DIY - De-Puffing Coffee Face Mask

Good morning and happy Friday! Tonight is 'date night' and I want to share with you a mask I will be doing especially for today.

My face is particularly puffy in the mornings and sometimes throughout the day depending on what I eat. However, I have found a way to counteract this in a simple and effective way containing only 2 ingredients.

Caffeine, one of the hottest ingredients in skincare targets tired eyes and faces and I am a bit tired of people trying to sell me products which contain caffeine when it's easily available from the comfort of your own home. Why not just slap the caffeine in this case coffee which contains high does of it directly on to your face?!

Well me and my bright ideas, I mixed a spoonful of coffee with a little bit of hot water to form a paste, left it to cool and voila, a mask was born. I have seen other similar coffee masks and you can do it any way as long as coffee is the main ingredient, but the way I do it definitely has impressive effects.

Caffeine works as an anti inflammatory and has the ability to de-puff swollen skin. It also has the benefit of tightening the skin and reducing under eye circles which is why so many skin care brands contain the ingredient. Caffeine is also very easily absorbed into the skin so the results are almost instant.

I apply the mask in the mornings and leave to settle for about 20 minutes, the tightening sensation is incredible and well worth a shot, it definitely wakes you up. Once I wash the mask off, the puffiness on my cheekbones and eye area have disappeared as my skin has tightened and brightened and overall I look more awake and energised. You can also add honey, milk and even coffee grounds to achieve different results.

The best thing about this mask is it's free and fool proof and don't worry it doesn't stain the face! I definitely recommend this to all the mamas and early starters or if you have a special event and want your skin to look alive!

What are some of your favourite DIY face masks? 


Ruchi Sharma said…
Good Tip For Skin... <3 ... I will try it.
Good ol' coffee! I'm drinking mine at the moment. Even thoough I like the smell of coffee, i don't know if I would like it directly on my nose... Does it bother you?
Unknown said…
Great idea. I am pregnant and miss my coffee fixes, but perhaps at least my skin could get the perk-up it needs with this mask! Will try soon :)
Anonymous said…
I sometimes make a mask with live natural yogurt, it is full of lactic acid and is a great gentle exfoliant. I find it is a very effective brightening mask.
You can mix it with lemon for an even better brightening effect. Otherwise you can mix it with raw honey (manuka honey is supposed to have multiple properties but it is quite pricy, but any raw honey will do), which leaves your skin very soft.
ezapotoczna said…
Wow! Thats a great idea! I love DIY skincare. I will try it for sure. Do you use instant coffee to make this?
Ana B said…
Hmmm...interesting. I would love to give this a try. Kinda curious on how it works on the skin.
Abigail said…
Good tip!
Anonymous said…
hey! what a bright idea!
can i use instant coffee?for example: nescafe 3 in 1?
Anonymous said…
A.A Muhsine! I tried a coffee mask yesterday with instant coffee n I LOVE it!
what *bright* ideas u always come up with. be happy!

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