Monday, 27 February 2012


I haven't been a great blogger as we all have the flu! Poor Esra has bronchilitis again and I'm hoping she has a magical speedy recovery. I snapped up some photos of things I had purchased whilst in Turkey and thought I would update you with that at least...




A 'Flormar' baked face powder/blush/highlighter and a 'Golden Rose' taupe nail polish to add to the family.

The 'Flormar' Terracotta powder in the shade #25 is seriously gorgeous. The veining is beautiful with colours ranging from a cool toned bronze, peach, coral and pink.

The payoff is great too, it has a lot of dimension and reminds me of a much more bronze toned 'Stereo Rose' mineralised skin finish from Mac. There is a little bit of finely milled glitter but it looks truly natural when applied to the skin.

If you live in Turkey or have a 'Flor Mar' counter in your country, snap this shade up!

I did a couple of duty free purchases, one being the 'Coconut Passion' body mist from Victoria's Secret and Mac 'A Perfect Day' lipstick.

The shade 'A Perfect Day' (amplified finish) is stunning and great for NC30-40 skin tones, it's a nice nude that isn't hard to wear at all and doesn't need much eyemakeup to pull off.

Here are some similar shades...

In order...
  1. Mac - Hue,
  2. Mac - Innocence Beware
  3. Estee Lauder - Vanilla Truffle
  4. Mac - A Perfect Day
  5. YSL Rouge Volupte #2 Sensual Silk

I also managed to buy myself a 'Nine West' bag from Park Bravo.

And a purse to match. I wouldn't normally go for something so ermmmm what's the word I'm looking for? 'Polished', but would opt for something more distressed and vintage looking but this makes a nice change and makes me feel all grown up! :)

Go Me! Who knows when my next update will be?! I'm currently sitting in my jim jams watching Charlie and Lola with Esra and the Hubz praying we all get better soon! xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Summary of our trip...

We went to Turkey, Bursa for several different reasons, we went as a family and along with my parents and brother to go to my uncles wedding, it was so amazing to see family who I hadn't seen for ages, we went to Oylat a spa town located in the Uludag mountain range for a couple of days to reap the benefits of the thermal waters which is ranked 2nd in the world. Oylat has a legend associated with its healing waters, once upon a time, the daughter of a Byzantine ruler of the region was struck by a mysterious illness. Unable to cure her, her doctors sent her into the forest to take the waters as a last resort. Believing that her case was hopeless, they told her to ''Öl yat'', or simply accept her fate and ''lie down and die''. But the girl was miraculously cured and soon returned to the palace. The spring became renowned for its healing powers, and was renamed Oylat.

Oylat Thermal Springs are recommended for rheumatic pains, arthritis, kidney disorders, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, poliomyelitis, neuralgias, neuritis, sciatica, neuralgia, mental fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis and is a great healer for asthmatics.

The waters were amazing, and we all left feeling fresher and more lively, we went into the waters about 4x a day, and it just makes you nap all day long, defintiely a relaxing break. We took Esra in too, but stayed closer to the door so the steam didn't overpower her, and I think it's helped clear her chest quite a bit and hopefully totally cleared out her bronchilitis. My skin totally feels amazing and I hardly wore any makeup on our trip. Result but what a waste of packing space! :)

After we returned from Oylat, we just went out with friends and did a whole lot of eating extremely yummy food!

The view from my grandads house

Me & my grandad (mums side - this is who Esra gets her bue eys from)

Me on the mutluluk koprusu (Happy Bridge) in Oylat.
No Makeup and oily hair after my massage! :)

Mmmm the food was yummy, here's the starters my dads freinds wife prepared for us! Thank you Sunduz abla!

And now here are a few snapshots of some of my favourite food from our trip, I felt like a right tourist whipping out my camera at restaurants but hey ho!

Kemal Pasha (sweet)


Sutlu Kadayif (sweet)


Inegol Koftesi


Mmmm, sorry if I made you hungry!

I also purchased a couple of makeup items, beads and jewellery that I will have to include in some other kind of post, speak soon! x X x

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Perfect Day...

Hello girls, I'm back from Turkey - woo! We had a great time and I will be doing a little summary post tomorrow, in the meantime here are a few shots from yesterday on the ferry on our way to Istanbul whilst feeding the beautiful birds...

Mac - 'A Perfect Day'

I miss Turkey already...

Monday, 13 February 2012

Tincy wincy update...

Hello all, just got some Internet access... We are in Turkey, Bursa, inegol, Oylat to be precise, we are up in a mountain and enjoying the natural waters. We come back on the 19th and I will be sure to update you with pictures. Until then... xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A few things...

I went to a beauty supply store today and I walked away with a few things...

Some giant velcro rollers and clips for much needed 'Va Va Voom' hair. I love velcro rollers I have some medium sized ones and they are great, so these mahoosive ones will be fun to try out.

A sachet of the macadamia oil deep repair mask...

Uhmmmm, 4 Essie nail polishes, I have no excuse for buying them, I just had to have them. I got 'Cabi-O-Lait', 'Absolutely Shore', 'Looking for Love' and 'Little Brown Dress'.

My favourite from the bunch is 'Little Brown Dress' as it's opaque in one coat. Next, I love 'Absolutely Shore', it reminds me of the pale pastel green version of OPI's 'Mod About You' and it's also quite similar to 'Skull and Glossbones' but not as muted.

'Cabi-O-Lait' is a bit of a letdown as you need about 4 coats for it to be opaque, but it's still nice and is a very pretty colour. However, I'm gutted I got the pale blue 'Looking for Love' as it's SO sheer, you need about 10 coats for it to look opaque, that ones a big fail.

You win some, you lose some.

I also picked up 'Seche Vite' top coat as I have never tried it before, shocking I know. Let me see what the fuss is about!

On another note we are flying off to Turkey on Friday for 9 days as we are visiting family in Bursa, it's Esra's first trip abroad so I'm sure it will be an adventure! I'm not sure when I will be able to update as I haven't even started packing yet. On that note, I better get my skates off blogger and into the wardrobe!

Do you use velcro rollers? What are your favourite Essie polishes? And what's your view on 'Seche Vite'?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Daddy's got good taste...

Today my husband had the shopping bug...

He picked up a couple of Dresses for Esra, he did SO well... I am incredibly proud! Note to self: I must send him shopping more often!

Dress number 1...

This dress is so beautiful, I love the fabric, print, the belt, buttons and the broderie anglaise peeping through on the hem.

I love the print on the belt, the colour combination, the fact that it's denim and the button details, it's just SO cute!

I have spied a few more things from the baby section at Zara online, uh oh!

My favourite shops to shop from for Esra have to be Gap, H&M, Monsoon, Mamas & Papas and now Zara. I sometimes get the odd thing from Next, and M&S has a few nice things too.

What are your favourite stores for your little ones?