MUMMY LIFE - Travelling with a toddler!

Esra is almost 2, no I can't believe it either. 
We are going on holiday soon and I wanted to share with you what I'm packing for Esra for the flight. Entertaining toddlers is a full time job.

Yes, it looks like I overpacked, and you are probably right...

I went for the 'Harley' ladybug Trunki & Cath Kidston large backpack.

Here's what's inside the rucksack...

It includes...
  • Colouring books 
  • Story books
  • Notepad
  • Stickers
  • Crayons 
  • Ipad + headphones & stand
  • Mini sports balls
  • Snacks (I got some organic sweets for her to help with the air pressure)
  • Balloons
  • Extra comfortable clothes
  • Water bottle
  • Red floral zip bag = Quick nappy change kit
  • Soft Toy (Manhattan toys - pea in a pod) I'm not taking her favourite soft toys as I'm scared she might lose them, she is familiar with this toy so should help her feel secure, I might swap it for a teddy from her bed though, not sure.
Busy Bags Include:
  • Building blocks
  • Lacing Cards
  • Plasticine 
  • Spiral drawing toy
  • Arts & Crafts kit (pipe cleaners, clothes pins, feathers, sequins etc)
  • Colour matching with lollipop sticks & pegs
  • Threading game made with pipe cleaners, straws & felt.
All of this weighs 4kg. Oops!

I gathered most of the busy bag items from the pound shop, I haven't showed them to her and I know that she will be interested in them. I also wont mind if they go missing as they are as cheap as chips. The girl loves anything circular, she loves balloons and balls so I have stocked up on those. However, I did invest in the 'Eric Carle' lacing cards which looked fun, but I'm only taking half the pack. I did tons of research on Pinterest and feel happy that I'm prepared, obviously she wont use all of these on the flight, it's only 4 hours and it's a night flight, so hopefully she will be asleep. But, I can use these on the beach, waiting for food and on the way back.

I have placed twistable Crayola crayons in a fabric roll I made AGES ago that was designed to be a brush roll. Gotta love multi use items!

I also got the matching 'Cath Kidston' purse as little madam is obsessed with organising and rearranging just like her mama :) I have placed stickers, cards and odd little bits for her to play around with. I can just bring this out the bag and we will have calm! :) Well, that's the plan anyway.

The Trunki is hand luggage that's full of nappies & wipes!

Beep beep, ladybug coming through! Esra has had plenty of fun riding this around the house, so hopefully should be a hit if our flight is delayed at the airport.

I have also added a blanket as flights can be cold, theres a bottle and lots of nappies as pictured along with swimming nappies. FYI: This weighs 5.1kg exactly.

and that's all folks.

Her clothes are in my suitcase and I have packaged all of her evening outfits individually with matching accessories in ziploc bags. Her day clothes are just folded and randomly placed inside, I ironed everything so that I can take it easier on holiday, her swim suits, pool stuff and beach toys are going to be in Daddy's suitcase. I think I'm doing well.....

What do you think? Any tips on travelling with a toddler?


Unknown said…
This is fantastic! You are so organised and I am going to take lots of tips from you when we go on holiday with our toddler. I've been planning to buy him a Trunki but can't decide which one :) Your idea about visiting the pound shop for bits and bobs is genius - I'll be doing this too. Thanks for your invaluable advice! Hannah x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Hannah pound shops are great :) I got my zip log bags from there too, they do all sizes. I had the same problem with the trunki, I couldn't decide between the bug (red) & the pink one, but Esra loves ladybirds thanks to charlie and lola so opted for this, Plus I have had enough of pink lol. The blue one for a boy is nice as it's vivid and I also like the yellow bee too :) xx
Unknown said…
This is an amazing blog post!! Will defiantly take some tips as were going away next year to Barcelona for a wedding any my son will be 22 months!! Would love to see a pic of the little outfits in zip lock bags. Would be A great idea as we go camping a lot. Good luck sand have a fab holiday x
You did really well! As I discovered while travelling with my twins - it's always better to slightly over pack than under pack...we have some must have items like travel pillows & fleece snuggles (essential when we did a long haul flight to Asia last year)...and dollar store toys plus some great snacks make our trips smooth sailing :-)

Love how you repurposed the brush roll for coloring - I even remember when you first made them for makeup brushes and posted about them on your blog :-)
Muhsine Emin said…
@Jo I'm even going to pack my evening outfits that way :) will snap some pics at some point. x

@Ella Thank you, I don't have a travel pillow uh oh! I have one for Esra but it's one that goes around the neck and will be useless for a flight, I might just take her big fluffy teddy bear she can lean on :) x
Riham said…
Honestly you did way better packing than I did for a 15 hour flight! Wonderful post! Now I have great ideas for next time:)
JenCop said…
twistable crayons exist!!! Have to get some right away! Thanks for the tips, you're very organized :)
Shireen said…
Okay I am off to shopping :) I also have a holiday coming in october and I will be going for a 7 hour flight and then a connecting 2 hour flight, so if you have packed that much for a 4 hour flight then I have seriously underpacked :( Oh how I love the backpack, have you seen the eco gear children's backpack they are also sooo pretty but nothing beats cathkidston :)
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for this post Muhsine! You are so organized!
We are moving to Dubai at the end of next week, I didn't know the Trunki luggage! It's so cute, I just ordered the tiger one for my son... He loves orange so he will be excited!!! He is 3 years old, I packed coloring books/pencils, story books, sweets and his favorite teddy!
My Ipad is full of games... we are ready!
Have a lovely holiday, I'm sure Esra will be so proud to ride her little ladybug!
Much love...

Abigail said…
This stuff is all so cute! I always see toddlers on Trunki's at the airport they're so handy to have!

I'm giving away a MAC lipstick of the competition winner's choice on my blog if you would care to enter!
Lilit said…
Good luck on your travels! We flew from Australia to France (via Singapore) 2 weeks ago with my 1 year old and I can tell you that you have NOT overpacked... well, maybe the nappies are a bit much, I took a lot as well but only changed the nappy 3 times on each 12hr flight. The thing that entertained my son the most was having his favourite cartoons on the ipad to watch. The toys were great too, but he just wanted to drop them on the floor then chase them up and down the plane while annoying the other passengers!
Fingers crossed for you it all goes well! xx
Anonymous said…
I'm loving all the bits and bobs! It gives me ideas for myself to take for my little girl for when we go abroad or our long trips up north to see family in the car!

Me and my partner always look at them Trunki's but never end up getting one. We really should and I especially love this print as my daughter would do!

Lovely post!


Wilja said…
Great post.. i never now what to take with me and the two kids :-)
AVY said…
I hope I never have to do that. Sorry.


Jodi Mason said…
Wow so organized! I'm quite impressed with how you packed everything so nicely. Always better to bring more than you need when travelling with little kids.

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