FOTD & Hair update...

I dyed the roots of my hair again yesterday and my hair feels so fresh, it probably also has to do with the fact that I got a haircut too at the actual hairdressers and didn't trim it myself! :)

I used Boots 'Botanicals' bitter chocolate brown and I really like that it's a cool shade and doesn't pull any red through, definitely one to keep repurchasing.

Loving the layers, the shortest layer at the front comes halfway down to my chin when pulled straight. I went to my trusty Turkish hairdresser and he always does the best cut!

To get this soft layered look, I blowdried my hair and rolled up and pinned the sections as I was going along, I usually use velcro rollers too but had no time for that! The result was a soft and 'not too in your face' look.

I have been using L'oreal's 'Ever Riche' No Sulphates shampoo & conditioner for a few weeks now for very dry rebellious hair, and I LOVE it, it's been so gentle and cleansing on my hair and I love the condition that it's in. Usually, with ombre I would have opted for a purple shampoo as not to turn my hair colour brassy, but I haven't felt the need. I also like the fact that the shampoo froths up unlike other non sulphate shampoos. The conditioner is also great, detangles yet doesn't leave a layer of wax.

Although looking at this picture, perhaps I do need a purple conditioning treatment of some sort, maybe I will just use more of Lush's 'Marilyn' or get a toner from Sally's.

On my face I am wearing:

Garnier BB cream 'light'
Mac studio finish concealer 'NC30'
Soleil tan de channel
Sleek Luminous pressed powder '02'
No7 'Stay precice' felt tip eyeliner
No7 'Extravagent Volume' Mascara
Mac 'Cork' e/s in the crease
Mac 'Plink' lipstick

My makeup is always pretty simple and just enough as to not make me look tired! *pass me the coffee* 

I need to do an update on my clean eating and weight loss *I will*, I now have more followers on that Instagram account than this actual blog! Thank you all so much for your continued support. I feel so much better within myself hence this 'face of the day'. I stopped taking pictures of myself for a while as I just didn't feel confident which in essence lead to the lack of updates on this blog.... Back in action baby and expect more outfit posts too! Woooo! :)

Speak soon. xXx


Supergirl said…
Wow dear!!! You look amazing:) Love your hair:) Saw it on Instagram already!
Unknown said…
Your hair looks gorgeous! I'm getting my hair cut today, not sure how to get it done!

Hannah x
Unknown said…
beautiful x
My ♥ Passion said…
Canim hangi kuaföre gittin? Sac kesmi icin ve Ombre icin? Cok begendim! Ara sira Londraya ugradigim icin bende giderim :)
Soph. said…
Looking lovely
Josephine said…
Love the hair! Love the transition to the lighter colour!
Katrina said…
your hair looks great! lovin' the colors and the layers. :)
faye lu said…
you look ahhhmazing. loving the layers and volume xx
Ana Petrović said…
your hair is just perfect!!!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous hair and make up. You are such a glamorous mum! Hannah x
rita said…
your hair looks amazing!! x said…
You look gorgeous! Your new hair really suits you. It looks amazing!
You look stunning Muhsine! I had no idea that you felt less confident earlier - you always look so gorgeous! But it's great that you are back in action on your blog - it's been one of my favorites for a LONG time now :-)

Of course - I'm totally hooked on your IG account too LOL - so many great food ideas!

MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥
ion dumitrescu said…
nice blog !
Lilladylife said…
you look phenomenal!! great job with the color and cut!!
tahitian88 said…
You look absolutely stunning! You always have, and most importantly your inner beauty has always matched your outer beauty. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you for all of your wonderful sweet comments :) xxx

@my passion - Ombre'yi kendim yaptim bi onceki postlarda anlatiyorum. x
LuLu said…
Your hair looks gorgeous. And wonderful blog all the way around.

Breakfast After 10
yoginiruns said…
Your weightloss is amazing and thank you so much for the low down on the diet.
Yummy Mummy
Anonymous said…
You are so gorgeous!!!! I really like your blog and your posts are brilliant!

Hope you can stop by my blog soon and say hi


Louise said…
Hello Muhsine ,

I'm taking the freedom of leaving you a comment because I'm currently working on a fashion-related dissertation for my MSc. I'm doing a survey about the perception of young women towards today's luxury brands ads, and if you, or any of your lovely reader, could take 5 mins and complete it, it would be of much much help :)
Here the link of my survey:
Thank you!

Olivia Noel said…
Oh wow I love your hair :)
Anonymous said…
hair looks amazing! x
Unknown said…
You hair looks fabulous!

Unknown said…
Your hair looks great...I've always wished I could pull off darker hair!
Tanya said…
Gorgeous hair!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
very gorgeous look of your blog!

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