There was something that was missing in my life and that was a golden illuminator for my freshly tanned skin. Now that my skin is darker my existing highlighters just aren't cutting it. (What a great excuse for new makeup!)

Whilst shopping in Westfield last night I decided to pop into KIKO, the Italian brand of makeup that I had never tried. I like to play it quite safe and stick to my usual brands but the store was calling me. The price of the items shocked me a little, I thought it would have been more expensive which was a pleasant surprise. I got two eyeshadows (one which can be used as an illuminator/highlighter) and a fixing spray. The eyeshadows were £5.90 each and the spray was £7.90.

The pink toned one is a sparkle eyeshadow (Shade 403) which has a subtle rose gold sheen with glitter, the glitter is slightly chunky but still smooth, I wanted this for the centre of my lids to layer on top of different eyesahdows, the SA told me that it was more like a topcoat which I immediately agreed on.

The gold (shade 208) is a wet eyeshadow, apparently it's one of their best sellers particularly for darker skin tones as it can be used a highlighter. I have read on many blogs that it's a very close dupe for Mac's coveted 'Whisper of gilt' extra dimension skin finish so I had to have it.

Both shades are beautiful and I can't wait to wear them!

I asked the SA what other bestsellers they had and she said that the fixing spray did really well which was consequently exactly what I needed. I'm going out this Saturday night so it will be exciting to see if it lives up to the claims. I tried it instore and it was a little like spraying hair spray on your face which was a bit weird, but we shall see!

I definitely would like to try more from the brand, do you have any favourites?


emmabovary said…
Oh a MAC dupe, that is awesome! I have heard so many things about Kiko I wish I could visit and shop up a storm!
Flutturu said…
I love kiko! We don't have that brand here in the U.S. but I was able to visit a Kiko counter when i was in Italy. I bought a beautiful blush that is similar to a bronzer, and a taupe colored stick eyeshadow. The quality of the brand is amazing for the price. Next time I'm in Europe I'll have to get that highlighter eyeshadow you posted, it looks gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
The gold shadow looks absolutely stunning. Curious to read what you'll think about the setting spray :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@flutturu - sounds like my kind of blush!! I didn't even get to look at the blushers as Esra was running circles around me :)
Gorgeous. I just love Kiko brand.
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you back Bubblegarm :).. love reading your blogs!
love it!
Great swatch

Computergirl said…
I kept walking past Kiko stores in Italy the other year, and I popped in but was a bit overwhelmed by a store full of products I didnt know about. Now it is available in this country I havent purchased anything but the setting spray has be very curious x
Sonia Verardo said…
I love Kiko! I have tons of their products as they have a store very close to where I live & they opened it back in 2010. so I had a plenty of time to build up my Kiko collection lol
Nail polishes are also very nice quality!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

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