A change of address....

We are moving house! *happy dance*

Please excuse my absence and lack of posts lately, we are currently in the process of moving and I haven't had much time to think or even brush my hair. We have been stripping wallpaper, about 5 layers in Esra's room. Seriously, who puts wallpaper on top of wallpaper? Anyway, Yes Esra will finally have her own room, it has been such a struggle sharing but I am so thankful and blessed that she will finally have her own space. For now, it's energy drinks and a whole lot of junk food, hence why my food diary has stopped now too. 

Speak soon. xXx


Claire said…
Exciting times! Good luck with the move, I'll look forward to seeing pics of you working your interior magic x
emily said…
How exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of how you decorate the new space :) I know how time consuming and overwhelming house projects can be - our entire house was like that when we moved in, we changed everything! And stripping wall paper is the worst (along with scraping paint) haha ;)
Anonymous said…
Enjoy it. Real life is so much more fun minus social media for a bit. xoxo
girl said…
Great ! Now that you have moved in , good luck settling in :)
I love your blog , even the name it self is so diverse and unique !
Lovin it :)
And lol I love bubble gum ! We are just having some renovations done too , so I understand your hard work !
Welcome , PLEASE to Go to MY blog ! It would mean so much to me as I am like your biggest fan ! lolz
Its just all about the urban canadian fashionista , and all my new findings ! ( I love soap , btw ! )

hugz , xox


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