Tincy wincy update...

Hello all, just got some Internet access... We are in Turkey, Bursa, inegol, Oylat to be precise, we are up in a mountain and enjoying the natural waters. We come back on the 19th and I will be sure to update you with pictures. Until then... xx


Emily Lilly said…
Hope you have a lovely holiday :D

Beautiful Dreams
fecliff said…
have a nice time! happy valentines

Ellie Clark said…
have a wonderful holiday! :)

Ooooh that sounds gorgeous!

Hope you have a great trip!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your break!
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MichĂ©lle said…
Have a great holiday beautiful! :)
Unknown said…
Can't wait to read some new posts when you return!

Have a great holiday! Can't wait to see the pictures:)
Loredana said…
Have fun :D

g3pinkii said…
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Maybe a little late but, Enjoy!

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