Style Finds for Autumn...

I found some lovely Autumnal pieces yesterday, I had been looking for a light jacket and some accessories and it's like H&M answered my prayers.

I'm so in love with this contrasting jacket, initially i wanted it in all black but once worn it lost the impact so opted for the pale grey shade instead. It fits perfectly and is a little different and definitely one to check out.

I'm definitely an accessories person and these were just my cup of tea.

I have wanted a massive floppy wool hat forever and so happy I found one for a bargain, it fits perfectly and I'm sure you will see an Instagram shot of me sporting it. The braided headband will be ideal to disguise mummy hair and hopefully still look somewhat cool. The black cap again will come in handy when I don't have time to do my hair. Do you see a pattern emerging? Well, I haven't worn a cap in forever and figured plain black will be acceptable. Roll on hat days!

I love mustard for Autumn and couldn't bypass this gorgeous snood!

What have you picked up from H&M lately?


vnssa906 said…
Thanks for sharing this jacket! I've fallen in love, and will go on the hunt for it in stores today LOL

Muhsine Emin said…
Vanessa it's lovely and so comfy yet chic :) go find it lol xx
Kelly said…
Nice jacket! I bought a cream colored fuzzy cardigan. H&M has some great finds at the moment.
Unknown said…
Ooh I'm loving all of your picks, especially that mustard colour - definitely my go to autumn colour along with burgundy!

Eloise | simplynaturale xo
Unknown said…
I'd really gone off H&M recently but I am defiantly tempted by the jacket. Really love it!
Marisa said…
wow I loved the jacket! I'll have to check it out next time I go to H&M! <3
Wilja said…
You got. an awesome Style.. the yellow scarf is so cool! Love it.

Gretes from Germany, Wilja
Stephen Dunlap said…
I am only starring your jacket, simple looking awesome post,looking great, i hope we follow each other.
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I love the wool hat! I've got the same one:)
Your pictures are so clear and the lighting is always so nice. What camera do you have?! Oh and you're gorgeous btw!

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