Storage Sunday - Yarn

Happy Sunday!!

Today's area of concentration is Yarn!! Well I wish my yarn was stored in open bookshelves all neatly bundled in balls but that's not the case. I store all my scrummy yarn in the Ikea 'Hol' storage cube and also use it as a coffee table which makes it easy access all the time. It's also only £16 which is brilliant!

It's really convenient for everyday use and helps save space.

In the top layer I keep my current projects, tools and yarn that I plan on using for upcoming projects. I try to group them by fibre and thickness, and sometimes by colour.

The bottom layer has lots of colourful yarn, some acrylics, bamboo cotton, wool and other mixtures.

My hooks, needles, thread & scissors are all stored in a Cath Kidston tin. My favourite hook to use at the moment is a 4mm Clover hook, which I basically use for almost everything. My other favourite is a vintage double ended bamboo hook which is the smoothest in the world! I do like my other bamboo hooks too, particularly the chunky ones but the smaller ones are a little flimsy and rough. 

How do you store your yarn?


Sandra6719 said…
OMG how lovely!!!

I store mine in a "PAX" (Ikea) closet in our spare bedroom in these plastic shelf things (sorry English isnt my native tongue LOL), so whenever I open my closet I can see all the yarn that I own at once, quite handy. In our livingroom I keep a small box (a cute one from the 70's) with the stuff I work on at this moment.
Amy said…
I have gathered too much yarn so it's in some ugly bins! I like your method so much more -- looks pretty inside and out!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Sandra It's such a great feeling seeing everything you have at one glance!! :)

@Amy Thank you :)
yarisajit said…
I store my yarn in ikea baskets and put them in their hemnes chest. I use a child lock on this chest. My baby likes to play with yarns and too much goes to waste. Whatever yarns I am working on I put them with the needles and scissors on a tray so I can carry them to different rooms and easily put them away when I am done for the day.
Your crochet works are always adorable.
vintage peony said…
I use a tin box of an ordinary chocolate but not happy really. I need a basket.
Unknown said…
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Mutfak Dili said…
Bayildim bu ne guzel bir duzen boyle Masallah..
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I love creative storage solutions we fashonistas need them and I love the pictures and ideas on your blog :)

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Unknown said…
I spy some delicious KidSilk Haze!! Lovely way to store it! Mine are in a plastic box but this looks so much more ventilated and homely. xx

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