Create more hanging space...

I'm always buying new things and running out of space to store them. Sound familiar? Keep reading unless you store all of your clothes ironed!!

My newest thing that I have done to create more hanging space is fold my maxi dresses. Why? Well I hung them on clippy hangers as I folded them in quarters which meant that I couldn't store them ironed due to creasing. The dresses took up almost 50% of the hanging space on the rail, not a good idea.

Now, it takes up about 10% of the hanging space thanks to a shoe organiser. These organisers are fantastic as you can get creative as to what you store in them. I have stored some of my lounge wear and shorts in the bottom compartments as I even had empty slots. Now, that's what I call creating space.


The shoe organiser was under £4 from
The Range.

Can you think of any other ways top create more hanging space and what do you store in your shoe organisers?


TamaraB♡ said…
I was actually just going to throw mine out since I rearranged my closet but that is a great Idea! Thanks!
Lorna Patrick said…
such a good idea, running out of space in my wardrobe!
I'm always looking for ways to store things whilst still keeping everything looking tidy, as we live in a fairly small flat. Cheers for the tip! x
Schnelle said…
I'm always looking for ways to maximize my closet space. I use those organizers for basics (tshirts, undershirts, etc.) and for shorts and lounge pants. They are perfect space savers!
Azimli Baykus said…
ınan sana dolabımın resmını atıcam.bayılıyorum senın duzenıne:) Senden ıkeadan dolap ıcı cozumlemelerınden nasıl yerlestırırdın dıye fıkır almak ıstıyorum.
Ne dersin
Lisa said…
I use vacuumed packed bag to store my out winter clothes as jumpers are so thick!
Laila said…
I fold my pants in a drawer because I think it is to much of a hassel to hang. Thanks for the tip!

Mehreen said…
hey! just found your blog, b/c "twitter" told me i would like you lol was right! im a mommy and a shopohalic too:) he he he. (I have a daughter too) Esra is BEAUTIFUL and i love the name:)

Rachel said…
Im constantly ramming things into my wardrobe, no matter how many times I have a clear out it is still always full!! xx
I started storing stuff in bins under my bed. Really created a lot more room in the closet. These are great ideas you have.

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Aditya said…
working with arranging clothes and you stuffs always a mess looking for great wardrobe will be a nightmare hanging cheers your problems
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Nihad said…
It looks clear! xx
Tim Mcgraw said…
love your blog x

Laiqah said…
Brilliant idea! I'm constantly needing more space and this is great as I have a total maxi dress problem :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you for all of your comments girls xxx
Skylar Magazine said…
Well, my closet is a disaster. A few years ago, we had a leak and so my ceiling is all messed up. Don't ask me why we haven't gotten it fixed. Anyway, I am terrified of bugs and I haven't been in my closet in about a year, because I am afraid there will be bugs, because my ceiling has a giant hole in it. I need to get in there though and get it cleaned up. I really love this idea. Definitely something I'm going to look into. This is going to be a summer project, I'm really not looking forward to it.

Great tip!

Bex said…
Brilliant idea! I have the tiniest wardrobe don't know what my parents were thinking.
Louise ♥ said…
Love this idea! I have little space in comparison to the amount of clothes, shoes etc I have, but I find the hanging organisers are brill! I love IKEA for them, they have some brilliant bargains for things like this!

Lou ♥
Vina Mironari said…
i really love the idea!

hi, i'm your new follower..
you're welcome to ceome and visit my blog too... :)

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