Illamasqua - I'MPERFECTION

Nothing is perfect, only uniquely beautiful; in fact within the word 'imperfect' live two words that challenge it - 'I'm perfect'. Alex Box

I'mperfection the latest Spring collection from Illamasqua....

The products I will be mainly discussing are these beauties...

The Brush.

A push up bra for your cheeks? This new angled brush aims to redefine the way we apply blusher. It's specifically designed for powder blusher and is applied to the contour of your cheekbone and then pushed up! To me, this makes total sense as I hate covering a large surface area with blusher which looks totally wrong for my face shape. I've tried this brush and it works great for me although I am very tempted to use it for bronzer!

The Blusher Duo.

There are 3 different blush duo's and this one is 'duo 1' which includes 'Lover' & 'Hussy'.

The swatches are true to colour and perfect for Spring/Summer. I have owned 'Lover' before and it's such a wearable shade! Both shades are extremely pigmented and have a matte finish.

Here are some swatches of the other duos... I love the paler cooler pinks on the right.

The Nail Polishes.

The polishes are just amazing. I love them all and can't really pick a favourite. 

The matte speckle finish nail polishes are inspired by the fragility, colour and speckled beauty of a birds egg. 


Taupe 'Freckle', Blue 'Fragile', Green 'Mottle', Pink 'Scarce' & Lilac 'Speckle'.

Mini egg nails here I come!

Immodest Lipstick.

This shade just screams at you, it's a perfect blend of pink and coral with a matte finish. 

It's extremely pigmented but be can be dabbed on for a muted look. However, be warned it needs a lip balm as it can be drying due to the matte texture.


The collection launches on 31st of January. Find out more HERE.

What are your thoughts on the 'I'mperfection' collection? 


Unknown said…
I cannot wait to try out the new blusher brush! You are right though, I think it would work well with bronzer too.

Also loving the speckled nail polish, I always love hearing about new nail effects :)

- Allie x

Allie UK Blog
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I seriously want to try that blush brush - it looks amazing for contouring, so I would be majorly tempted too! The nail varnish is so interesting and different, I'm definitely intrigued by it! xx
Tuba said…
I love Illamasqua's take on beauty. They always come up with inspiring new collections instead of recycling old ideas. The brush has tickled my interest :) Can't wait to check it out!
Unknown said…
the mini-egg nail polishes look awesome! x
Jennifer said…
The brush looks very intriguing! Ohh and I love the look of the blusher duos x
Imogen said…
I think I need that brush, I'm a total fail with blush <3
jennie said…
I love the look of this collection so much! I already have the lover & hussy duo and I absolutely love it, I've now got my eye on the pinkier duo & the brush!

Jennie xo |
Robyn said…
I'm so excited for the blush brush! Glad to see Lover in a duo, it's my favourite!
Supergirl said…
Wow, those polishes looks very pretty:)
Fleur said…
Oooh, I'd kind of like to try all of this! Especially the blush and brush - gorgeous. I love Illamasqua blushes anyway and those look gorgeous. xo
The CSI girls said…
That brush looks amazing but i would absolutely DIE to own those nail polishes!!!

They look amazing. I'm a big fan of mini eggs so why not have nails like them too! ;)
Lou said…
This brush looks awesome! I need to try it!
Selina said…
The lipstick looks amazing! It's one of those colours that would certainly brighten up your face!! Hmmm might have to check out the brush when i'm next in London!
Fae said…
The nail varnishes look gorgeous! Need these shades in my life haha. This is possibly the prettiest Illamasqua collection of all times xx
Zayba S. said…
OMG that lipstick looks gorgeous! I wonder if I can pull it off.. be sure to post a pic when you wear it Muhsine!
Alicia Kay said…
Omg! That blush duo, lipstick, and brush NEED to be added to my collection. Absolutely gorgeous.
Crystalnextdoor said…
That pink lipstick looks so perfect and bright for spring!
Anonymous said…
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