Wooden Baby Toys!

Hello girls, I wanted to check in and do a little baby related post today. I did originally start a baby blog but I have been terrible at updating that. So, I have decided that once in a while, I shall do a baby related post on here instead. After all, this is my main blog. :)

Moving on....

Once your baby is 6months+ you WILL become obsessed with buying toys particularly if you are a shopaholic like me! Esra is now 9 months and I personally prefer wooden toys as opposed to plastic. Don't get me wrong, we do have some plastic toys, like stacking cups and 'Hide & squeak eggs' but there's something extra special about wooden toys.

I just want to start off by saying that not all of these toys are suitable for 6m+, but as a mother you need to be able to judge for yourself, never leave your baby unsupervised if you have any doubts about a toy.

  • MULA Ikea Abacus (£10.99) Esra loves moving the beads around on this even though she is way too young to use it properly, she also talks to it too! She can use it for years to come and I can't wait to do maths with her! :)
  • Galt Classic Pop Up Toy (£7.99) This toy is fantastic, it's visually stimulating and the little finger men just pop out whilst also teaching colour sorting. Esra really finds it funny watching me show her how to use it, and absolutely LOVES chewing on them as they are perfect for little hands.
  • John Lewis Caged Shape Sorter (£14) I really researched shape sorters for a LONG time before I settled for this one, this one doesn't open up easily and has 8 different shapes in various colours. I also use these in conjunction with colourful stacking cups to try and teach her colour sorting. A very educational toy indeed - highly recommended!
  • Haba Sunni Clutching Toy (£7.99) I couldn't resist the sweet face of this sun toy. The rays are perfect for little fingers and it makes a great teether. Haba toys are of excellent quality and Esra loves it. I usually carry this in my change bag as it packs very nicely.
  • Haba Rosella Toy (£6) The arms of this toy make great teethers as they have beads attached to it. It's also a fantastic rattle that isn't too loud. I know that at first glance it looks dangerous with the beads but I assure you its very well constructed and I would never give Esra a toy without doing a tests on it myself. This toy is completely safe!
  • Manhattan Toy Colour burst Skwish (£12.50) This toy is so stimulating for a young baby, if your baby is around 3-4 months old then definitely get this for them. The colourful beads move when shaken to create a calming sound, it's also skwishable, so as baby develops they can pull and tug at it too. It's also great for rolling around to encourage crawling.

(Classic pop up toy)

Update on Esra at 9 and a half months: She is a professional crawler, she has been crawling for almost 2 months now, she stands unaided and is an amateur climber. She is able to get DVDs off shelves and is always up to something! :) I have ordered her THIS wooden walker with patterned blocks and I'm sure she will love it. She has THIS walk 'n' rock walker but it hasn't been of great use as I had anticipated. She only has one tooth but she has really sore gums which makes feeding her a challenge.

What type of toys are your favourite


EilidhPie said…
The abacus looks like fun. I'm not bothered if toys are wooden or plastic, so long as they are affordable and suit my boy. Currently Aiden (6months) loves anything that squeaks! Xo
Safiyya said…
My boys' (25 and 11 months) favorite toys are not their own, but the laptop, phones and occasionally balls and those big toy cars where they can sit on.. Sigh, most toys we have they don't play with.. Oooh they do like duplo blocks too!

Bless you, love S.
Muhsine Emin said…
@EilidhPie Squeaky toys are fantastic!

@Safiyya Oh yes, mobile phones and remote controls are apparently the BEST toys :)
Unknown said…
My daughter is 17 months . Her fav toys are my starbucks coffee cups, my iPhone , and laptop

I recently
Got her we own pretend laptop and she loves it. She carries it around like she is going to the office lol
Muhsine Emin said…
@Mehreen lol - I had a post office set when I was little and I REALLY loved it!!! Must get Esra a toy laptop :) I got her a toy phone but it doesn't get as much love as my phone :)
Shadowy Lady said…
Thanks for sharing this Mushine. I'm guilty of already buying wooden toys and my daughter is not due till Aug 28th.

I have that Sunni toy already! I saw it and it was too cute to resist. Will add the rest to my wishlist
Anonymous said…
I like the Abascus. So great!
Reminds me of my own childhood :D
Very colorful ...

Hira said…
This is such a cute cute post Muhsine... I'm not a mother yet INshAllah will be one in the future but I just thought this was adorable!
Unknown said…
Wooden toys are safe for babies and are best to be played with for children below 2 years old. I love the Abacus!

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Unknown said…
I love your baby posts!
When our Jo was 9 months, she was really into wooden toys too. These are super cute.
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MIke@TheIronYou said…
Wooden toys feel very old fashion but they look so sofisticated!
Marijana said…
Wow...so cool ... I love those toys...so colorful :)
Marijana said…
Wow...so cool ... I love those toys...so colorful :)
Elizabeth Lore said…
Love this!! :)) And my son too. :))
Charlotte said…
This is such a cute post!
Gracey Williams said…
Oh my gosh I haven't visited your blog in a while! The last time I was here you were still pregnant. I'm so happy that everything went well for you! :) I was wondering if you could tell me what camera you use to do your shots? I'm currently looking for a new one and your pictures look fabulous!
kerrin said…
can't believe it took me this long to find this fabulous blog! x
Matkasse said…
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Path labs Delhi said…
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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