Monday, 30 April 2012


Hello girls, hope you had a fabulous weekend! Esra is 7 months old today, how time flies! I just wanted to update you all and inform you that I'm now using my instagram after neglecting it for ages!

If you have an iphone or ipad, download that app and get instagramming. Follow me for instant photo updates with cool filters, sometimes I just don't get around to doing a full blogpost, so this is a nice way to catch up!

Haba - Wooden Sunni Clutching Toy 

'Esra you are my sunshine, my only sunshine (and daddy too)... You make me happy when skies are gray, You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take your sunshine away!'

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Speak soon! x X x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Date Nate #3

Here's my outfit from last night...

Skirt: Zara
Top: TopShop
Blazer: H&M
Belt: Nicole Farhi
Bag: Markus Lupher
Wedges: New Look

After posting THIS photo on Twitter, you all liked my hair... that photo was taken before we left and the following were taken on our return so I look a bit frazzled, I should learn to touch up my makeup before I snap away! :)

I did my hair with the Enrapture heated rollers, I have used this device a few times as I was sent it a few months back. Each time I use it I get compliments. I dry my hair and then pop a few of these in, leave it in for 10 minutes and I have gorgeous big hair. A must for mamas with little time for grooming!

Onto the makeup I used:
  • Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation (natural)
  • Bobbi Brown creamy concealer (natural)
  • Dior Matte Bronzer (02)
  • Dior Amber Diamond
  • Nars Eyeshadow Primer
  • Sleek Ultra Mattes 'Darks' palette
  • Blink & Go Mascara
  • Inika Eye Pencil (Sapphire)
  • L'oreal 'Cappuccino' Lip Liner
  • Illamasqua 'Explode' Lip Gloss

I got this in the post yesterday and I LOVE the purples and greens in it. I used the purple, navy and plum shade to do my smokey eye and blended it out with the neutral colours to soften the look. The extra effort with the blending was worth it, it's nice to avoid shimmer sometimes.

I used the 'Sapphire' pencil by Inika to line my eyes from this months Glossy Box, it's such a pretty colour but not very long lasting. I'm a bit disappointed with this months box actually.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Disclaimer: The heated rollers, Sleek Palette and Glossybox were sent for consideration for review, I wasn't paid for this post bla bla bla.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sewing Night...

Last night I got out my shizzle and decided I would make a few things.

Here's what I came up with....

First up is this weird chicken like character, I had no direction and just made it up as I went along, and I think it shows lol, but it's cute and Esra appreciates it. :)

I also made one of these tag toys as I realised how much Esra appreciates and loves chewing on the labels of her toys. I used a variety of textures and even made the inside crinkly.

I made 3 tie bibs, initially they were squared off but I decided the triangular shape is much cooler. I used flannels on the inner section so that it's more absorbent.

While I was at it I made a nappy/diaper and wipes case as I have seen a few people with some and wanted in on it.

Lastly I made a little elasticated pocket to store some of Esra's toys so they don't get all muddled up in her toy box.

I must say it felt brilliant designing things in my head and sewing them, I haven't taken my sewing machine out since I was pregnant. I have decided I'm going to do sewing nights once a month from now on. Before anyone asks, I had the fabrics at home and some were even recycled scarves and tops.  

What would you make if you could sew?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Loving and hating...


Apivita Products: the propoline shampoo and hair mask is THE best I have ever used, beats Liz Earle by far. The hand cream , cleanser and serum are also delightful to use, I love them so much it's nearly all gone. Apivita is a natural Greek brand and I'm so glad I discovered them, I first heard about them on Tali's blog and now can't stop recommending them to friends and family.

Neal's Yard Essential Oils: I use these mainly with a candle burner to help Esra breathe easier, poor baby nearly always has a congested nose and eucalyptus, ravensara and lavender really helps.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils:
I LOVE these pencils, if I'm in a rush, which is now almost always I just swipe a coloured eyeliner on my top lid and it makes me feel polished even though I'm not! :)

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-1 Wash & Mask: Picked this up a couple of days ago, and realise how much I missed it. I love using it as a mask when I'm having a bad skin day, which is today surprise surprise.

Making My Own Baby Food:
Esra is now 6 and a half months, wow how time flies. I'm using Annabel Karmel's food cube tray and some pots from Boots to freeze pureed fruits and veggies. Yesterday I made her strawberry, pear and mango puree and a mixture of spinach and carrot. Yum yum yum!


Gold By Giles for New Look:
This range is a total fail, 99% of the products aren't pigmented and rub off very easily. The packaging looks "OK" from a distance but when picked up is very lightweight and flimsy. I feel like they spent too much money on marketing for the products and not enough time on the actual products. This range would be suitable for early teens who are just starting out in make up which is probably the target market, but in my opinion 13 year olds shouldn't be wearing this much make up anyway. Bottom line, I really don't like this collaboration, and am disappointed that 'Giles' has given his name to such a bad collection.

The new packaging from Avene for Tolerance Extreme Soothing Cream: I am a HUGE huge fan of most Avene products, however this tube has some new kind of air tight packaging, yes it's more hygienic but when I go to dispense some of the cream too much comes out and goes flying everywhere. It also results in me applying too much to my face as I don't want to waste the product and then I get clogged pores... Ahhh a big fat fail.

What are you loving and hating right now?

Disclaimer: The Apivita, New Look and Avene products were sent for consideration for review, I wasn't paid to blog about them and this is obviously my honest opinion as always!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring back the sunshine...

The Spring sunshine has disappeared in London and it needs to come back!

I purchased this beautiful blue waterfall maxi skirt from Zara, the colour and style just screamed at me and I didn't hesitate at £29.99. It will look nice dressed up in the evening and even during the day with flip flops.

I got 3 belts from H&M at £3.99 each. I got them in all different sizes so I could wear them on the waist or hips. A pop of colour this Spring is great to liven up dull outfits!

I have officially declared that I can not pull of a bright lipstick unless the sun is shining!

Below I am wearing Mac 'Impassioned' with a red lip liner underneath and then I dabbed some Strobe liquid from Mac to mute it down and add a little dimension which actually ends up making the lips look fuller.

On the subject of beauty, these gorgeous goodies came through this morning. The body shop has launched some lovely limited edition sunny scents and they are definitely worth checking out and stocking up for your holiday. The 'Dreams unlimited - Sun Fresh' scent in lotion form is my favourite, the 'White Musk - Sun Glow' eau de toilette is really nice too, but you have to wait a few minutes for the scent to develop as initially scent is a bit overwhelming.

Buying clothes and accessories for Esra is so addictive. Me and my husband just can't stop 'awww'ing and oooo'ing' over almost everything. Here's the latest long top/dress we got for her from Mama's and Papa's. (£18)

The print and colours are just beautiful!

And.... yes some red Converse for Esra. I wasn't going to get her some until she could walk as she will grow out of them quickly, but I just couldn't resist, plus they are a little big for her so she can wear them throughout Summer. They are so tiny and cute and maybe she can use them as decoration in her room when she's older, stash some stones in it and maybe turn it into a bookend? Ha ha, my justification for buying is that I will recycle things! :)

What will you be wearing when the Sun is shining?

The Body Shop goodies were sent for consideration for review and I wasn't paid to blog about them bla bla bla!