Holiday Outifts...

I want to share with you some of the outfits I wore whilst on holiday, I obviously couldn't take a photo of every combination, but here are a few of the ones I did. I know it's miserable weather right now in London, but Antalya (Turkey) was about 38 degrees! You can see me getting darker in the photos :)

Here's what I wore to the airport...

Levi's Jeans, Asos sandals, Urban Outfitters slouchy jumper, lots of rings and 'OPI - Mod about you' nail polish, Accessorize bag, Urban Outiftters phone case.

Forever21 coral dress, I made the necklace and Asos sandals. 

Here's Esra wearing a beautiful white linen dress (it was a gift) and a daisy crochet headband I made.

Levi's jeans, Primark top, H&M necklace & belt and tan wedges.


Esra wearing an amazing white linen Romper from Target that was sent to her from auntie Ane all the way from America. I made her a crochet headband to match.

I wore Mac 'Lady Danger' lipstick several times, whilst on holiday and am so happy I have finally found a red that actually suits me and that I feel comfortable in. It's a beautiful matte orange toned red that has great pigmentation and lasting power if applied and reapplied over blotted lips. A few people asked how I got my hair this bouncy after sharing this photo on twitter, and I basically dried as normal and then flicked the ends out with tongs and then messed it up.

Denim shorts from Primark, red cutout 'Topshop' T-shirt, Asos sandals and H&M belt. + Mac 'Creme cup' lipstick.

Orange bodycon dress from 'love my celebrity dress', asos sandals and some gold spangly earrings somewhere under all that hair.

Denim dress from Hollister, Asos sandals, Topshop flower headband and Esra's dress was from primark that she insisted she wear with her neon pink converse.

Beach bag from Accessorize.

And on the final morning Esra wearing Gap shorts and Zara T-shirt.

I did quite well on the packing front, I took 3 pairs of flat sandals but mainly wore the asos sandals, a pair of wedges and a couple of flip flops for the beach. I pre packed my evening outfits in large zip loc bags with matching accessories and labeled them with what shoes I had planned to wear them with. I also did this with Esra which made life 10x easier and quicker when getting ready in the evenings which left me more time to do my makeup and hair, a win win situation!

Now I need some cosy socks, a cup of tea and a blanket. It feels very chilly in London, take me back to the sun already!


Unknown said…
Beauiful pictures! You're glowing in every picture! And Esra is too cute :)
Anna Saccone said…
Omg I'm obsessed with the blue dress...and the white one Esra was wearing on the same day (with the pink converse) - you both looked stunning!! <3 Your figure looks amazing & Esra is sooo cute! xxx
Sophie Jenner said…
You look amazing! Your figure is unreal! :-) Esra is so cute! She's growing up fast :-) x
You look just gorgeous! Perfect outfits for holidays, after all less is more! <3
You look nice in each outfit and the baby is adorable :)
Keep in touch
LillianZahra said…
You look amazing! I just got back from a holiday too and the weather in London is so awful! x
Anonymous said…
You look so beautiful, and soo young!
Heather said…
Brilliant packing idea! Thanks for sharing it :) I may incorporate that in future travels :) x
Dezzy said…
You're gorgeous! I love your style! Esra is such a cutie! <3
Madeleine Roach said…
Wonderful many beautiful outfits :)
Unknown said…
You and Esra look so pretty. And how gorgeous is your skin - I have tan envy!!! x
LaaLaa said…
Beautiful. Defintely love how you got those sandals to go with the majority of your outfits. Stunning xo
Claire said…
Wow, gorgeous pics. Looks like a lovely family holiday. You make me want Lady Danger... and I'm trying sooo hard not to buy more lipsticks x
Safiyah said…
oh Muhsine, you're sooo gorgeous mashallah I hope I'm even half a yummy mummy as you when I have a kid! <3
Sara said…
You are such a sexy mama!

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