I'm still here...

So slight hiccup on the technology front, my laptop wouldn't switch on for AGES but miraculously hubby managed to fix it today so this evening deserved a quick catchup post.

I have been SO extremely busy, I now have a 3 year old, can u believe Esra is 3?! It only seems like yesterday I was posting pregnancy pictures. Also to top it off, she started nursery a few days after her birthday so I have been all over the place. It's taken a while for her to settle in as she's quite shy but she now happily waves goodbye knowing that I will come back for her. Also as a side note I am not prepared to answer any nursery/pre school related questions for privacy reasons so please don't ask.

What else? I chopped off all of my hair, if you follow me on Instagram you will already know this but I just wanted a refreshing change, it's something I have wanted to do for a couple of years now and I'm so glad I took the plunge as it's been 3 weeks and I still LOVE it.

How's the new place coming along I hear you ask.... Well it's been crazy, we obviously still haven't finished but things are a lot more settled and everything has a place. I have been on an organising decluttering mission and have donated so much stuff it's unbelievable. But, it's all positive and a clear tidy home means a clear tidy mind. I am loving the minimalist style at the moment and am minimising anything and everything I can.

For my dressing table in the bedroom I went for the Ikea 'Malm' table and 'Alex' drawer unit. I don't have all of the accessories and styling pieces I want so it's bare at the moment and I'm a bit stuck.

I have also decided to use it as my blogging spot and the only way I can get wifi in our bedroom is if I strategically place the laptop on an angle on the edge. I clearly need a wifi booster in my life. I have happily been browsing pinterest whilst I have my tea seeking inspiration for my makeup/blogging table. I am also thinking to remove the glass top from the table as I just don't like the shine it gives, bad idea or not?

I got the 'Kolja' mirror and the light bulb strips to go on either side, but I'm not so sure if I want it like that now. Luckily we haven't had a chance to hang anything up so I'm taking it as a sign that maybe I am destined for a different mirror. This idea is all because we got new grey bedding and I have visions of a rose gold antique but modern mirror hanging. Grey, Rose gold and white and maybe a few hints of peach sounds lovely, what do you think? Shall I use this boring square mirror or get something different?

My makeup is all stored in the drawer, and it's working out nicely. In the tall 'Alex' unit I keep skincare, nail care, body care, jewellery, magazines, travel bags, electricals, hair care and hair tools in that same order top to bottom. It's been a real lifesaver and I would own a few more if I could.

I still need a dressing table chair, I stole one of the dining room chairs for now but I need something nice, not the boring ones from ikea. I would also quite like to hang some shelves so I can place some photos and books. I also need a vase and some splashes of colour!!!

Need, need, need. Want, want, want..... It's never ending. 

What would you do with a space like this?


Unknown said…
Lovely set up and I love the mirror placement too!
Monika said…
You are so organized :) It looks lovely :) Please post some photos of Your new haircut on Your blog :)
Laila said…
I love how it looks now, but the rose gold mirror would look great too!

Laila from Townhouse Palette
Glad that you're back. You had a lovely house :))
Unknown said…
Love this set up. Amazing room!! Has given me some great ideas.

Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty
Unknown said…
If you want to keep the minimalistic look I would suggest to make a statement with one piece - like shabby chic/vintage chair or mirror. I would suggest to take the mirror away I think it would look much better without :)
I believe you will make it really lovely corner :) I made a little corner for myself in a sitting room, have similar table and drawers from Ikea, just smaller :) It works quite well for me, however cannot share the final look yet :)
Unknown said…
If you want you can take a look at my workplace here:
It is not the final look yet as I said, but I am so happy with it even now!
Anonymous said…
Can we see inside the drawers of the cupboard? Please please with a cherry on top :)
Muhsine Emin said…
Thank you all for your lovely comments!

@Le Pepa yes I think I'm definitely going to remove the mirror just need to get something to replace it with, I may even just get a small freestanding one and make a statement on the walls with art.

& @anonymous I may even delight you with a youtube video once the space is complete :)
Unknown said…
Wow, youtube video would be amazing!!!
Have you done video on your little one's room?
Wajiha Ahmed said…
Nice Blog! Would you like to follow each other?
Check out my blog and facebook page:
Anonymous said…
I know it's been a while since but will you be doing a blog post about little miss Esra's third?! I always draw so much inspiration from your party posts and love seeing how you do the arrangements!
Anonymous said…
this would look great in your room. i have the same chair for my vanity and i love it

Anonymous said…
Blog more often please, I miss the old days of constantly updates blogs! Lol
dwell3d said…
So lovely...I think taking your time is a good thing, as it allows you to get a real feel of your space and how you truly use vs, how you intended. My favourite places for getting key bits to finish off a space are Westelm and Abthropologie's (sale section of the store). Mirror wise I love vintage or antique ones, adds interest. Look forward to a house/room tour when you've settled!
Anonymous said…
How rude of me I just realised I posted a request about a birthday blog post but never commented on this post! - absolutely gorgeous set up am a sucker for white furnishing and using it as the main colour focus of the room then adding washes of colour with decor. I think for autumn time deep reds/deep purples and bronze/antique pieces and decor would look amazing. If it were spring/summer time I would've gone with teals and turquoise tones with regards to decor items

Anonymous said…
*rose gold/antique, scratch the bronze!
Claire said…
How are you getting on with the malm dressing table? I have the hemnes dresser with the giant mirror, which I love but the drawers are so deep and awkward. Your draw looks ideal for make up storage.

Look like your new home is coming on wonderfully. Look forward to seeing some interior posts.

Claire x

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