Zhuzch! The Tan Accelerator...

Ok, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. This is a MUST have for busy sunbathers! It's the perfect product for when you want the quickest deepest tan in the shortest time possible. It's perfect for toddler mums who don't get to sunbathe for as long as they would like or if you are going on a short trip but want to accelerate your tan.

So the first thing I checked with this is if it contains self tan, and no it doesn't.

It comes in a spray bottle and the way to use it is to layer it over your desired SPF. Throughout the 2 weeks I started off with SPF30 over my body and 50 on my shoulders, then dropped to 15 and lower the last couple of days. I used SPF50 around my eyes constantly and used SPF30 & 15 on my face. 

I'm not going to rant about sun damage but hey the body needs vitamin D too, but in moderation obviously.

I used the Zhuzh tan accelerator throughout the day spraying it over my SPF. It smells incredibly fresh and slightly floral with a cooling effect.

I didn't do as much sunbathing as I hoped for as it was so hot we only did the mornings, and rarely the afternoons but I still managed to get a deep tan thanks to the tan accelerator. There is no way i would have been this dark if I hadn't of used it. I also did not peel at all and my colour is even all over. *happy Carlton dance*

This product definitely gets a big thumbs up from me and it will be in my beach bag for all forthcoming holidays!! The bottle lasted me for 2 weeks and my husband even used some too after he saw that I was getting darker than him! :)

Price £19.99
For more info click HERE

Have you tried a tan accelerator before?

Disclaimer: This product was sent for consideration for review, I was not paid for this post and this is an honest opinion as always and this post contains no affiliated links.


Unknown said…
I always feel really skeptical about tan accelarators, but you're a lovely deep colour so I'll definately be up for giving it a go!

Georgina x

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