Storage Monday - Makeup

I have decided that every Monday will be a storage post. Go me! It was supposed to be on a Sunday, but Sundays are for chillin'. Mondays are for getting your act together. I will share with you little corners of my home and how I organise and store things. 

Here's my makeup corner which is basically a little shelf from Ikea and a mirror above that I picked up from a charity shop years ago.

My makeup is stored in the Ikea wooden boxes as you have seen before, I recently re-did the drawers again with wallpaper that I can wipe clean. It's actually leftovers from the sitting room feature wall. I had previously spray painted the frame a matte white.

Yes I still have my Dymo labels. The labels used are - Gloss, Eyes, Pigments, Bases, Perfumes & Cheeks. Yes, I keep my perfume in a drawer, I'm not too crazy about having them on display as it can look cluttered. (I would love to have them on show if I actually had a proper dressing table and a massive room!)

I said bye bye to the crochet bunting and did a photo banner with black & white Instagram prints. I had ordered them from Prinstagram for Esra's birthday, but they arrived too late as Fedex was being weird. So I used them for this project instead. I hung them up with twine and small wooden pegs and it turned out pretty cute!

On top of the box I store some everyday items for easy reach, brushes, palettes and lipsticks. The rustic silver pot stores my hair bands and hair clips. The lipsticks are stored in a clear acrylic cube from Muji. Yes that's my condensed lipstick collection. :) The small rustic drawer unit is from 'Butlers' and the lower drawer stores all of my pencils.

I always like to burn a candle and it's currently 'Mellow Figs & Garden Mint' by Lily Flame which smells lovely and fresh. 

And that's a wrap. I don't have a chair, I just rush around standing up with my face pushed up against the mirror. If I place a chair under it then Esra climbs up and then I'm basically finished. Out of reach and out of the way is my motto.

How do you store your make up? 
What would you like to see in next weeks storage post?


Being Amy said…
I love the way you've stored your make-up! Your room is absolutely beautiful - the pictures are such a lovely touch too. I will definitely be coming back to check some more of your great tips :)
Lovely blog.
Vicky said…
Absolutely love the way you've stored everything! It certainly inspires me to sort out my 'organised chaos'!! ;-) xx
Yvette said…
Wow, it's so beautiful! The pictures are a nice personal touch. I'm curious about the shelf, is it still available? Can't find it on the website or do I have terrible searching skills
Claire said…
I LOVE storage posts! Keep them coming. I've got a mixture of Muji and candle pots going on but I'm always swapping and changing

skinny-donut said…
Great storage! I post them in my MUJI three drawer storage :)
Sandra6719 said…
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Sandra6719 said…
dont have a lot of make up anymore (allergies :( ) but I do try to finish make up now so I have an "every day" basket with the stuff I use on a daily base and whenever I finished a product, I `shop` my stash for a new one. The older I get, the less make up I buy LOL.
I store my `shop my stash` stash in a clear Ikea container, a tiny one which is stored in the back of a PAX closet :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thanks for your lovely comments :)

@Claire Love your storage!

@Sandra That totally makes sense and I'm trying to reduce my collection too, my aim is to just own a makeup bag full of things eventually :)
Madeleine Roach said…
This is really lovely storage - neat and pretty! X
Sandra6719 said…

Thats my goal as well. I think I need another 6 months, then Im there :-)
ellinelle said…
I really love your storage posts , just recently I stole your idea about the shoe rack in the wardrobe using as a shelf ! That's a fabulous idea as some wardrobes just don't have enough shelves ..

Here is little link for a blog you might love , I Adore it , especially photography , it's just so so pretty :) and filled with great ideas

My friend recently been struggling with storage ( just had a baby so obviously house Is full of baby things ) so I send her to read your blog :) more organising posts would be perfect :)

Unknown said…
We appreciate the recommendation. Thank you.
Style Crescent said…
Love a storage post!

This is adorable, love it! Great way to store your make-up :)

Unknown said…
I love the little pictures! My make up stays in the bathroom in Muji drawers... also well out of the reach of little hands!! ;)
Risa said…
Your storage looks amazing! I store my makeup in one of those Muji Clear Cubes...but it doesn't really hold that much... had been looking up and down for the Ikea Storage that you have but seems that they have discontinued it..nevertheless, love your storage post and can't wait for more to come


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