Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Illamasqua 'Speckle' + RCM Nail Update!

Today I painted my nails in 'Speckle' from Illamasqua's latest Spring collection! I absolutely love it and wish I had every colour, it totally looks like 'mini eggs' and it applied rather nicely with 3 coats! Watch the Vine video I made HERE. (The new app that I think I'm in love with.)


My gel manicure lasted 5 days. Not good.

I noticed a tiny chip on my right index finger the very next day but assumed that I perhaps didn't insert my finger into the lamp properly and carried on enjoying my manicure. However, the chip grew and a little bit of it peeled off.

Today on day 5 of the manicure I noticed raising creating an uneven surface on my left hand, my nails kept hooking onto things and this made me very irritated. Out of curiosity I tried to peel it off and guess what it came off!! I wasn't able to remove the entire manicure by peeling it off so had to soak it in an acetone remover wrapped with foil which did the job.Ermmmm not what you expect from a 2-3 week gel manicure! In all fairness I do plenty of cleaning, washing dishes & washing my hands a million times a day so it didn't really stand a chance? I haven't had any other type of gel manicure so can't compare. I can't even blame myself for application as a professional did it for me at the QVC event, she did 3 thin coats so I don't know what to complain about. Just that this gel manicure isn't for me!! 
I have however spoken to Nicola and she says the RCM lasts 2 weeks on her with no problems, so maybe it's just me?! Furthermore, I got bored of the colour too quickly. Enough said.

What's your thoughts on 'Speckle' and gel nail polish?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Esra's Wardrobe...

Hi girls, hope you are having a great day!

Today's post is on Esra's wardrobe, I posted the picture below on Instagram and am now dedicating a whole post on it. You know that space in our flat is limited so I have to make every inch count!

The wardrobe we have is a standard 2 door wardrobe from Ikea from the 'Aspelund' range. But I have made quite a few tweaks to make the most of the space whilst making it pretty! (I have cleared some of her headbands out as they are too small, I will be making some more - hence the empty slots!)

Esra is now 16 months and I can't believe the amount of clothes she has. Well I can her mummy is a bit of a lunatic shopper. I iron all of her clothes and fold them properly before I place them in her cupboard, it just saves me time in the long run. I don't do this procedure for my clothes! :) To think I started off with 2 drawers in a dresser, funny how it expands!

You all know I'm a crochet addict and this wardrobe isn't complete without a handmade crochet bunting. It makes me smile and Esra giggle when we are choosing clothes to wear!

The hangers were using are multicoloured plastic ones from Asda. I generally organise by type or colour. 
For example all her coats are on the right, then majority of her tops on the left and dresses in the middle,but I have also grouped all of the denim together.

 Inside the left door of her wardrobe I have used double sided tape to attach clear plastic pockets to store her crochet hairbands. A nice DIY job for a Sunday. Do it, it's so satisfying to see them all in a row!


The inside of the right door has some hats, bags, fairy wings and swimwear in the linen bag which I have hung by placing tiny nails inside. Using the inside of doors is such a clever idea, you can buy all sorts of things! Make sure you are utilising your space!


One of the best ways to maximise space is shelving. To create more storage below I have added a wooden shoe rack which fits perfectly inside. 
PLEASE NOTE: This is an adult size wardrobe and not a kids version therefore I have more space to work with. I think the shoe rack was from Ikea too.

I have used boxes and baskets to store her folded items and bits and bobs!  

The pink baskets are from 'Butlers' and the bird ones are DVD boxes from Ikea which I covered the front of with cute scrapbook paper. I then labelled a few things with my Dymo! Crazy woman, like I don't already know what's in them! But what if I ask the husbo for something? I just tell him to check the labels! :)

The upper shelf has bottoms, Pj's and tops & vests! The rest are hats, gloves, shoes, tights, socks, hair name it it's in there!

 On the lower bottom shelf I have her blankets and bed sheets.

How do you store your clothes and do you have any tips to save space?

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Illamasqua - I'MPERFECTION

Nothing is perfect, only uniquely beautiful; in fact within the word 'imperfect' live two words that challenge it - 'I'm perfect'. Alex Box

I'mperfection the latest Spring collection from Illamasqua....

The products I will be mainly discussing are these beauties...

The Brush.

A push up bra for your cheeks? This new angled brush aims to redefine the way we apply blusher. It's specifically designed for powder blusher and is applied to the contour of your cheekbone and then pushed up! To me, this makes total sense as I hate covering a large surface area with blusher which looks totally wrong for my face shape. I've tried this brush and it works great for me although I am very tempted to use it for bronzer!

The Blusher Duo.

There are 3 different blush duo's and this one is 'duo 1' which includes 'Lover' & 'Hussy'.

The swatches are true to colour and perfect for Spring/Summer. I have owned 'Lover' before and it's such a wearable shade! Both shades are extremely pigmented and have a matte finish.

Here are some swatches of the other duos... I love the paler cooler pinks on the right.

The Nail Polishes.

The polishes are just amazing. I love them all and can't really pick a favourite. 

The matte speckle finish nail polishes are inspired by the fragility, colour and speckled beauty of a birds egg. 


Taupe 'Freckle', Blue 'Fragile', Green 'Mottle', Pink 'Scarce' & Lilac 'Speckle'.

Mini egg nails here I come!

Immodest Lipstick.

This shade just screams at you, it's a perfect blend of pink and coral with a matte finish. 

It's extremely pigmented but be can be dabbed on for a muted look. However, be warned it needs a lip balm as it can be drying due to the matte texture.


The collection launches on 31st of January. Find out more HERE.

What are your thoughts on the 'I'mperfection' collection? 

Friday, 25 January 2013

QVC Beauty Bash 2013...

Good morning everyone! Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending not one but two events. This morning I'm blogging about the 'Beauty Bash' hosted by QVC where over 50 prestigious brands including Liz Earle, Ojon, Elemis, Decleor, Nails Inc, Benefit and many more were available to give treatments, advice and information of the latest beauty news!

QVC has a special place in my heart as I have shopped from there for years and I would review products on their website before I even started blogging!


Red Carpet Manicure - The 'At Home' Gel Manicure that lasts for weeks.

I was whisked off for a gel manicure by 'RCM' which offers salon quality gel manicures at home using LED light technology. Now, I have never had a gel manicure before so I'm excited and curious to be testing it out. The gel manicure claims to last 2-3 weeks which is amazing particularly if you are a busy mum or don't get around do painting your nails as often as you like. The 'At home' system means it's cheaper for your wallet and you save time by not going to the salon and reapplying as often as you would do a normal polish. It's also not damaging to the nails and once removed reveals completely healthy nails.

Oh and as an FYI, the owner (pictured bottom right) of Seche Vite the most amazing topcoat is also the owner of Red Carpet Manicure. So, you know this RCM system is TOP QUALITY!

The Red Carpet gel manicure and pedicure are applied in three simple steps: Preparation, Care & Colour and Finish. Read more HERE. Every coat is held under the LED light for 45 seconds which is automatically set which cures the nails for weeks. The trick is to apply very thin coats and build up the colour gradually.
Did you also know that you can still apply a layer of normal polish over the top and remove it with an acetone free remover and still keep the gel colour underneath? Very clever.
Here's me getting my nails done by the lovely Katy....

I opted for the shade 'Red Carpet Reddy' which is a classic red shade that I felt suited my freshly cut nails! I love the glossy finish and really hope it lasts as long as it claims which I'm almost certain it will, it has such a smoother and stronger finish than normal nail polish. I feel an addiction coming on! Can you imagine how long a gel pedicure would last? I want!

QVC recently had a TSV which sold out but there's an even better TSV set launching on Tuesday 19th February which is going to be amazing value - approx £60 for 3 polishes, LED light, preparation, care and removal products or if you can't wait check HERE for other deals available on QVC.

Thank you for a wonderful experience at everyone at RCM and QVC!

Benefit 'Fine one one'

I checked out the Benefit counter to feast my eyes on their latest product which sold out in 2 minutes on QVC. I say it's the must have Summer product for a glowing peachy cheek! It's a cream to powder finish colour trio which blends out beautifully and oh so easy to apply. I don't need to say much as the photos speak for themselves.

You can apply softly for a sheer finish or go as heavy as you like which makes it suitable for even deeper skin tones. The shade reminds me of 'Coralista' and has a glowy sheen finish without any glitter or shimmer, the consistency feels like velvet and is very light and natural looking. LOVE!


They have some new feather polishes and bright summery shades to keep an eye out for!

We were given a fabulous goody bag and I ate that cupcake as soon as I got home with a cup of tea!

There were a few products that immediately caught my eye!

  • OPI - San Tan-Tonio This colour just reminds me of the beach! 
  • NAILS INC - Haymarket This colour is the Tiffany Blue, I put a Tiffany box next to it for colour reference. 
  • LAURA GELLER - Moonstone / Blue Heaven Baked Mineral E/S Gorgeous shade& pigmentation.  
  • YBF - Eyebrow Pencil This is amazing, I'm growing out my eyebrows and this is THE BEST eyebrow product I have tried. (I will be doing an eyebrow post soon.)

What's your opinion on gel nails and other products mentioned and do you shop from QVC?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

When pink makes you happy...

Today's post is simply about pink. Pink rubber inserts for eyelash curlers to be precise.

What possessed me? Well the ordinary black one that comes with the Shu Uemura curlers got a slit in them due to wear and tear. BE WARNED! do not use them like this as they will snap your eyelashes off! I tried to pick some replacement ones from Mac and Boots and they didn't have any so off to Amazon I went as I didn't want to spend more money on the original Shu Uemura ones.

I ordered some pink rubber refills and they fit perfectly, I have been using them for over a week now and they work exactly the same! I would totally recommend them if you would like to save some money and prettify your curlers. See original review of the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers HERE where I compare them to the Mac ones.

 Happy, happy, happy! 


How much? £2.68 for a 4 pack available HERE.

I love it when simple little things just brighten up my day!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year and 15 Month Esra Update!

Here's to a healthy happy and fun filled 2013! 

Here's Esra's excited face! OK it's actually 'OMG it's the flash I must make a funny face' face.

Esra is 15 months old. I actually can't believe it, it feels like only yesterday she was born. Each and every moment is precious and I love every moment of being a mama. Oh apart from the tiredness part, but coffee or a nap does the trick!

Dress: Zara
Grey Top,Tights and Boots: H&M
Headband: Made by me the night before!

 She has 6 full teeth and some are on their way out. Her personality is shining through and for the most part she's quite a shy baby but blossoms as soon as she gets comfortable. She LOVES dancing to 'Gangnam Style' and Turkish music. She does different hand gestures according to each song, it's the cutest thing in the world. She still uses a dummy, however I only try to give it to her when she's about to sleep or screaming whilst mummy is trying to shop! She's quite a fussy eater and only eats relatively small meals but is still doing good for her age and percentile group. She LOVES fruit and blueberries are her absolute favourite! She's a bundle of joy and I cherish every moment with her!

I snapped this last pic as she was lying on the floor after she got bored of smiling for the camera. PERFECT!

Wishing you all a lovely day! xXx