3 new lippies...

I did a quick causal visit to Superdrug yesterday, and I walked away with 3 new lippies (as you do) as they were on offer for 3 for 2... Always a good reason.

  1. Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick - 060 Citrus Slice
  2. L'oreal Caresse - 01 Fashionista Pink
  3. Revlon Lip Butter - 055 Cupcake

Citrus Slice - This popstick is VERY sheer, it smells fruity and feels just like a lip balm on the lips. To be honest I didn't need this but the scent was just too nice to resist as was the glowing orange.

Fashionista Pink - This pale pink is SO glossy and also quite sheer, it does deposit a small amount of colour which does make a difference to the lips. It's a very easy daytime shade to wear but doesn't last that long on the lips but, I don't mind reapplying as the texture is just so smooth. It reminds me a little of Smashbox 'Pout' lipgloss which I love.

Cupcake: A cool toned pink, quite pigmented and has a glossy finish. I don't need to say anymore I love these lip butters!

Here they are swatched on the lips!

I now have 3 lip butters, and here they are in comparison with each other. I wish I had picked up another lip butter instead of the popstick. *sigh*

'Cupcake' is such a lovely shade to wear, initially the cool tone of it reminded me of 'Viva Glam Gaga' and Mac 'Snob' lipsticks but it's paler and glossier, much nicer in my opinion. Also, if you like Mac 'Morning Glory' lustre glass you will definitely love 'Cupcake'.

And now I think I need to stop buying pink lipsticks! :)

Did you pick up any new lipsticks?


I am extremely tempted to try out cupcake, such a beautiful colour and i love the lip butter textures! xx
omg, it's fantastic!
Laura said…
These are lovely - I like them all! I love subtle lipsticks at the moment to and they are alot more wearables at times! x
Unknown said…
gorgeous colors!!! xx

coline said…
lovely colors ! :)

aly7 said…
All such pretty colors! I have that Popstick, too. :)
Erin said…
cupcake is my favorite lip butter! its perfect for the summer too!

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x-Fatalove said…
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E said…
These all look so lovely! They are so much easier to wear than lipsticks too :)

LaaLaa said…
I'm liking these lip butters the more I see them, think I need to cave in. Such a nice little shop x
Steph said…
yayyy you're back with reviews!!
LottysLuxuries said…
I love the Lip Butters too! Just posted a review at


Those Popsticks look yummy! I'm not sure I can justify buying one though as they look very subtle. x
the popsticks look like such a con :P
but i do love the Lip Butters sooo much :P

gorgeous colours, superdrug is always good for little offers! :) xo

Unknown said…
love all of them..
but the cupcake is the best!

shifa said…
oo cupcake and strawberry shortcake! i couldn't pick between the two, might just have to go for cupcake now :) xxx
LuceStephenson said…
These colours are amazing, I may have to purchase! I've followed you sweetie and I'd love if you could follow me back as I only have one follower - boohoo :(.
I'm currently working on a Summer Lookbook and will be uploading my YouTube video today in which I'd love for you to possibly check out.
Much love, Luce x
Unknown said…
LOVE the colours. xx
Very nice!
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metadroom said…
Cupcake is my favorite lipbutter!
Sami said…
Such gorgeous colours but a little too sheer for my liking x
Emma said…
i have that revlon lip butter but may have to get the maybelline popstick.. just the thought of a bright orange product excites me!

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Donna said…
Ooh, love all three colours :) x

Lisa Price said…
such fun colors! love lipstick shopping!


Mira said…
Love the cupcake one :) Yes, I've fallen in love with Lancomes.
Carol Lee said…
I love how the Citrus Slice blended on your lips; the pink tint it's a surprise after all.

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Unknown said…
Ooh I love the orange one! Perfect for summer!

And I'm so sad we don't have Revlon anymore in my country... :(
Annabel said…
The fluorescent orange imo looked the best on your lips. It actually made a massive difference! And it looks like a sweet!
Reena said…
All three are gorgeous shades!I'm tempted to buy these.
Unknown said…
aww It's really summer and the colours are so cute which makes them perfect for this time of year. The cupcake one is my fav ^_^
Lindsey Warrior said…
Such pretty colors!!!

<3 Lindsey |
my said…
The color or texture of this lipstick is so light but it looks really good for me..

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Christel said…
I absolutely love all of these! So pretty!

KatieLewLa said…
I just love the look of citrus slice. May have to purchase this for the colour hehe

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