Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cat Makeup for Fancy Dress / Halloween

Last night I was a cat!

When hubby told me we had a fancy dress birthday party to go to I was a little confused to say the least. What does one dress as without spending much money?

Miawwwww! A cat of course. 

It was all in the makeup! (The photo I uploaded onto IG below)

I didn't have a specific look in mind when creating the cat makeup and kind of made it up as I went along to suit my facial features. I think it's important to do what suits you and not to copy a look entirely. Although feel free to copy this look as it's quite a soft look and one that you can't really go wrong with.

EYES - I started with UD primer potion, used washi tape to create the sharp line and used UD Naked2 palette - 'Blackout' to achieve the smokey look, blended it out with 'Busted' & 'Tease'  with 'Foxy' to highlight which I used over 'Benefit 'It stick'. I also used 'It stick' in my waterline. I used Mac 'Engraved' powerpoint pencil on my lower lash line, and then got a fine tip angled brush which I wet & used to drag out the colour and create two lower flicks for a more 'cat eye' feel as I knew I wasn't going to be drawing whiskers. I then blended the whole thing out with 'Busted' and sharpened the edges with concealer. I used black mascara & the corners of 'Sleek Makeup' fake lashes in 'Sphynx 231' which were fluttery yet natural. I used Mac 'Brun' e/s to fill in my brows.

SKIN - I used my beloved Mac 'Face & Body' foundation with Mac 130 small stippling brush after I had moisturised & spritzed Avene Thermal Spring Water to my face. I used Benefit 'Hoola' to contour and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer in medium to add colour. 

NOSE - I used Rimmel  eyebrow pencil in 'Hazel' to draw a small outline and applied a Clinique chubby crayon in pink as a base and used Mac 'Tippy' blush for the pink nose which i blended upwards. Initially I tried a small black nose but I couldn't stop staring at the centre of my face so wiped it off and opted for a pink nose which was more subtle & cuter in my opinion. I also used the Rimmel pencil to draw 3 dots on either sides on the upper parts of my lips.

LIPS - I used Loreal 'Honey' lipliner & Smashbox 'Pout' lipgloss.

For the outfit I got some black faux leather leggings from H&M for £14.99, made an amigurumi style crochet tail which I stuffed with pipe cleaners to make it twist & sewed it on, got some cat ears (£3.50 & long gloves £5.99) from a fancy dress shop (Escapade in Camden/London) & voila. Easy Peasy & affordable. I also teamed it with a vintage black leather belt to give it more character but anything will do as long as it's black.

The hubby was SWAT which suited him perfectly, there was a convict for him to arrest which was fun! :) Everyone had great outfits, the birthday boy was 'Zorro' which was very cool, there was a banana - yes a banana lol, Mario from Mario brothers, Shrek, a joker, Snow White and many more.

Are you dressing up for halloween? What would you be for a fancy dress party?

Friday, 20 September 2013

Style Finds for Autumn...

I found some lovely Autumnal pieces yesterday, I had been looking for a light jacket and some accessories and it's like H&M answered my prayers.

I'm so in love with this contrasting jacket, initially i wanted it in all black but once worn it lost the impact so opted for the pale grey shade instead. It fits perfectly and is a little different and definitely one to check out.

I'm definitely an accessories person and these were just my cup of tea.

I have wanted a massive floppy wool hat forever and so happy I found one for a bargain, it fits perfectly and I'm sure you will see an Instagram shot of me sporting it. The braided headband will be ideal to disguise mummy hair and hopefully still look somewhat cool. The black cap again will come in handy when I don't have time to do my hair. Do you see a pattern emerging? Well, I haven't worn a cap in forever and figured plain black will be acceptable. Roll on hat days!

I love mustard for Autumn and couldn't bypass this gorgeous snood!

What have you picked up from H&M lately?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Holiday Outifts...

I want to share with you some of the outfits I wore whilst on holiday, I obviously couldn't take a photo of every combination, but here are a few of the ones I did. I know it's miserable weather right now in London, but Antalya (Turkey) was about 38 degrees! You can see me getting darker in the photos :)

Here's what I wore to the airport...

Levi's Jeans, Asos sandals, Urban Outfitters slouchy jumper, lots of rings and 'OPI - Mod about you' nail polish, Accessorize bag, Urban Outiftters phone case.

Forever21 coral dress, I made the necklace and Asos sandals. 

Here's Esra wearing a beautiful white linen dress (it was a gift) and a daisy crochet headband I made.

Levi's jeans, Primark top, H&M necklace & belt and tan wedges.


Esra wearing an amazing white linen Romper from Target that was sent to her from auntie Ane all the way from America. I made her a crochet headband to match.

I wore Mac 'Lady Danger' lipstick several times, whilst on holiday and am so happy I have finally found a red that actually suits me and that I feel comfortable in. It's a beautiful matte orange toned red that has great pigmentation and lasting power if applied and reapplied over blotted lips. A few people asked how I got my hair this bouncy after sharing this photo on twitter, and I basically dried as normal and then flicked the ends out with tongs and then messed it up.

Denim shorts from Primark, red cutout 'Topshop' T-shirt, Asos sandals and H&M belt. + Mac 'Creme cup' lipstick.

Orange bodycon dress from 'love my celebrity dress', asos sandals and some gold spangly earrings somewhere under all that hair.

Denim dress from Hollister, Asos sandals, Topshop flower headband and Esra's dress was from primark that she insisted she wear with her neon pink converse.

Beach bag from Accessorize.

And on the final morning Esra wearing Gap shorts and Zara T-shirt.

I did quite well on the packing front, I took 3 pairs of flat sandals but mainly wore the asos sandals, a pair of wedges and a couple of flip flops for the beach. I pre packed my evening outfits in large zip loc bags with matching accessories and labeled them with what shoes I had planned to wear them with. I also did this with Esra which made life 10x easier and quicker when getting ready in the evenings which left me more time to do my makeup and hair, a win win situation!

Now I need some cosy socks, a cup of tea and a blanket. It feels very chilly in London, take me back to the sun already!

Airport Purchases...

Happy Sunday everyone, I have returned from our holiday in Antalya & wanted to share with you my two duty free purchases... and have a break from the dreaded holiday laundry. We had such a lovely relaxing time and these 2 products put an extra smile on my face! :)

ESTEE LAUDER 'Bronze Goddess' bronzer in medium
DOLCE & GABBANA 'Light Blue' Eau de toilette 50ml

I blame Michelle from Beauty& the Blog for the bronzer purchase. Thanks Michelle :)
The bronzer is quite a dark warm shade with extremely finely milled glitter that doesn't show up when transferred onto the skin, it's perfect for olive & tanned skin tones however I'm SO dark right now that it barely shows up, but it still adds a beautiful bronzed finish and makes my cheeks look much more defined and healthier. It's a lovely long wearing shade that can be worn in all seasons, it's perfect for Autumn to warm up those cold cheeks. Also you get a whopping 21g of product which will last me forever! :)
I purchased this as I wanted to try something new, benefit hoola (review here) and soleil tan de chanel (review here) were getting a little boring, the Dior matte bronzer in shade no2 is also lovely but again I wanted something new, bronzer addict? yes of course. 

Swatched below on my heavily tanned hand! :)

I have a zillion photos to sort through, and will probably post a few photos tomorrow. D&G Light blue, is a staple holiday scent for me, it reminds me of my honeymoon so obviously had to get it!

What do you buy at the airport and have you tried this bronzer?

Monday, 2 September 2013

MUMMY LIFE - Travelling with a toddler!

Esra is almost 2, no I can't believe it either. 
We are going on holiday soon and I wanted to share with you what I'm packing for Esra for the flight. Entertaining toddlers is a full time job.

Yes, it looks like I overpacked, and you are probably right...

I went for the 'Harley' ladybug Trunki & Cath Kidston large backpack.

Here's what's inside the rucksack...

It includes...
  • Colouring books 
  • Story books
  • Notepad
  • Stickers
  • Crayons 
  • Ipad + headphones & stand
  • Mini sports balls
  • Snacks (I got some organic sweets for her to help with the air pressure)
  • Balloons
  • Extra comfortable clothes
  • Water bottle
  • Red floral zip bag = Quick nappy change kit
  • Soft Toy (Manhattan toys - pea in a pod) I'm not taking her favourite soft toys as I'm scared she might lose them, she is familiar with this toy so should help her feel secure, I might swap it for a teddy from her bed though, not sure.
Busy Bags Include:
  • Building blocks
  • Lacing Cards
  • Plasticine 
  • Spiral drawing toy
  • Arts & Crafts kit (pipe cleaners, clothes pins, feathers, sequins etc)
  • Colour matching with lollipop sticks & pegs
  • Threading game made with pipe cleaners, straws & felt.
All of this weighs 4kg. Oops!

I gathered most of the busy bag items from the pound shop, I haven't showed them to her and I know that she will be interested in them. I also wont mind if they go missing as they are as cheap as chips. The girl loves anything circular, she loves balloons and balls so I have stocked up on those. However, I did invest in the 'Eric Carle' lacing cards which looked fun, but I'm only taking half the pack. I did tons of research on Pinterest and feel happy that I'm prepared, obviously she wont use all of these on the flight, it's only 4 hours and it's a night flight, so hopefully she will be asleep. But, I can use these on the beach, waiting for food and on the way back.

I have placed twistable Crayola crayons in a fabric roll I made AGES ago that was designed to be a brush roll. Gotta love multi use items!

I also got the matching 'Cath Kidston' purse as little madam is obsessed with organising and rearranging just like her mama :) I have placed stickers, cards and odd little bits for her to play around with. I can just bring this out the bag and we will have calm! :) Well, that's the plan anyway.

The Trunki is hand luggage that's full of nappies & wipes!

Beep beep, ladybug coming through! Esra has had plenty of fun riding this around the house, so hopefully should be a hit if our flight is delayed at the airport.

I have also added a blanket as flights can be cold, theres a bottle and lots of nappies as pictured along with swimming nappies. FYI: This weighs 5.1kg exactly.

and that's all folks.

Her clothes are in my suitcase and I have packaged all of her evening outfits individually with matching accessories in ziploc bags. Her day clothes are just folded and randomly placed inside, I ironed everything so that I can take it easier on holiday, her swim suits, pool stuff and beach toys are going to be in Daddy's suitcase. I think I'm doing well.....

What do you think? Any tips on travelling with a toddler?