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Hello! *blows dust off the keyboard* I am here, I have been hibernating but today I decided to actually blog... *happy dance* I did one of these mummy travel posts last year so decided it was only fair if I did one this year too.

We are going on holiday to Egypt for 2 weeks and Esra will be 3 at the end of next month (seriously where did the time go?) and I have been in a bit of a panic trying to organise and get things prepared. Last year was a complete success, I had a happy toddler and she was entertained the whole time, but now that she is older it's a whole new ball game. Click HERE to see what I took with me for my almost 2 year old last year.

This year, I have broken it down to 3 categories: Beach, Flight & Evening ActivitiesHere is what I am taking....

This is everything!!


Ok so, obviously the usual bucket, spade and shovels. I am also taking a "cooking" set that I picked up from the pound shop, I figured sand cooking would be entertaining! I am also taking silicone cupcake cases, candles and embellishments to make sand cupcakes which I know she will love as we always make them with play doh! Ice cream cones and scoop to make sand cones, extra bowl and cups for sandcastles, windmills for the sandcastles instead of flags. 'Melissa and Doug' butterfly binoculars, a toy camera which was a freebie from a magazine, a ball, water guns and a 'Pinypon' mermaid set.

I will not be giving all of these to her on the same day, I will try and spread them out and gift her the mermaids for good behaviour probably after a week. The 'Pinypon' set is adorable, the mermaids have interchangeable pieces and you can flip their heads the other way round and change their expression and store things in there head! Sounds crazy but cool for a toddler!! Also the idea for the beach was to keep it cheap and cheerful as stuff ALWAYS goes missing!
We are also taking an inflatable pool with a shade for the beach, a manta ray ride on, pool ring, arm bands, beach ball and a kite! Sounds like a lot of stuff but it's probably just right!


The Trunki is coming with us once again as it's the best toddler luggage ever! It will be Esra's carry on flight activity bag and I think I have packed it strategically so this system should work well.

I have put another drawstring bag inside filled with activities so that I am not rummaging for things and I can just pull it out once we are in the air. The other side of the Trunki has a blanket, 2 changes of clothes, a couple of pull ups even though she is potty trained, iPad, iPad stand, headphones, her beloved teddy that she drags everywhere and a new toy.

The new toy is a mermaid 'Lalaoopsie' and I know she's going to love it, this will be handed to her once we get to the airport for good behaviour and to celebrate that we are going on holiday!

The 'Peppa pig' drawstring bag houses all of these lovely things that I have spent ages planning! Most of the things you see here are new so it will all be exciting for her. Here's whats inside;

  • Book - 1001 Things to spot in the sea
  • Book - The Singing Mermaid
  • Book - Maisy's Pool
  • Book - Goodnight Moon
  • Book - There's a Hippopotamus on the roof eating cake.
  • Book - Peppa Pig 'Let's Go'
  • Usbourne Holiday Sticker Book 
  • Peppa Pig Sticker books X2
  • Stickers - (Galt sticker book, Frozen stickers & Peppa Pig stickers)
  • Colouring pages, notebook & clickable colour changing pen
  • Melissa & Doug Princess crayon set
  • Lalaloopsy Gel stickers in tin
  • Peppa Pig puzzle
  • 'Mudpuppy' magnetic mermaid dress up 
  • Horse lacing card
  • Felt button lacing busy bag
  • Gel clings for window
  • Small toys

The toys are in this little mermaid zipper bag, they are all small and perfect for role play. All of the babies are new and she has never seen them so she will definitely be excited and enjoy them. The will be wrapped up and I will hand one over to her every so often. The babies are by 'Yogurtini' and they are also scented, I picked them up from Argos on sale for £3.99 from £9.99 for a pack of 3 and I got 3 sets so there is plenty to keep her busy. There are also a couple of her ponies, a table, a swing and a car for some good times on the plane!


So the evenings are quite difficult and I will rely on the iPad as much as I can as it works, but for some unplugged play we need activities! I have kept them all as compact as can be. Everything apart from the activity books fits neatly inside this zipper bag. The small tin houses lego which will be perfect for late evening chilling, I found this idea on pinterest, and it's definitely a good one.

We have more sticker books, Peppa Pig colouring pages, painting with water, mermaid scene set, Egyptian colouring book & a couple of magazines with loads of freebies. I have also included 3 puzzles, finger puppets, more stickers, balloons, glow sticks, bubbles, gel clings, a caterpillar tin game and a few busy bags.

The glow sticks will be amazing in the evenings!


If you are wondering where the snacks be at.... the snacks are in this bag and daddy will be in charge of them. The bag is by 'dotcomgiftshop' but I got it from Sainsburys for £3.

I have been collecting snacks for a week now, I have a mix of healthy and non healthy because you gotta do what you gotta do! I have however split up gummy bears into small portions with grip seal bags so that at least I have some control. I managed to find some organic lollipops that are gelatine free and vegan by Biona, All the snacks pictured are halal and suitable for vegetarians,

Wow, that seems like a lot doesn't it?! Well, I would rather be the Mary Poppins mama constantly bringing "stuff" out of my bag than dealing with an unhappy toddler on an airplane. If there are other toddlers round us they will get stickers and lollipops too, happy toddler = happy mummy.

So do you think I will get a chance to read my book? :) 

What would you take on a 2 week beach holiday with a toddler? Anything I missed?


Mari said…
Where did the time go... I remember stumbling across your blog before you had baby... Enjoy your trip to Egypt, sounds like a dream as I'm very much into reading ancient Egyptian historical fiction. As a fellow reader I'd recommend reading Michelle Moran books.
I hope you & your family have a wonderful holiday!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Mari I know I really wish I could stop time flying by! I might pickup Nefertiti by Michelle Moran!! :) Thank you x
I think it's pretty fair to say that I got a tad bit excited when I saw a new blog post from you in my feed :P Hope you and your family have an amazing holiday Xx
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this post. I've been a silent reader for a while, love your blog!

I have a little girl the same age as Esra and a 9 month old boy...we're in sha Allah going away end of sept and I'm soooo glad I saw this post. I'm going to completely use this as a guide to what to keep my lil one occupied on the plane.

Last year I saw your holiday post after we'd been on holiday and trust me, the flight was not fun for us!

Quick question...could you please tell me what kinda apps/ stuff you have on your iPad that Esra likes and that keeps her occupied???

Anonymous said…

I was just wondering what make of toddler headphones/iPad cover you had they look lovely :)

Unknown said…
This is such a great post!!! It will be very helpful for me as I find traveling with my little one really challenging :) One thing what really works for us is a lace book :) Keeps her busy for a long time :)
Nice to see you back ;) Please post more often!!!
Muhsine Emin said…
@Tahira I will do a post on our favourite apps xx

@anonymous The headphones are by JVC
Anonymous said…
You seriously are an amazing mother! Have you ever thought about working with children or in education? You are so creative and knowledgable you would be fab (this is coming from an ex early years educator now phd student looking at family involvement in education!). Anyway this made me smile because on a recent flight to a holiday in Egypt we had a terrible experience with a couple behind us with a child a little younger than your daughter. I love children and am definitely the open minded sort of person to not judge others for their parenting approaches but it was just a nightmare for all around. The couple were clearly having some issues and the father barely attended to the children through out the flight and the mother just huffed and puffed. The child cried nearly the whole flight, wasn't given any food and only had her nappy changed once (6hr flight). She also didn't have a soft toy or a blanket so couldn't rest but was clearly over tired. She was so wound up she constantly kicked the seats and screamed and at one point when stood on her hmm tray table slapped my partners head (as we were sat in front). So strange! What was even stranger was that as the pilot announced we were coming into land she announced she would get some felt tips out. It was a bit late for that!!!
Muhsine Emin said…
@anonymous - Wow that sounds crazy, there was a child like that right at the back of the plane, I was horrified and was SO close to going up to the mother and handing her a batch of stickers but thought she would get offended so decided not to. Thank you so much for your kind words, I have actually thought about working with children but think it might drive me crazy :) I thought about homeschooling Esra but she really loves her toddler playgroups so she will be starting nursery at the same place very soon so i will see how it goes, she is super excited and I'm super anxious :) xxx

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