A little pampering...

It's not often this busy mama gets a minute to do some pampering but when I do (like today) here's how the routine usually goes.. 

I will steam my face with a bowl of hot water and a couple of drops of Neal's Yard essential oils and a towel over my head to open up my pores. Then exfoliate, I usually use a chemical one with lactic acid, then clean out those pores with a clay face mask and finally nourish with some oil.

REN Glycolactic Mask is a renewal peel mask (it's not a peel off mask) it chemically exfoliates the skin with fruit acids which is aims to brighten and renew the skin. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and it smells like citrus fruits and leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards, I don't experience any redness after however I suspect some people might. I like it best when applied overnight to wake up to gorgeous skin. It contains lots of lactic acid which you can imitate at home with applying lemon directly to your skin which I have done before. But this mask is just special and I would rather apply this!

Boots Botanics Clay Mask is the only clay mask i use, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry after but leaves it looking "clean' and makes me feel like I have had a real pamper treatment, you haven't had a pamper treatment if you don't have green stuff on your face which stops you from smiling for 10 minutes!

Caudelie Divine Oil is a serious must have. I use this baby on my face and hair. It contains lots of nourishing oils like grape, hibiscus, argan and sesame oils. The best thing about it is that it's a dry oil, it doesn't leave your face or hair greasy afterwards. It also comes in a spray bottle which is easy and hygienic application.

What are your favourite pampering products?


Selina said…
I am loving the Ren Radiance Renewal mask...i get so much congestion that i need something to 'eat away' at the nastiness! Great post hun! xx
Lima said…
I've never thought about adding essential oil when steaming my face. Will have to try this out next time.

I quite like Sarah Chapman's Overnight Facial, skin looks radiant in the morning!

Sarah. B. said…
Do you actually leave the ren mask on all night?
Unknown said…
Lovely. I like the Origins Clear Improvement mask when I get the time, but like you I don't get much opportunity for pampering these days! And God knows my skin could do with it!! Hannah x
WMBG said…
great post and awesome blog!


Melissa said…
I'm so curious about the Ren radiance renewal mask, I really want to try that one out! :)

I'm still experimenting different kind of products, but I do like to spoil my face with a facial mask once a week if I have the time :)

Unknown said…
I just never seem to have time to pamper. Just a quick face mask while I'm doing the dishes or running around after my daughter!

Mrs. Feel Good said…
Do you use Caudelie Divine Oil daily or only on your pampering routine?
Unknown said…
The REN mask is so amazing. I want to try the Caudalie oil too x
Heather Nixon said…
Great post, I want to try the the ren mask although I have sensitive skin so I always put off buying it x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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