Drawing of a bird on my key box in my hallway
Photo a day May #5

The plan was to snap a photo of a REAL bird, but sometimes things don't workout as planned, so in a bid not to fail the challenge I have drawn a bird for you. The only person who will find this remotely interesting is my dad, as he showed me his simple method of drawing a bird when I asked for his help as a child. The method being... 'draw a sideways heart, then a beak, put a dot for the eye, do a wing and add some feet'. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Thanks dad. xXx


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A hearty bird <3 So cute!
Leah said…
Fathers know everything! :)
nikinpos said…
I couldn't find a real bird either except for pigeons, but I found lots of ceramic ones...did your Dad teach you how to draw a dog too...the one where you tell a story about a man who goes to swim in a pond with 2 tunnels adn 2 bridges etc...?
Muhsine Emin said…
@nicki no, I learnt it a different way, it was about a dog I think. Can't really remember :) xxx
LaaLaa said…
I love this, how cute! xo
paradisezik said…
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