Storage Sunday - Nail Producs

Happy Sunday all, I have had a lovely busy day and have only finally got around to blogging this evening. Today's post is about where I stash my nail polishes. They are currently stored in a wire basket that I think is meant for eggs :) but my nail polishes look so much better in it!! 

It holds a lot but I have reduced my collection drastically due to them being old and the consistency being off or I just don't like the shade anymore. I picked up the basket from good ol' TK Maxx for about £5.

I hold my nail tools in a Mac makeup bag which i also place inside the basket and transport the whole thing around the flat. My stash can be found in the kitchen, in the sitting room, on a shelf or on the table! :)

Nail tools include, metal tools, nail files, base & top coats, nail art, nail polish remover etc. My current wish list as far as tools go is the 'Leighton Denny' crystal nail file and the 'OPI' nail envy, I feel like my nails always break as I haven't really invested in a good quality nail file which really doesn't make sense. 

I am currently loving almost black nail shades, some of my favourites are: 

Nails Inc 'Dover St market'
Barry M 'Vivid Purple'
Zoya 'Jem'
Revlon 'Facets of Fuchsia'
Orly 'Fowl Play'
Essie 'Little Brown Dress'
Nails Inc 'Victoria'
Orly 'Naughty'
Nails Inc 'Motcomb St'
Nails Inc 'Chesham Place'

How do you store your nail products and what polishes are your current favourites?


Anonymous said…
I store them in different boxes in a drawer. I organized boxes by the shade. I also blogged about my favourite shades, if you're interested, you can take a look
Unknown said…
It looks like you have a lovely collection :)
Like you, I've suffered from brittle nails and the thing I found most helpful was a cuticle oil. You may like to read a little post on the subject!
I adore your blog and would feel so honoured if you'd drop by mine :)
Hannah x
Mine are all in a draw at the bottom of my makeup helmer! Your collection is much nicer than mine, though! x
RxBeautyChic said…
I have mine all lined up in a drawer...but your basket is so cute! :) Hello decor!
Love this basket ! I have them in a basket too but I need to do that clear out at some I don't like or are old! Lovely storage idea as always gorgeous!
Pearl said…
I usually store my nailpolishes in a drawer in a chest of drawers. The top drawer consists of hairties and all things hair, and the bottom drawer usually has my nail polishes.

Pearl |
Claire said…
I find nail polish storage so hard. Currently keeping mine in some plastic storage drawers but it's not pretty. I'd love one of those display units they have in the shops :)

Have you tried Dr Lewinn'a Renunail instead of Nail Envy? I recently switched and I'm finding it much more effective x
Anonymous said…
so lovely. you should try inglot o2m #637 :)
Supergirl said…
Haha, great idea!! :)
Karolina said…

I store my nail polishes in a cardboard box I saved from perfume set. I've heard you shoul keep you nail polishes and perfumes out of sunlight to enjoy them longer :)

Would you consider doing a post about Esra's favourites books and how you store them? I

Hazel said…
The Leighton Denny nail file is brilliant as is nail envy - at the weekend on QVC they had little decorated LD nail files but they sold out!!

nice, you have pretty colors :)
Unknown said…
It is always a struggle for me to find a cute way to store beauty products. The basket is very cute.

Sweet Apple Lifestyle

Susie said…
i store them in a rack where I can see all the colors. My favorite nail colors are purples and greens from Essie.
Blushing Rose said…
Loving the big Orly polish, so pretty! I picked up a jewellery box from TK Maxx for my nail polish but I've had to dig out a pretty Viktor and Rolf gift box from Christmas to house my new purchases! x

Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog
Sabrina said…
Cute idea! I have no idea how to store mine at the moment so they are stuffed into a drawer :(

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