Cat Makeup for Fancy Dress / Halloween

Last night I was a cat!

When hubby told me we had a fancy dress birthday party to go to I was a little confused to say the least. What does one dress as without spending much money?

Miawwwww! A cat of course. 

It was all in the makeup! (The photo I uploaded onto IG below)

I didn't have a specific look in mind when creating the cat makeup and kind of made it up as I went along to suit my facial features. I think it's important to do what suits you and not to copy a look entirely. Although feel free to copy this look as it's quite a soft look and one that you can't really go wrong with.

EYES - I started with UD primer potion, used washi tape to create the sharp line and used UD Naked2 palette - 'Blackout' to achieve the smokey look, blended it out with 'Busted' & 'Tease'  with 'Foxy' to highlight which I used over 'Benefit 'It stick'. I also used 'It stick' in my waterline. I used Mac 'Engraved' powerpoint pencil on my lower lash line, and then got a fine tip angled brush which I wet & used to drag out the colour and create two lower flicks for a more 'cat eye' feel as I knew I wasn't going to be drawing whiskers. I then blended the whole thing out with 'Busted' and sharpened the edges with concealer. I used black mascara & the corners of 'Sleek Makeup' fake lashes in 'Sphynx 231' which were fluttery yet natural. I used Mac 'Brun' e/s to fill in my brows.

SKIN - I used my beloved Mac 'Face & Body' foundation with Mac 130 small stippling brush after I had moisturised & spritzed Avene Thermal Spring Water to my face. I used Benefit 'Hoola' to contour and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer in medium to add colour. 

NOSE - I used Rimmel  eyebrow pencil in 'Hazel' to draw a small outline and applied a Clinique chubby crayon in pink as a base and used Mac 'Tippy' blush for the pink nose which i blended upwards. Initially I tried a small black nose but I couldn't stop staring at the centre of my face so wiped it off and opted for a pink nose which was more subtle & cuter in my opinion. I also used the Rimmel pencil to draw 3 dots on either sides on the upper parts of my lips.

LIPS - I used Loreal 'Honey' lipliner & Smashbox 'Pout' lipgloss.

For the outfit I got some black faux leather leggings from H&M for £14.99, made an amigurumi style crochet tail which I stuffed with pipe cleaners to make it twist & sewed it on, got some cat ears (£3.50 & long gloves £5.99) from a fancy dress shop (Escapade in Camden/London) & voila. Easy Peasy & affordable. I also teamed it with a vintage black leather belt to give it more character but anything will do as long as it's black.

The hubby was SWAT which suited him perfectly, there was a convict for him to arrest which was fun! :) Everyone had great outfits, the birthday boy was 'Zorro' which was very cool, there was a banana - yes a banana lol, Mario from Mario brothers, Shrek, a joker, Snow White and many more.

Are you dressing up for halloween? What would you be for a fancy dress party?


Unknown said…
The make-up is stunning and so creative! Will have to try this out. Love the whole outfit and even more that its done cheaply, nothing worse than buying fancy dress outfits online , they can get crazy expensive! Trust me I've done it - not good!
Hope you had a lovely time hun!

Eloise | simplynaturale xo

Wow loved this specialy your tail thats a cute cat :)
Shireen said…
u look like u had fun :) loved everything about this post :)u looked sexy and perfect for halloween!I havent been to a fancy dress since school :P but it would be wonderful to dress up again :)
Unknown said…
The post is very informative. It is a pleasure reading it. I have also bookmarked you for checking out new posts.
Claire said…
Good job on the cat makeup, you look cute! Claire x
Bamby said…
i have lost your blog when you wore pregnant, hehhe my laptop was stolen and i forgot your blogname, i am so happy to find you and the babygirl i sooooo sweeeeeettttttt
greatings to you from Serbia
Dezzy said…
What a great looking couple!
Unknown said…
The makeup in this is great, I will certainly be trying it out at some point :)
Zahra said…
Muhsine I am soo happy that you're blogging again! You're looking wonderful and mashallah you have a beautiful and happy family! I love reading your posts, keep it up please :)
Unknown said…
You just got me in the mood to dress up!!! I might make myself a DOLL
Unknown said…
I love it, Bubbles, you and your hubby lookjust too hot together!
I particularly adore your cat makeup, it is amazing!
Thanks so much for sharing,doll
H O N E Y said…
you were a sexy beautiful cat!
Adorable makeup and costume! :)
I have no idea what to dress up for Halloween this year, all my friends are going to Romania/Transylvania to celebrate Halloween there, unfortunately I couldn't make it so I doubt I would even do anything special this year as I'll be all alone! xx
farah said…
Beautiful! Did u color your hair again?Can I know what shade is it?looks lovely!
farah said…
Beautiful! Did u color your hair again?Can I know what shade is it?looks lovely!
Unknown said…
Awww you look so pretty in your costume! Rawr! Cheers!

~ Cristine
Halloween Makeup Ideas
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