Spring back the sunshine...

The Spring sunshine has disappeared in London and it needs to come back!

I purchased this beautiful blue waterfall maxi skirt from Zara, the colour and style just screamed at me and I didn't hesitate at £29.99. It will look nice dressed up in the evening and even during the day with flip flops.

I got 3 belts from H&M at £3.99 each. I got them in all different sizes so I could wear them on the waist or hips. A pop of colour this Spring is great to liven up dull outfits!

I have officially declared that I can not pull of a bright lipstick unless the sun is shining!

Below I am wearing Mac 'Impassioned' with a red lip liner underneath and then I dabbed some Strobe liquid from Mac to mute it down and add a little dimension which actually ends up making the lips look fuller.

On the subject of beauty, these gorgeous goodies came through this morning. The body shop has launched some lovely limited edition sunny scents and they are definitely worth checking out and stocking up for your holiday. The 'Dreams unlimited - Sun Fresh' scent in lotion form is my favourite, the 'White Musk - Sun Glow' eau de toilette is really nice too, but you have to wait a few minutes for the scent to develop as initially scent is a bit overwhelming.

Buying clothes and accessories for Esra is so addictive. Me and my husband just can't stop 'awww'ing and oooo'ing' over almost everything. Here's the latest long top/dress we got for her from Mama's and Papa's. (£18)

The print and colours are just beautiful!

And.... yes some red Converse for Esra. I wasn't going to get her some until she could walk as she will grow out of them quickly, but I just couldn't resist, plus they are a little big for her so she can wear them throughout Summer. They are so tiny and cute and maybe she can use them as decoration in her room when she's older, stash some stones in it and maybe turn it into a bookend? Ha ha, my justification for buying is that I will recycle things! :)

What will you be wearing when the Sun is shining?

The Body Shop goodies were sent for consideration for review and I wasn't paid to blog about them bla bla bla!


Farzana said…
That photograph of you is so gorgeous! Natural beauty I say. :) xx
Unknown said…
Lipstick is gorgeous, I might try the strobe liquid technique! :) The mini converse are adorable!!!!! x
Soph. said…
SO beautiful!

Love the bring lips.

Xox Soph

maya said…
those lil converse are soooo cute. cok guzel yakisir ♥
Schnelle said…
I love your lip color! I need to find a bright color because ( can't believe I'm saying this but) I'm getting a little sick of always wearing nude lip colors. Those Converses are too cute for words!
Ellie Clark said…
So Beautiful! I love your lip colour, also the maxi skirt is gorgeous!x

Anna said…
So nice. I love this blog!

Tali said…
I have it the skirt in white and my mum has it in baby blue and pink.. SO comfy and omg is it just me or is the material so so soft???? xx
Anonymous said…
Omg how cute are those mini converse! MAC Impassioned looks lovely on you :) x x
You look so great mashallah ... you should show us another new pic from esra .. this little princess...may allah blesser her and your family inshsllah ;)

Love <3

sophie said…
great pieces for spring..


Gagan said…
That skirt and your lipstick are the most beautiful colours!! Also, those baby converse are too adorable!!
aly7 said…
The lipstick you have on looks great on you! I wish I could pull off bright pink!

Lorina ♥ said…
you look gorgeous ! that lip color looks great on you

Gauri said…
Wow, just this morning I was thinking I need some belts & saw the ones you picked..they look good..maybe I'll buy some like them tomorrow.
Fashinate Me said…
Such a beautiful post!
The blue Zara skirt is a winner! Finally the sun is out today in London! :)
Tolu from FashinateMe.blogspot.co.uk
Andee Layne said…
oh my goodness! I NEED those little chuck taylors for Ava! Also loving those lips on you and that blue skirt! great pics lovely xo
Live-Style20 said…
fine :)

Anonymous said…
Hi there! I have been a reader of your blogger for a while now, and was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award. In turn, I nominated your blog in this post http://beautifulkayekie.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/ive-been-nominated/ as I have really enjoyed reading your posts and I am a big fan of your blog. Your daughter is the cutest thing, congratulations!

I know you dont do posts like this (and that is ok!), I just thought it would be worth mentioning it to you as I wanted to let you know I love reading your blog. Well done and keep up the great work!

Kindest regards,

nik said…
Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

Anonymous said…
Love the skirt, and you look gorgeous!
LaaFemmeNIKIta said…
great items! I love the little shoes they are too adorable!!! glad the sunshine is there, it finally came to NY this weekend too!


Jess said…
How gorgeous are those shoesies! I'd love some for my bump :)


That dress is adorable! I'm lucky we had a boy or else we'd be living the streets with the best looking girl on the block :)

Follow me and enter my giveaway!

The Pretty Pinhead
Anonymous said…
I love the Zara maxi skirt en the MAC lipstick. So pretty!
Anonymous said…
Lovely skirt. Such a gorgeous colour.
Ono Hi said…
nice blog! :)
metadroom said…
Nerde o eski gunlerdeki daily postlarin en sevdigim blogger :)
Monia said…
great skirt, i like this color ;]
Vanessa said…
My new look for spring is my peach waterfall jacket! Love it!Love all of your posts! xxx

neechan21 said…
the make-up is soo gorgeous :)
TheChicCandid said…
u look amazing..love ur blog :)

TheChicCandid said…
u look amazing..love ur blog :)

Mikaela said…
I just found your blog, and a really like it. So now you have a reader from Sweden haha =) I found your blog at a hungarian blog, are you also hungarian?

Anyway, i really like your hair cooler, how did you get it??
/ Mikaela
Mikaela said…
I just found your blog, and a really like it. So now you have a reader from Sweden haha =) I found your blog at a hungarian blog, are you also hungarian?

Anyway, i really like your hair cooler, how did you get it??
/ Mikaela

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