Thursday, 29 August 2013

Five Favourites!

Five favourites that I have been loving the past month are...

  • HOLLISTER Tippers Beach Body Mist - This is such a yummy light floral scent with orange, jasmine & vanilla bean, addicted to spraying this right after my shower. 
  • FUDGE URBAN Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray - This has a strong yet natural hold and leaves your hair smelling delicious, now who doesn't want yummy hair?
  • REN GLYCOLACTIC Radiance Renewal Mask - This mask contains natural fruit acids to exfoliate the skin and renew the surface, I have used this a few times now and my skin feels refreshed and much softer the next morning. A definite must for tired skin!
  • BENEFIT Fake Up Concealer - Speaking of tired, I always have dark circles under my eyes due to lack of sleep, this smooth balm instantly makes them disappear whilst hydrating them and making the eye area appear more youthful. I lost it for a while and I REALLY freaked out! :)
  • Maybelline Brow Pencil (Soft Brown) - I purchased this on a whim as I didn't want to fork out the extra £'s for a Mac pencil and I actually really love it and prefer it to any other eyebrow product I have ever used, a new staple for sure!! It's natural, soft looking and makes my eyebrows look much fuller.

A closeup of the 2 makeup favourites..


As you can see the concealer is very creamy and the shade 02 medium is perfect for my skin tone. 
The eyebrow pencil looks really dark but once applied it's really waxy and the colour transfers quite lightly and is buildable which is perfect when working with your eyebrows.

 And here's me sporting everything I just mentioned.

Yes I had a haircut! I wanted something different and it feels so much fresher and am enjoying it so far. 

What products have been your favourites this month and have you used any of the products I mentioned? If so, what are your thoughts?

Friday, 23 August 2013

MUMMY LIFE - Toddler Wardrobe Storage!

I have indeed reorganised little miss Esra's wardrobe. She's almost 2 years old and has a much nicer organisation system than me. I tried to do it on a low budget but using things I already had, continue reading to see my techniques...

As she's growing her clothes are getting bigger and bigger and having just the one rail and lots of boxes under it wasn't suiting me anymore, it was beginning to turn into a mess so operation reorganisation began and I love the end result. I have been using it like this for a couple of weeks now but was waiting on some hangers so I could finally update.

Esra's little corner.. (yes, I rearranged the bedroom)

I'm going to start from top and explain my way down. I have stored her shoes up top in a box as she likes to wake up in the morning and try on all her shoes and walk around, so to prevent that they are now out of reach. Her pyjamas and tops / t-shirts are also stored in boxes.

The boxes were actually cardboard amazon boxes which I covered with pink wrapping paper and added floral paper from 'paper chase' to the front panel, I then secured ends with washi tape to prevent the paper from curling and then made little tags and added belle and boo postcards to make it even cuter. The wooden love heart pegs were from 'Amazon'. Mama is crazy, I do know. But, Esra gets so happy when she see's her wardrobe and I love it! :)

I had been thinking about adding another rail, but the wardrobe I have (Ikea aspelund -adult size) isn't really kit out for it. So, I purchased a curtain rod, and secured it with some chains and a glue gun and it has worked out great which enables me to double hang.

I had multicoloured plastic hangers before and they drove me mad, as the colours always got in a muddle. I purchased the JVL pink velvet hangers, and now none of her clothes slide off which is perfect. I also purchased some pink clip trouser hangers from 'hangerworld' which didn't look that bright on the online picture but it does the job.  Luckily her skirts are small enough to fit around the normal hangers.

I added pretty floral paper on the inside of the cupboards, just because. Her handbands are still in clear plastic pockets which I fixed with double sided tape and selotape, but this time I used bigger pockets and organised them by colour instead of putting each one individually which is quicker when in a rush. Her clips are also attached onto little brown tags which I secured with washi tape.

I added hooks on the inside of the cupboards so that I could hang her accessories on. It's so important to make the most of every space, really don't forget to make use of the inside of your cupboard doors.

On the bottom I have 3 containers for her socks & tights, summer stuff such as swimwear & hats and winter stuff such as wooly hats & scarves. I also store extra hangers at the bottom, and theres a clear container for her bloomers that match her dresses. Covering, the front panels of boxes, make a huge difference, do it too! :)

I hope that some of my organisation techniques can help you and inspire you to do a little organising. How do you store your clothes? My wardrobe is still a work in progress, but I have started on that mission again too!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Skin Care Haul...

It's been forever I know, I feel like Instagram has kind of killed my blogging vibe. But, I have decided to share my beauty related things back on the blog! *Woop woop*

Today I did some shopping as we are supposed to be going on holiday at the end of the month and I left for flip flops and came home with skin care! But, I did get one pair of pink flip flops from the accesorize sale! :)

My skin has been messing up lately, and I have been wanting to try something new and here's what I have opted for...
  • Argon oil - This is 100% pure argan oil which I purchased from Amazon with a cheaper price tag than the known brands. I have been using this on my face as a night time moisturiser for a few days now and I really feel like it's been helping heal my scars.
  • REN - I have decided to try the REN kit for combination skin which includes sample sizes of the cleansing gel, day fluid and face mask. The mini set was £12 and I hope I love it, my T-zone has been so oily and I  have never tried skin care specifically catered for combo skin, as I have always opted for the sensitive ranges. I'm hoping these will work a treat, I also have my eye on their BB cream, and retinoid night treatment.
  • Nourish - I have been using the replenishing peptide serum on and off, and I was given a few samples to try today which I'm intrigued to try out. It's a really nice refreshing natural brand that it also quite affordable.
  • SoPhyto - PH optimizing restorative toner - says it all really, a toner that balances the ph level of your skin, yes please!

FYI: I purchased everything but the argon oil from 'planet organic' in store.

Good skin obviously comes from within, and I got a couple of new teas today. Yes 'TEA', oh no I hope I don't do 'tea hauls' on a regular basis! 

Pukka 'Harmonis' organic rose, hibiscus & sweet vanilla tea - Sounds amazing doesn't it?
Higher Living - Green Tea Chai - Love green tea, and love chai tea so a perfect combo!
Keep Cup - I have been wanting one of these forever, but hesitated as I couldn't decide on the colour I wanted :) yes, I'm a bit weird like that. Today I finally got the grey cup with peach lid and pink centre, it's so pretty and I can't wait to transport my tea/coffee on the go!! :)

Have you tried any REN products? And what are your favourite toners and teas?