now follow mine too :)
Hira said…
I would love to take the plunge and tan!
Rachael said…
Have you ever checked out Vita Liberata Fake tan? I did a blog post on my favourite fake tans, check it out. Vita Liberata took over from St. Tropez for me - amazing smell and amazing tan.xx
I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you
St Tropez is one of my all time favorites as well! I've found a few similar but nothing compares! I love the fact that I can use it on my face as well without worrying about breaking out!
Unknown said…
I love St. Tropez Mousse used it many times and always got a brilliant results. Not long ago they changed one of the ingredients which unfortunately i am allergic to so can’t use it anymore:(
Anonymous said…
st. tropez is great. i also use glamorous cosmetics bronzer on my face and chest for an extra boost of color. check out their bronzer and other great products

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