Eye Want Candy!

Clinique have launched chubby sticks for the eyes which in my opinion is going to be a must have for your beach holiday makeup bag!

The bloggers event was yesterday and it was definitely candy for your eyes!

There are 12 available shades which have a sheer formula but still surprisingly pigmented and the colour can be built up and mixed with other shades to create your own unique blend. 

Here are some swatches of the lighter warmer shades...

And swatches of the darker cooler shades...

Here's also a photo of Zara's fabulous hand (don't kill me) with all of the shades and taken with flash. 

My favourites have to be the 'Bountiful beige' which will work as a fabulous highlight colour perfect for Summer, 'Pink & Plenty' a pinky coral, both the greens which remind me of Mac - 'Sumptuous Olive' and 'Humid' oh and the navy which will be perfect for a smokey eye.

These shadow tints for the eyes are claimed to be crease proof but I haven't tried them on my eyes properly yet so will report back with some looks to give you a better opinion. I also think these will work great as bases for powder eye shadows to make them pop even more.

What's next from Clinique? I don't know but I vote for Chubby concealer.

What are your thoughts on the new chubby sticks for the eyes?


They look lovely, great idea! x

Εvi said…
Kudos to Clinique for thinking outside the box, these cream eyeshadows in a pencil form sound amazing! I really want to give them a try!

Katie x said…
oo these look gorgeous. I imagine them to be similar to NYX jumbo pencils.
I totally agree with you about the chubby concealer, how amazing would that be?!

Jodie Melissa said…
These look really nice, wouldn't usually try anything like this but I would love to give it a go! The sweets in the background also look pretty good!
Zara said…
Eww my hand looks so retarded lol!
Unknown said…
I love your blog!!!

It's so cute!!!


Unknown said…
I love your blog!!!

It's so cute!!!


Joy said…
Wow! So many pretty colors! Beautiful swatches!

Unknown said…
wow, there very pretty, they sound great, really want to give these a go, I am a sucker for sweeties so those sweets in the background look yummy, really loving your blog lately, if you have time do pop over and say hi! xxxx
Danielle said…
I have the chubby sticks for your lips but I didn't know they were doing eyes too. Looks awesome!

fameliquorlove.blogspot.com xx
Wish we had such a blogger event here. The chubby sticks look nice.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews
Unknown said…
there all so lovely, i want them all x

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Abigail said…
these are amazing! i love the warm shades most! seem so easy to apply too!
Natalia said…
These look amazing! x
Allana said…
These look amazing! I would like to try one of the darker shades.
Great idea :)

Allycia said…
Definitely need these. The colors are gorgeous! Great post!!

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