Sunday, 10 February 2013

Eating Clean!

'Don't give up what you want most, for what you want at the moment.'

I have been eating 'clean' for the past 9 days and wanted to do a little update on here for you. I started a food diary with Instagram and named myself the 'officialfooddiary' and promised myself to photograph EVERYTHING I EAT. 

So far so good, here are a few shots from the past week....

I challenge everyone who wants to make better healthier choices with food to also start a photographic food diary. It has kept me on track and kept me motivated. I have sometimes wanted to take a few scoops from the peanut butter jar but changed my mind due to 'oh I can't be bothered to photograph that now'. It's silly but it works. Obviously, I'm staying true to myself and I'm doing this for myself. I follow fellow instagrammers who also sometimes update their meals and snacks and it's great to share ideas, inspire and be inspired.

View my 'official food diary' updated in real time HERE.

I'm trying to lower my carbs to 70-100g per day, and not eating carbs for dinner. I have increased my protein intake to help repair muscle and essentially for my body to burn fat for fuel instead of energy from carbs. Read up on ketosis and do your own research for detailed info. I am not inviting negative comments, I'm going to be doing high carb days too. I'm not counting calories but assume I'm doing just under the recommended amount. I check the fat, sat fat and carb content of EVERYTHING.

I wouldn't class myself as being unhealthy before but I was certainly not eating the most nutritious foods and made a lot of bad choices snacking and took far too much sugar with my coffee. I was only a part time clean eater! Everyone seems to think I am back to my pre baby weight but I'm NOT! I know how to disguise the not so flattering bits with clever choices of clothing. I have quite a few pounds to lose and am confident that I will achieve my goal. I have left it so long because I have been comfortable with my weight and didn't see it being a big deal if I stayed the same. But no, I want my exact pre baby - honeymoon body back and better! :)

A few months ago I calorie counted and lost 8lbs in 8days, but I was HUNGRY and the weight just crept back on. For me, calorie counting is really obsessive but it does work if you keep it up. I'm not for yoyo dieting or funky diets. Lower your carbs and eat healthy nutritious food and lose weight the slower way and then you will keep the weight off and you will have had a lifestyle change.

After 9 days I feel amazing, I feel so much better within myself and I know that it's going to get better. However, the first 3 days my body was in shock and I was extremely tired. I then experienced bloating, which is really weird and think if anything the opposite should happen, but healthy food contains a lot of fibre and protein causes a lot of gas! *Boo* but I have read that fennel tea and just water with lemon juice helps which I will be trying soon.

I didn't weigh myself at the beginning purely because my scales battery was out, but in a way I'm glad because sometimes when you see that you have lots only 1 pound for example it can be disheartening and keep you off track. I did take measurements and photos. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning, right it down and not jump on the scales for another week. 

Eating healthy combined with exercise - cardio and weight training will get me the body I need but hitting the gym is proving difficult with a 1 year old, I sometimes try to workout at home but it doesn't go down to well.

I'm not in a rush to lose weight, but would like to be more toned and live a healthier lifestyle and am so proud that I have been eating clean. I love what I have been eating, I'm not hungry and the food is yummy! I enjoy cooking and coming up with different sauces and side dishes, I can't eat the same thing everyday so always change it up! 

Here's to a healthier lifestyle!

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Friday, 1 February 2013

Eye Want Candy!

Clinique have launched chubby sticks for the eyes which in my opinion is going to be a must have for your beach holiday makeup bag!

The bloggers event was yesterday and it was definitely candy for your eyes!

There are 12 available shades which have a sheer formula but still surprisingly pigmented and the colour can be built up and mixed with other shades to create your own unique blend. 

Here are some swatches of the lighter warmer shades...

And swatches of the darker cooler shades...

Here's also a photo of Zara's fabulous hand (don't kill me) with all of the shades and taken with flash. 

My favourites have to be the 'Bountiful beige' which will work as a fabulous highlight colour perfect for Summer, 'Pink & Plenty' a pinky coral, both the greens which remind me of Mac - 'Sumptuous Olive' and 'Humid' oh and the navy which will be perfect for a smokey eye.

These shadow tints for the eyes are claimed to be crease proof but I haven't tried them on my eyes properly yet so will report back with some looks to give you a better opinion. I also think these will work great as bases for powder eye shadows to make them pop even more.

What's next from Clinique? I don't know but I vote for Chubby concealer.

What are your thoughts on the new chubby sticks for the eyes?