Thursday, 31 May 2012

Urban Decay - Build your own palette!

Urban Decay have jumped on the palette bandwagon, but did they need to?

Urban Decay have launched a palette that has 6 slots for eye shadows of your choice, it comes with a free exclusive eyeshadow 'Walk of shame' plus a travel sized double ended eyeshadow brush and includes a mirror all for £14. Good Good. But...

The eye shadows are also £14 each, so to fill up the 5 spaces it would cost you £14 X 5 = £70. What? what? £70 for a palette? Hmmm, no bueno!!!

On a good note, the eye shadows slot in and out easily and still fit the old pans. The palette is similar to the Naked2 palette with its metallic casing that clicks closed.

Here's the shade I chose for my palette:
  • Walk of shame - Ivory (Included with the palette)
  • Chase - Gold
  • Darkhorse - Brown
  • Mushroom -Taupe
  • Flash - Purple
  • Loaded - Green/black

The eye shadows have been reformulated and repackaged. The pigmentation is AH-MAZING, just take a look at the swatches of the colours I chose!

However, the price for the palette is a very steep when you can pick up they ready made palette from Urban Decay for less than half the price with more shades, yes the colours wouldn't be full size, but that's OK with me.

Also, the size of the palette for 6 shadows, is a bit bulky in comparison to a Mac palette that fits 15 eye shadows or 26 with the divider taken out. It's even bulkier than the Naked 2 palette.

In conclusion it is a gorgeous palette but I don't think I would have gone ahead and purchased the palette with my own money if I wasn't sent it. However, I am very glad that I do own it as I LOVE the shades I chose and will still take it on holiday with me even though it's bulky as it's very sturdy.

Would I recommend it? No based on value for money, but yes if you are a lover of Urban Decay single eye shadows or you have a large wallet! I wish Urban Decay would do a discount for the eye shadows when purchased in conjunction with the palette. Hint hint!

What do you think of Urban Decay's 'Build your own palette'?

Disclaimer: This palette and its contents were sent for consideration for review.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lily Cole for the Body Shop...

There's quite a few bits to this limited edition collection endorsed by model Lily Cole, however, I'm only going to talk about a couple of things.

Short and sweet.

The shimmer cubes!

The colours in this cube are so gorgeous, I initially looked at this cube and thought, 'oh nice, but doesn't look like anything special'. Wrong.
I was sold after a few swatches as the colours have dimension and are really wearable. I have used these cubes in the past and find them really handy for everyday as I apply them with my fingers. The 'Lily Cole' edition has everyday colours that can be taken to the night. A perfect holiday essential if you ask me, I have already worn it a few times mainly with the warm copper shade on the lid and the rest of the colours seeping through. The texture is smooth and pigmented and can be worn wet or dry. It lasts a decent amount of time on the lid when worn with a primer. However, the only problem I have with these cubes are them getting cakey on top when you double dip due to the oils transferring, the solution is to simply scrape a layer off or your colour payoff will be non existent.

Price: £16 (A bit expensive, but then again you do get 4 shades.)

Lip & Cheek domes!

These 2 shades scream summer and look very yummy. If you are a lover of cream blush, like muted colours and need a quick slap dash application then this is for you.

Price: £10

The shades: 'Pinch me pink' and 'Crazy for coral'.

The peachy shade is my favourite and looks really natural on my nc30 skin tone, the colour is exactly how you see it, they glide on easily and don't get blotchy on the cheek as the texture is creamy but not oily. They are practically fool proof and the finish is a cross between dewy and matte and on me these last all day. Application is quick as you just dab the dome onto your cheeks and voila. However, if you have a deeper skin tone then these may not be suitable if you want the colour to pop.

What are some things you have been loving from the Body Shop lately?

Disclaimer: Products were sent for consideration for review.

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Yes really, a post from me!

I know it's long overdue, I have no excuses, I'm just a busy mama. Today we went to a party and here's what I wore!

Dress: Miss Selfridge (New season)
Blazer: H&M (New Season)
Heels: Miss Selfridge (Old season)

I was out shopping for a dress yesterday and INSTANTLY fell in LOVE with the colour and fit of this peplum dress, it's definitely a gorgeous colour, it reminds me of 'Turks & Caicos' nail polish from Essie.

I opted for some red toned bronze accessories and makeup and wore Essie 'Fiji' nail polish.

A quick lowdown on the makeup... I used the new 'Lily Cole' shimmer cube quad from 'Body Shop' on my eyes, Urban Decay 'Lucky' pencil, Mac 'Hue' lipstick, Soleil tan de Chanel & 'Pink Cult' bush from the 'Reel Sexy' collection from Mac.

Wishing you a fun filled week ahead! X

Sunday, 6 May 2012


The challange has ended, well I did well for a few days then it all went downhill. It seems I can't find enough hours in the day to do everything I need to. Oh well, back to normal updates which I'm sure you will all agree is far more interesting! :)

Here's a few new things I posted on Instagram.

Zara shoes, H&M Necklaces & slim ankle Jeans, Mac 'Salute' lipstick.

Mac 'Salute' lipstick swatched on my lips. I didn't try on this shade or look at swatches online before I purchased it. It was purely an impulse buy. I have to stress that this is a hard shade to wear if you are of my skin tone as it's almost exactly the same shade. Therefore, I like to dab this on rather then swipe it on for a more natural muted look to avoid looking washed out. It's a VERY peachy pastel toned nude which is why I purchased it, I think it will look much nicer on somebody with a slightly paler complexion BUT I still LOVE it!!!

Goodies for Esra... Gap PJ bottoms & swimming costume and a pinky coral elephant from Mama's and Papa's.

And finally I saved the best till last, a dress I made for Esra!

What new things did you pick up over the weekend?

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Drawing of a bird on my key box in my hallway
Photo a day May #5

The plan was to snap a photo of a REAL bird, but sometimes things don't workout as planned, so in a bid not to fail the challenge I have drawn a bird for you. The only person who will find this remotely interesting is my dad, as he showed me his simple method of drawing a bird when I asked for his help as a child. The method being... 'draw a sideways heart, then a beak, put a dot for the eye, do a wing and add some feet'. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Thanks dad. xXx

Friday, 4 May 2012



I LOVE reading to my angel, I hope she is as addicted to reading as I am when she grows up.
Photo a day May #4

Favourite books of the moment are: The girl with the birds nest hair, Bird Song, I took the moon for a walk, Shoe baby, Penguin, The giving tree, Polly's picnic, Goodnight moon, Dear Zoo, The very helpful hedgehog.

What are your favourite children's books?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Something I wore...

Today's post is a 2 in 1. You have my photo a day and a speed review.

Revlon Lip Butter
Photo a day May #3

I am absolutely in LOVE with these, I thought I would dismiss them but now want them in every shade.

I have 2 so far.

Sugar Frosting - A pale neutral pinky peach that goes on very sheer, it adds a nice shine and works great for everyday.

Strawberry Shortcake - A mid tone pink that I can't get enough of. It's quite pigmented and matches my skin tone perfectly.

Here's an instagram pic of me wearing my lip butter! For the record I don't find them drying at all, just nice and glossy but not too in your face.

Oh and I did a subtle ombre on my hair, that's a whole new post.
Hope you are having a lovely evening!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The weather was rather dull today, so I had to wait until sunset to snap this shot!

View of the canal, branches and flats. 
Photo a day May #2

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I have decided to do the 'Photo a day' challenge created by 'fat mum slim'. Today's post is a photo of 'PEACE'...

'Esra taking a nap'
Photo a day May #1

I think this is a great way to explore my photography skills and a good way to keep me updating my blog every day for a month. Here is what to expect!

Will you be doing it too?