Riri Hearts Mac...

Finally a collection that's worth the hype? 

This collection has to be my favourite LE packaging from Mac! I placed my order at 11am last week and it was so crazy as everything sold out so quickly, twitter and IG was tapping away and I couldn't resist.

Drooling over rose gold!

I got 4 things!

2 of the lip products, 'Talk that talk' and 'Riri Woo' both retro matte finishes with uber pigmentation for statement lips.

And swatched...

'Talk that talk' is similar to 'Dark Deed' from the VV collection but a different finish, 'Riri Woo' is extremely similar to 'Ruby Woo' which I don't have, it's a very close dupe for Illamasqua 'Sangers' lipstick in colour and finish.

I'm really into dark matte lips but I like it mostly on other people rather than me, I think it's a great colour for Autumn/Winter and hopefully I can pull it off! Watch this space :)

Bad Girl Gone Good.

The blush. OMG the blush is amazing! The texture, finish and pigmentation is divine, the colour is a beautiful warm copper with a satin finish that matches my NC35 skin tone perfectly, it's lovely and deep and I don't need bronzer with it. It may be a tad too dark for slightly paler skin tones but it could still work with a lighter hand. It will also look amazing on deeper skin tones to reveal a more golden uplifted cheek. I can not fault this blush and I want to wear it everyday, definitely going to be a statement for Autumn. I have read that some people say that it looks too orange, yes it's warm toned and coppery but once applied and blended gives a lovely tanned glow.

Swatched - applied heavily on the left and blended out on the right, you can see how natural it looks. I would say it's in the same colour family as 'Warm Soul' & 'Sun & Moon' mineralised blushes, so if you like those, you will love this!

Diamonds - Cream Colour Base

This again is a beautiful product, great for highlighting and adding a glow.

It has a frost finish which is quite apparent when swatched but once applied on the skin and blended looks beautiful and lit from within. It's has a lovely golden shimmer and can be applied lightly or heavily depending on the desired effect. I wore both cheek products yesterday and they looked AMAZING together and had great lasting powder. I didn't take a picture sadly but will do a FOTD with it soon.

Did you manage to pick up anything from this collection? And what are your thoughts? Worth the hype or not? I certainly think so. 


Unknown said…
That.. packaging.. to die for.

Andee Layne said…
these are gorgeous! Do you know if this one is already sold out in stores?! Hate when i find a collection i love because most of the time they are sold out ;((
Kailey said…
I got RiRi Woo and am so so happy with it! Such a gorgeous shade and the packaging is truly something else! xo
Meya Cruz said…
Can't wait to see fotd with talk that talk!!!!
PrncszTffny said…
such a beautiful collection! I looove the packaging!

Unknown said…
I am really not a fan of Rihanna so I didnt want to order anything but the products do look really good, so I ended up ordering RiRi Woo yesterday and one of the eyehadow quads! Now I want the blush, so torn!

Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I feel like I need to buy the products just for the packaging - it is stunning! Great post. I've heard mixed reviews but you've kind of made up my mind - sorry bank balance!

Great detailed post :)


Sade said…
Whoa... I wish I was able to even get an order in! This thing is friggin sold out everywhere!!

Unknown said…
Oh my goodness so amazing! I love the new range!! I'm doing a giveaway on my channel now!

vouchers uk said…
wow so beautiful items! i love all of them! ^^
Muhsine Emin said…
@Andee I have no idea, I assume they re sold out too, but I heard that the websites were re stocking! x
Majissh said…
Aaaaw love this collection. Love your blog so follow you right now.
Check ir my blog http://majissh.blogspot.com.es

xxx sweetie
Majissh said…
Aaaaw love this collection. Love your blog so follow you right now.
Check ir my blog http://majissh.blogspot.com.es

xxx sweetie
love everything about this collection!


Unknown said…
This collection looks so good,
I want every single piece!

-Magenta xxxx
Unknown said…
It's all soo pretty, need to make shopping trip.....
Stacy said…
I want to see the darkest lipstick on the lips!))

Mira Louise said…
I'm in love with the two lipsticks! amazing colours x

Skinny Jeans ♥
Unknown said…
Looks so great!
x Hannah
Unknown said…
you are a lucky girl.
i want it too!!!
Unknown said…
Lovely collection. I love Rihanna :)

Kises, ADE♥

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