Loving & Hating...

Good morning all, long time no speak... Don't ask! But I'm back!

Lately I have really been into my neutrals, and haven't fully got into the Spring mood, I'm hoping next month will change that! However, there have been some standout items that need some praise!

  • Bobbi Brown 'Bone' Eyeshadow - This is the perfect 'I'm in a rush shade' as all I do is sweep it all over my lid and it's done. It has a natural brightening effect and is great for everyday.
  • Mac 'Pure Zen' Lipstick - I'm in love with this lipstick, I got quite a few lipsticks this month and this was the one that wowed me, even though I probably have a million different nudes, there's something about finding the next best nude shade. It's the perfect milky peach that has just enough pigment to suit m complexion, it's on the same wavelength as 'Hue' just much peachier. An honourable mention goes to 'Rebel' as I wore that a few days in a row just dabbed on my lips with lip balm.
  • Bourjois CC Cream - This colour correcting cream is perfect for everyday, it has a light liquid texture that gives a semi matte sheen. I apply this with a wet sponge as I got the darkest shade which was a shade too dark for me, so using a wet sponge helps sheer it out and blends into my skin perfectly or I mix a little bit with my moisturiser for an even lighter finish. The coverage is buildable and lasts almost the whole day on my normal/oily t zone skin.
  • Bare Minerals 'Medium Beige' Foundation - I have rediscovered my love for mineral foundation, I forgot how flawless it makes my skin look and for some reason it gives much more coverage than I always expect. I use it on days where I am feeling oily or when I want a flawless finish.
  • Urban Decay 'Walk of Shame' Lipgloss - This is a neutral nude that is ever so smooth, it glides on so easily, isn't sticky and layers nicely over 'Pure Zen' lipstick. What more does one want from a gloss? Oh and I like the 'flunk' noise it makes when you open and close the lid. *weird* 
  • Mac 'Well Dressed' Blush - This is probably my favourite 'go to' pink blush, I have used it for years and it never fails me. It applies the perfect amount of colour in a couple of sweeps, it's quite sheer so you really need to build it up if you want it to be more vivid. I personally, prefer the natural finish so the lighter the better for me. I don't really like my cheeks looking too pink and 'Well Dressed' is the perfect balance with it's cool pale pink undertones.

However it's not all good! I have a couple of products I have been HATING!
  1. No7 Stay Perfect Macara (Gold Tube) - OMG this is the worst mascara ever, it has the thinnest wand which I'm not going to lie separates the lashes nicely, but oh boy when you come to remove it, it's the worst, I lost so many of my lashes regardless of what eye makeup remover I used. I officially hate all fibre mascaras!! The lashes on my left eye are uneven and I have started using 'Li Lash' again to remedy the problem. 
  2. Real Techniques Miracle complexion Sponge - Ok so, there's so much hype on this, and my experience has been awful. My sponge after a few uses has holes in it, it won't return to it's shape and the stains don't wash out properly. I will put my hands up and say I don't wash it immediately after use as I usually have a toddler wrapped around my legs so I leave it for later. But regardless, I'm not a happy bunny. However, it was a dream to use it before it got damaged as it particularly applied concealer beautifully. I have however, now resorted to the cheaper multipack sponges and just use them once and bin them which works out to be more effective and hygienic. 
Have you tried any of the products mentioned and is there any products you are hating recently?


Claire said…
Oooo Pure Zen looks lovely, right up my street but I've got to lay off buying MAC lipsticks. I just got Dreaming Dahlia, it's gorgeous - see it here http://www.beautyandlechic.com/

Claire x
Anonymous said…
Very pretty choices.
Vicky said…
I love the Bourjois CC cream but the shade I picked up is unfortunately too dark for me so need to reinvest! I also really like the Bare Minerals product but I always forget to use it too! Need to dig this one out again!
Have a great weekend :) xx
Unknown said…
great products
Unknown said…
love these!
Tanya said…
Nice post.

I really like this post :)

I am a lifestyle blogger writing about NYC, my other trips and lifestyle inspiration. I just wrote a blog post about my bucket list, if you'd like to find out more, check out my blog :)

I really like this post :)

I am a lifestyle blogger writing about NYC, my other trips and lifestyle inspiration. I just wrote a blog post about my bucket list, if you'd like to find out more, check out my blog :)

Anonymous said…
Just in case you try to use it again, the No7 mascara is a tubing mascara and you can't remove it with makeup remover, all you need is warm water and it should flake off really easily. Personally it's the only type of mascara I use because it doesn't smudge at all and comes off with only water (the water needs to be warm though, doesn't work with cold).x

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