Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mermaid Hair!

I dyed my hair last night thinking I wanted a change, and a change it is. I now have deep red hair and am officially a redhead. Red has always been a colour I have steered away from and generally disliked, but all of a sudden I love and and feel like it's my colour. I feel like it matches my skin tone and features and really brings out my eyes, why the crap didn't I try this shade before? My mum said my hair was an aubergine colour and that's exactly right.

I did a DIY box job myself at home and used the shade 'deep red' by Garnier Nutrisse, see my twit-pic HERE to see the box. It was a mousse hair dye that delivered completely even results, I applied the whole thing to my hair combing through each section and left to develop for 30mins. My hair previously was a dark brown with a faded blonde ombre. With some hair dyes, I get lighter results on the roots of my hair due to its natural colour and darker towards the tips, but that thankfully didn't happen. I got 100% coverage and even colour! 

In the shade my hair looks almost black, a quite dark reddish brown but as soon as the light hits it the vividness and red tones shines through, it's not too dramatic which I love as I don't feel like I could have pulled it off comfortably.

I love how the red contrasts with my hazel eyes and makes them 'pop' so to speak, I feel like rich plum, coffee browns and golds will look amazing with this new hair colour. I actually can't wait to try some new looks! I'm actually a little obsessed with deep red right now... uh oh!

Until next time. xXx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Storage Sunday - Yarn

Happy Sunday!!

Today's area of concentration is Yarn!! Well I wish my yarn was stored in open bookshelves all neatly bundled in balls but that's not the case. I store all my scrummy yarn in the Ikea 'Hol' storage cube and also use it as a coffee table which makes it easy access all the time. It's also only £16 which is brilliant!

It's really convenient for everyday use and helps save space.

In the top layer I keep my current projects, tools and yarn that I plan on using for upcoming projects. I try to group them by fibre and thickness, and sometimes by colour.

The bottom layer has lots of colourful yarn, some acrylics, bamboo cotton, wool and other mixtures.

My hooks, needles, thread & scissors are all stored in a Cath Kidston tin. My favourite hook to use at the moment is a 4mm Clover hook, which I basically use for almost everything. My other favourite is a vintage double ended bamboo hook which is the smoothest in the world! I do like my other bamboo hooks too, particularly the chunky ones but the smaller ones are a little flimsy and rough. 

How do you store your yarn?

Friday, 25 October 2013

'Winterberry' by Aveda

I am indeed loving the bolder lipsticks this season and this new addition from Aveda has got me quite excited. Aveda has always been known for its hair but apparently they are quite good at make up too. Well, this limited edition 'Heart Land' collection anyway. 

The lip product in question is 'Winterberry' which is actually a lip glaze with doe foot applicator similar to a lip gloss but extremely pigmented and more like a lipstick. It's a dark pink toned plum/burgundy with a subtle hint of a duochrome pearlescent finish, it's not glossy or sticky, just smooth and hydrating. It's quite long wearing considering the finish and fades really nicely too. There's also an eyeliner called 'Night Lily' which is a dark purple toned plum with finely milled sparkles, this isn't as pigmented and as long lasting as I hoped, but you can't win them all. 

In love with the packaging!

The lip glaze has fresh minty scent with only a very slight tingle when applied on the lips. It's such a gorgeous shade perfect for Autumn/Winter.

And applied...

On my face I'm wearing: Bobbi Brown bb cream, Benefit 'fake up' concealer, Estee Lauder 'Bronze Goddess' bronzer, strobe liquid. 'Winterberry' lips, 'Night Lily' eyeliner and mascara.

It's definitely a brightening lip colour and one that makes your teeth look even whiter thanks to the subtle cool tones. You can apply a sheer layer and build it up, or apply heavy handed and intensify as desired. A colour that is suited for all skin tones and races. Thank you. I'm in love, need I say more?

Winterberry Lip Glaze £16
Night Lily Eye Definer £14

See Link for more info on the 'Heartlands' collection.

Are you loving 'Winterberry' and bolder lips this season?

Disclaimer: Products were sent for consideration for review, I wasn't paid for this post and my influence is honest and uninfluenced as always.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Storage Monday - Makeup

I have decided that every Monday will be a storage post. Go me! It was supposed to be on a Sunday, but Sundays are for chillin'. Mondays are for getting your act together. I will share with you little corners of my home and how I organise and store things. 

Here's my makeup corner which is basically a little shelf from Ikea and a mirror above that I picked up from a charity shop years ago.

My makeup is stored in the Ikea wooden boxes as you have seen before, I recently re-did the drawers again with wallpaper that I can wipe clean. It's actually leftovers from the sitting room feature wall. I had previously spray painted the frame a matte white.

Yes I still have my Dymo labels. The labels used are - Gloss, Eyes, Pigments, Bases, Perfumes & Cheeks. Yes, I keep my perfume in a drawer, I'm not too crazy about having them on display as it can look cluttered. (I would love to have them on show if I actually had a proper dressing table and a massive room!)

I said bye bye to the crochet bunting and did a photo banner with black & white Instagram prints. I had ordered them from Prinstagram for Esra's birthday, but they arrived too late as Fedex was being weird. So I used them for this project instead. I hung them up with twine and small wooden pegs and it turned out pretty cute!

On top of the box I store some everyday items for easy reach, brushes, palettes and lipsticks. The rustic silver pot stores my hair bands and hair clips. The lipsticks are stored in a clear acrylic cube from Muji. Yes that's my condensed lipstick collection. :) The small rustic drawer unit is from 'Butlers' and the lower drawer stores all of my pencils.

I always like to burn a candle and it's currently 'Mellow Figs & Garden Mint' by Lily Flame which smells lovely and fresh. 

And that's a wrap. I don't have a chair, I just rush around standing up with my face pushed up against the mirror. If I place a chair under it then Esra climbs up and then I'm basically finished. Out of reach and out of the way is my motto.

How do you store your make up? 
What would you like to see in next weeks storage post?

Friday, 11 October 2013

On My Hook...

I'm currently making myself a super snuggly snood, I find crochet so therapeutic and wish I had more time to indulge in my hobby.

Here's what's on my hook!

I'm using 'Big Softie' Sirdar yarn in the shade 'buddy' which is a lovely milky pale pink. 

I'm using Nicki Trench's 'Seashell Stitch' pattern from her book 'Cute & Easy Crochet. I have used this pattern several times and it works up quite quickly especially with such chunky yarn and a 10mm hook. It isn't too complicated but requires some concentration, so I would recommend it if you are becoming more confident and want to try something new. 

I have used 2x 50g balls so far and have just ordered some more, expect to see a nice snuggly outfit post with this beauty soon!

If you are interested in starting out in crochet, then check out my post on - Getting Started with Crochet.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Riri Hearts Mac...

Finally a collection that's worth the hype? 

This collection has to be my favourite LE packaging from Mac! I placed my order at 11am last week and it was so crazy as everything sold out so quickly, twitter and IG was tapping away and I couldn't resist.

Drooling over rose gold!

I got 4 things!

2 of the lip products, 'Talk that talk' and 'Riri Woo' both retro matte finishes with uber pigmentation for statement lips.

And swatched...

'Talk that talk' is similar to 'Dark Deed' from the VV collection but a different finish, 'Riri Woo' is extremely similar to 'Ruby Woo' which I don't have, it's a very close dupe for Illamasqua 'Sangers' lipstick in colour and finish.

I'm really into dark matte lips but I like it mostly on other people rather than me, I think it's a great colour for Autumn/Winter and hopefully I can pull it off! Watch this space :)

Bad Girl Gone Good.

The blush. OMG the blush is amazing! The texture, finish and pigmentation is divine, the colour is a beautiful warm copper with a satin finish that matches my NC35 skin tone perfectly, it's lovely and deep and I don't need bronzer with it. It may be a tad too dark for slightly paler skin tones but it could still work with a lighter hand. It will also look amazing on deeper skin tones to reveal a more golden uplifted cheek. I can not fault this blush and I want to wear it everyday, definitely going to be a statement for Autumn. I have read that some people say that it looks too orange, yes it's warm toned and coppery but once applied and blended gives a lovely tanned glow.

Swatched - applied heavily on the left and blended out on the right, you can see how natural it looks. I would say it's in the same colour family as 'Warm Soul' & 'Sun & Moon' mineralised blushes, so if you like those, you will love this!

Diamonds - Cream Colour Base

This again is a beautiful product, great for highlighting and adding a glow.

It has a frost finish which is quite apparent when swatched but once applied on the skin and blended looks beautiful and lit from within. It's has a lovely golden shimmer and can be applied lightly or heavily depending on the desired effect. I wore both cheek products yesterday and they looked AMAZING together and had great lasting powder. I didn't take a picture sadly but will do a FOTD with it soon.

Did you manage to pick up anything from this collection? And what are your thoughts? Worth the hype or not? I certainly think so. 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Esra... The Birthday Princess!


The morning was for unwrapping presents and playing with balloons...

We had a party the day before to celebrate with all her cousins. The cake was a horse and carriage princess cake from Asda. The cupcakes were also from Asda and I added edible pale pink butterflies and pink cupcake wrappers.

We also had an extra princess tray bake cake...

Nom nom nom!

I made party boxes for the kids... I didn't have a massive sweet table like I did last year, I just packed everything I wanted so it was less mess. I also had her party at my mother in laws, so figured it would just be easier this way.

The girls ones contained all things pink...

Princess food which consisted of crown sandwiches and a star jewel.

Pink number 2 glitter sugar cookies. I used THIS recipe from Pinterest. I used royal icing and added pink food colouring and pink glimmer sugar before it was dry. Not bad for a first attempt! :)

I made tiaras for the girls and picked up some gold crowns for the boys. To make the tiaras, I drew a tiara template then cut them all out in pink card, I purchased pink jewels that already had sticky tape on the back and placed them strategically section by section, one by one (yes it took forever) I then hot glue gunned ribbon on the sides to create ties. 

The boys had clear packaging and some tattoos and I got them a few blue things :) Also, I had extra icing left when I made the number two cookies so I piped everyone's initial on Farley's rusks and then added sprinkles for a personalised touch! :)

Esra wore the baby Lily dress from Monsoon. Link! I got her some gold ballet shoes from Asda and I made her the flower crochet headband.

I seriously cannot believe she is 2 already, it seems like yesterday I announced my pregnancy. Life really is too short and goes by way too quickly. My angel, my everything... Esra baby may Allah bless you with a long, healthy and happy life inshAllah. Your every smile brightens up my day and I will be the best possible mother I can to look after you and show you the right way. Happy 2nd birthday Princess Esra Aaliyah! xXx