Yes really, a post from me!

I know it's long overdue, I have no excuses, I'm just a busy mama. Today we went to a party and here's what I wore!

Dress: Miss Selfridge (New season)
Blazer: H&M (New Season)
Heels: Miss Selfridge (Old season)

I was out shopping for a dress yesterday and INSTANTLY fell in LOVE with the colour and fit of this peplum dress, it's definitely a gorgeous colour, it reminds me of 'Turks & Caicos' nail polish from Essie.

I opted for some red toned bronze accessories and makeup and wore Essie 'Fiji' nail polish.

A quick lowdown on the makeup... I used the new 'Lily Cole' shimmer cube quad from 'Body Shop' on my eyes, Urban Decay 'Lucky' pencil, Mac 'Hue' lipstick, Soleil tan de Chanel & 'Pink Cult' bush from the 'Reel Sexy' collection from Mac.

Wishing you a fun filled week ahead! X


lucy said…
you both look gorgeous!
Robyn Roxburgh said…
Aww Esra is gorgeous! Love your dress - so flattering and the colour is stunning! xx
Ana Sofia said…
I love your dress, and your makeup looks flawless! Awww Esra is adorable, i love her cute headband :')

Lots of Love, Ana
Shadowy Lady said…
You look beautiful mommy and looks like you'r back to your pre-preggo body shape :) I adore the colour of that dress and also the shape. I like to try out the peplum but I have a very curvy figure (big hips, big boobs) so not sure if I can pull it off without looking cheeky...hahah

Either way, since I'm preggo now I cannot shop :'(
Lovely dress. What a beautiful post-baby body you have.

Seattle Fashion Beauty Blog
Hira said…
You look gorgeous and of course so does Esra. She is MashAllah so cute! Love the dress, you pull it of so well!
Unknown said…
love the dress! and esra is gorgeous! xx
Unknown said…
that's a ridiculously gorgeous dress! and it's so funny that you should mention that it looks like turquoise and caicos (ha ha, i got a good giggle from "turks and caicos!" :) ) i'm wearing that exact color now, and that's the first thing i thought of when i saw your outfit.
take care!

Manasi said…
You and Ersa look very beautiful! Your post pregnancy body looks just perfect :)
Anonymous said…
You look beautifully both!
Sabina said…
aww u both look gorgeous (marshallah).

ur figure looks amazing too!

You look fantastic! I love that colour on you. And little Esra, she's adorable Mashallah

Laura said…
Dress looks amazing!! x
coline said…
dress makes me think of kim kardashian :) looks really nice :)
Saria said…
Mashallah You and Esra look beautiful... love the dress
Essjay23x said…
Awh, you both look beautiful. You're catching some very cute pictures of Esra!
Ekaete said…
That dress looks so good on you, the colour and fit are perfect.
And little Esra is a cutie xx
Unknown said…
Love your shape and how it complements the dress so beautifully. I love a peplum top but being the Jlo booty type of girl that iam I thought it would add more. After this post I'm def getting one, love it!
paradisezik said…
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Rianna said…
the colour of the dress is gorgeous, looks fab

Rianna xxx
Anonymous said…
You look amazing and baby Esra is SO adorable Masha'Allah!
ASHLEY said…
Peplum tops and dresses dont look good on women with a heavy bottom..its also quite short too..esra is lovely though
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks girls :)

@evie I disagree, I think it looks even better with a "heavy bottom" :)
Despoina said…
The colour of the dress is nice.Your daughter is a lovely girl.The cut of the dress, if you want my opinion makes you how to say that...older.You are very young to dress like that-i cannot find the word,but it is not you-does not suit you.And you have a lovely body to dress like a 40 saleswoman-i stop- English is not my native language i will sound rude.Just my opinion- your make up and hair though are perfect as always!
Anonymous said…
@evie: I'd kill for her 'heavy bottom' and think she looks fabulous.
kerker said…
Love the style and color of your dress. Esra is gorgeous!!

xo kerker
The Ugly Moments
Dallas Q H said…
Words cannot express how damn good you look in that dress!

Your curves are....absoultely amazing!!

Don't get offended for me calling you a milf, because you are!!! In the most non-offensive way!

I love it!!
Shushanna said…
The peplum dress looks great on you! And your daughter is too cute! Blessings
Valentina said…
I love that dress. You look stunning!

Valentina de Pertis
peplum dress! and love the colors!
ps: I love your blog's name :)
"repeat the words 'isle of view' 5 times
well, isle of view back!"

omg love your dress and suits you so well
And can't believe your baby had grown so much!
You look amazing!! Very yummy mummy :)

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Anonymous said…
you have beautiful eyes xx
Petra said…
omg, you're both beautiful! :)

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